Michelle Nkamankeng, the youngest author in Africa

In an era where children are more interested in visuals and things that will help them to play more, it is beyond interesting to find some who are insightful and brilliant.


Perhaps, children that have shown a higher level of understanding when it comes to artistic traits and qualities are closer to older folk who exhibit those traits and qualities. Michelle Nkamankeng is a 7-year-old author that is out to inspire children around her.

The South African author is the youngest published author in Africa, she has made history by doing something remarkable at such a young age. It is imperative for parents to guide their children in taking the right path. Nkamankeng wrote the book ‘Waiting for waves’, a book that focuses on  hope and self-confidence. It is intriguing that a neophyte writer like her can produce a beautiful work like this. Although the young girl was born in South Africa, her parents are from Cameroon.

The beautiful feat achieved by Nkamankeng is something that will make every parent proud. This also means that parents have a lot of work to do when it comes to grooming and raising children that will become relevant in the society.

She is a grade two learner at Sacred Heart college, She wrote her first book when she was six years old and she has never been able to stop since then. The sweet little girl is on her fourth book now.


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