Q1 Which of the following belong to the print media family 

Q2 The following are the qualities of a media writer except

Q3 To make your writing readable you must observe the following except

Q4 Good organization in writing news means that the sentence and paragraphsdoes not come in right order

Q5 The following are principles of good media writing except

Q6 Which of these are members of the broadcast media family

Q7 The print media messages are permanent while the broadcast media messages are—

Q8 Good writing is not good media writing

Q9 The obligation of the media writer can be broadly classified into the folloeing except

Q10 Commercial messages are ——-in nature

Q11 —— are audience participatory presentation by the print media

Q12 Which of the following is presented by both the print and the broadcast media

Q13 ——–production Is the basic function of the programmes department

Q14 —Is usually presentation of the broadcast media

Q15 The subjective 0pinion of an individual writer is known as

Q16 The editorial can be found in the —-media

Q17 The news commentary is usually at the —–of news

Q18 News commentary is synanymous to the—media

Q19 The less objective assessment of issues in the news is known as

Q20 Which of the following message types presented in the media are the same

Q21 The following are guides to effective lead writing except

Q22 Which is not a function of the headline

Q23 Which is not a type of lead

Q24 Which is a type of lead

Q25 Which is not a quality of a media writer

Q26 Which is part of speech used to exclaim or express emotion

Q27 The following are self regulatory body AAPN,BON andADVAN

Q28 The PR writer plays the role of a——-within an organization

Q29 One of the fundamental qualities of a PR writer is

Q30 One of the following is focal point in advrtising

Q31 The publication that is usually produced at intervals is

Q32 Which presentational method is highly recomended for newspaper writing

Q33 The traditional format of information pakaging for the print media is the

Q34 Information graphics perform the follwing functions except

Q35 The newspaper that covers the entire country is called

Q36 Which of the following is rural based

Q37 Which of the following media is ubiquitous in nature

Q38 The following are characteristic of the print media except

Q39 Which of the following media uses sond and sight for communication

Q40 The part of the news story technique that warm up the audience is the

Q41 _____ encompasses the knowledge of mass media that people posses.

Q42 Operationalization involves the translation of generic statement into specific indication

Q43 News is news when it is _____

Q44 The news that is of interest is ____

Q45 The opening of a news story is the

Q46 The story that happens nesr the news source is known as

Q47 Information that measures degree of importance of a personality

Q48 A dog that catches a thing should attract news report because of its

Q49 Currency of news items means

Q50 The following are types of leads except

Q51 The information the public relations officers write to the media house after each meeting is known as

Q52 Most government business and cultural officers rely on ____ for their news sources

Q53 Advertising is regulated by governemnt through the following

Q54 ____ is the approach to oral writing

Q55 Publicity publications designed to call attention for products and services are:

Q56 The classes of pictures that are used in print to share meaning are ____

Q57 What is the benefit of the inverted pyramid style?

Q58 The inverted pyramid presentation style simply means

Q59 The essence of aesthetics in photo journalism is to ____

Q60 In writing a print copy, the following guideline should be strictly adhered to except

Q61 Which of these newspapers use present tense and fresh style?

Q62 The following are the characteristics of the print media except:

Q63 The print media is ubiquitous in nature

Q64 One of the characteristics of the broadcast media is that it is geographically bound

Q65 John Martins died ____

Q66 The period marks the ____

Q67 A good media writing must be ___

Q68 All are principles of good media wirting except

Q69 The following are basic considerations for media writing except

Q70 Good writing is not necessarily good media writing

Q71 Semmantics in communication means:

Q72 Letters to the editor in an audience participatory presentation

Q73 A timely and typical reporting that presented in a relax atmosphere is known as a ___

Q74 Audience participatory programs on the television are ____

Q75 The materials that must be paid for before it is aired are:

Q76 The official stand of a media organization on a typical issue is the _____

Q77 The reporting that makes caricature of personality that brings about humour is called

Q78 _____ is the less objective assessment of issues

Q79 _____ is the timely account of federal events

Q80 Which of the following media involves mental and in pictures


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