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COURSE CODE:       MBA 833

COURSE TITLE:        INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS                         CREDIT UNIT:          3

INSTRUCTION:        1. Indicate your Matriculation Number clearly

2. Attempt question one (1) and any other three (3) questions; four questions in all

3. Question one (1) is compulsory and carries 25 marks, while the other questions carry 15 marks each.

4. Present all your points in a coherent and orderly Manner

TIME ALLOWED:    2 Hours

1(a). Government had been seen intervening in Industrial Relations in Nigeria:-  Why? (9marks).

(b). Mention and discuss briefly the essential elements of contract of employment? (8marks).

(c ).  According to the Industrial Act  of 1974, discuss the worker- servant duty of fidelity ? (8 marks).

(a) What do you understand by Apprenticeship- Thus: Discuss the differences between apprenticeship and that of contract of employment? (8 marks)

(b). Outline the necessary terms in a contract of employment? (7marks).

3. (a) Examine these concepts- ‘ Specialization and Devolution’ in relation to management of industrial relations? (8marks).

(b) . What do you understand by ‘Decentralisation’  in the management of organizations and give reasons why it is an important tool for efficiency? (7marks).

4. (a) Using Storey’s Matrix,  examine the various roles/models to be played by a specialist in industrial relations management.?  (8marks)

(b) Summarize Brewster and Holt-Larsen’s Models of Human Resource Management (7marks)

5. (a) Discuss Procedural and Substantive Fairness in the retrenchment of workers from an organization pointing out their differences. (8marks)

(b). Examine the critical consideration in the retrenchment of workers from an organization? (7marks)

6. (a) Write short notes on the following: ( 3 marks)

i. Deputation

ii. Joint Consultation

iii. Collective Bargain.

(b). List and Explain briefly the various types/forms of Strike ?(6 marks).

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