MAC142 Question & Answer

Q1 ___ is the common thing among Radio stations established and controlled by federal or state government or individuals

Q2 In writing for television, you should where possible tell the stories in

Q3 There are ___ types of scrip format in broadcast writing

Q4 In television broadcasting, one action in drama leads to __

Q5 SOF as a studio production terminology stands for ____

Q6 Every idea in a news forms __

Q7 The inverted pyramid method of news writing acceptable by the print media is not suitable for broadcast new

Q8 The interface between the microphone and the recording channel is the ——-

Q9 Skeleton time subracted from the total available time, what is left is known as

Q10 Sambe points that one of the fundamental objectives of national programme is_____

Q11 The final decision as to what materials are aired on the network is the sole responsibility of

Q12 The following are features of a radio except

Q13 Television uses __ to explain the visuals presented ont he screen

Q14 Writing for television involves_____

Q15 writing for the broadcast, all figures above ten must not be

Q16 All the shots taken during production is regarded as______

Q17 An Art Director has the following responsibilities except one

Q18 The establishment of Nigerian broadcasting corporation (NBC) marked

Q19 The following are primary functions of the console board except one

Q20 In writing for the broadcast, the writer shold use __

Q21 __ is a statement, often a written one which is put forward for accomplishment of a task

Q22 In most cases every broadcast news story is not longer than_____

Q23 “Political platform” is a programme of

Q24 “Police Diary” is the programme of ______

Q25 “Political voice” is a radio programme of

Q26 “Good morning Nigeria” is a aprograme of ___ station

Q27 Zip-up is a broadcast programme of ___

Q28 The acronymn OBV stands for

Q29 The document that gives the detail description of the programme idea and comes up with the storytime is

Q30 All but one of the following is not a quality of good script writer

Q31 The type of script that does not permit performers to add anything to what is placed before them refers to

Q32 _____ document shows how creative imagination is transformed from thought to a written form

Q33 Buildign planning is to an architator,what __ is to radio and television programme production

Q34 The technical director whose main responsibility is to operate the switch usually sits beside the______

Q35 __ is in total control of the studio once the director goes into the control room to start production

Q36 Every radio news writer must remember one cardinal point

Q37 Editorials are to the print media what ___ are to broadcast media

Q38 _______ is the radio news programme that is aimed at exploring the very important issue of life

Q39 The radio writer should be ___

Q40 Radio programme script is considered best when written in _____

Q41 Knowledge and proficiency in programme production can help achieve all but one of the following

Q42 A long cable microphone is also known as

Q43 Directing assumes its greatest importance when the message is to be

Q44 All these are basic production methods except

Q45 The TV prodcution crew include all but one of the following persons

Q46 The sucess or otherwise of any TV production depends solely on

Q47 Writing an advert copy begins with

Q48 The basic medium of advertising in the traditional setting before the advent of modern technology is

Q49 That advertisment is non-personal implies

Q50 The light that is directional, very strong and illuminates the subject being focused by the camera is

Q51 Lighting include all but one of the following

Q52 Colour cameras need more light to take pictures than monochrome camera becasue the colour cameras tend to have

Q53 The modern colour camera has __ tubes

Q54 The primary function of chrominance channels is

Q55 Light passing through the colour camera lens is split by

Q56 The room that houses the equipment necesary for production for a broadcast’s finished production is known as

Q57 Those facilities installed in the statins for recording programmes and live broadcast is refered to as

Q58 A boradcast station ought to know what its audience wants through

Q59 All these are sources of programme ideas except one

Q60 The first radio waves to come on board was produced by_____

Q61 The National Broadcasting Organisation existed to____ Prior to the deregulation of broadcast media

Q62 The decree no 38 of 1992 is necessary in broadcasting for its ______

Q63 The federal radio corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the broadcasting organization of nigeria in __ and ___ respectively

Q64 The British broadcasting corporation was relayed through

Q65 The letters RDS stand for ______

Q66 __ can be linked with the development of iconoscope

Q67 Television has its origin in _______

Q68 ____ is the Russian man who is regarded as the first person to build television system

Q69 The first radio weave was produced in

Q70 The final development in television as we see today was between

Q71 History of radio is traced to ______

Q72 Signals were transmitted from England to America without wires in

Q73 The nature of the programme being prodcued should determine the

Q74 ____ is used to check the workability of a broadcast programme

Q75 One of these is not significant for programmes production

Q76 One of the following is not a source of programme idea

Q77 When the audiene members listen or view a programme, they are

Q78 The Broadcast programme is generally classified into——–

Q79 ______ is The process of sending out and receiving messages through the air by a scientific method

Q80 Broadcast messages are transformed into __ in the studio

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