One of the most complex and critical institutions of democracy is the ………………
Select the odd one out of the following.
The general elections are held in Nigeria ………..
One major cause of incessant defection in the Nigeria political terrain is ……….
One of the following is not a party system?
One of the following conducted the 1979 elections in Nigeria?
Nigeria is currenlyt in……………… republic?
Democracy has its origin in the ……………..
Process scholars see democracy as ………….
The first electoral institution established to manage the administration and conduct of elections in Nigeria was the ………
…………. Is the most common criterion used for delimination of the country into electoral units?
………….defined a political party as  “a  body of men united for promoting their joint endeavours”
In Nigeria………was the first political party?
Nigeria since the Babangida’s transition has made ………. the centre of political activities?
Promotion is seen as ……………… elements of the marketing mix
Promotion can also be referred to as:
All the following are non-personal selling elements of promotion except.
A company’s promotion responsibilities is targeted at all the following except?
Which of the following is a role of promotion?
A good promotion management requires one of the following?
The following component of promotional activities’ advertising; publication relations and sales promotion can also be referred to as
The process of educating, persuading and reminding the target market about product’s total offering is?
Any paid form of non personal presentation of information or idea about the product’s total offering is referred to as
Which of the following serves as an objective is setting promotion objectives?
All these are methods use in sales promotion except
A situation where goods are unusually displayed to attract customer or draw their attention is referred to as
A sample of a product usually given to customers is a component of one of the following:
Products that are usually offered for free or minimal cost is referred to as
One of the following is a sales promotion technique that offers discounts on purchases to consumers
Most sales person in a small firm are classified into
Which of the following sales persons job is more challenging?
Sales activities might be classified on the basis of
Sales compensation may be classified into
The compensation package of sales people can be
Which type of advertising fit’s manufacturers of similar products?
Specialist in planning, creating and placing of advertisement are called
Creating advertising copy; buying air time for advert placement, collections of market research are functions of
Advertising may have some purpose depending on the type of product or services promoted. This may include
Attitude advertising may be use keep your image in the eye of one the following
Any advertising campaign that is design to stimulate sales of a particular product within a short period of time is referred to as
Push strategy is otherwise known as
The push promotional strategy will be bent suited for
Promotion strategy is divided into
One of the following is not a promotional strategy
The functions of marketing management include
Classical marketing describes marketing on all these terms except
 Marketing manager’s inbound activities include
A process in which the marketing manager categorises need into groups is called
Analysis of market segment, exiting sales, competitor, are referred to as
All activities involving advertising, promotion, supply chain sales supports, product training and customer support is referred to as
A situation in which the producer is a commercial entity and the end user makes the purchasing division is called
When a producer is a commercial entity and a second commercial entity makes the purchasing decision but provides the products to their customers is
Marketing has many aspects or sub-discipline within the broad discipline of marketing includes
Ordinarily market of all prospective customers for a given product should consist of
The process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers for the purpose of selling the product or service is?
The analysis, planning, implementation and control of activities that are designed to create, build and maintain beneficial exchange with the target market is?
One of these is not a problem associated to marketing in developing countries
Marketing can be a veritable vehicle in achieving …………..
Marketing is a necessity to any economy in the world as it seeks to promote all the following except?
The importance of marketing to any economy include
All of the following are problems associated to marketing in developing countries except
Marketing has many prospect in developing economy this may include
Variability, homogeneity , inseparability, intangibility are all components of
Which of the following is not part of the first four conventional marketing mix?
All of the following are components of behavioural segmentation except
The foundation of any effective sales planning and policies include
An organization that is highly valued for its ability to drive revenue is
Marketing organizations are divided into?
The marketing organization that acts as a advisor is
Organization market is divided into
The key factor for marketing to …………… is to be aware of their added value proposition
A marketing organization that is highly specialized and relying on long-term relationship is
The function which links consumer, customer and public to the marketer through information?
The study of individuals, groups, or organizations and processes they use to select, secure and dispose of products, services, experiences or idea to satisfy needs is?
Goods and services may be charged by one department to another on any of the following bases except
The following accounts can be maintained for branch transactions except
The account that serves as trading account where head office maintains branch account is
____________ is the account where all profit loading are posted to and also used to assertain gross profit of a branch which receive good at price other than cost
Under the temporal method, discounts are translated using
____________ is a partner who has contributed in the financing of the business but do not take active part in the management of a firm and whose liability is limited to the amount contributed
XYZ Partnership profit for the five year ended 31/12/17 are as follow ₦75,000, N80,000, ₦45,000, ₦20,000, ₦15,000. It has agreed to value goodwill for purpose of change in partnership a 3 year purchase of average profit. Calculate the value of goodwill
Another name for normal Price Per Share is
When Shares are issued at par payable in full on application, the entry is
_____________ measures the amount of current period divided attributable to a unit of ordinary shares in issue
 Marketing research is development interpretation and communication of decision oriented
AMA Means
 A researcher’s ability to design a good scale measurement is by itself enough to guarantee that the appropriate raw data will automatically be collected
How many steps are there in marketing research process
As the word research implies, it is a process for gathering information not currently available to
Typically, three levels of management can be identified in most Nigerian organization: top management, middle management and
The essence of strategic corporate planning is to cope with
SWOT is an acronym for
Effective management of information is a prerequisite for successful marketing desion –making
Marketing managers are usually faced with three marketing information unrelated tasks
The types of marketing research information available for decision may be said to consist of knowledge, opinion and
Marketing decision is a result of a mixture of all the three information inputs: speculation, opinion and knowledge
The final responsibility of the marketing manager is the development of actionable strategies based on the marketing research —
 Below are some of the quantitative method for evaluating research information for marketing decision  except
 A research brief is a write –up from the client to the research agency
Marketing research proposal is a response from the research agency to the research brief written by the
Commercial research proposal regardless of length may include the following
Decision theory is an analytic and holistic approach to studying decision – making
Below are three phases into which marketing management decision making process can be put, except
One of the following is a kind of decision -making environment
Generally, a marketing decision –making process requires possession of data and information about the elements that are involved and how they interrelate
one of the following is not a promotion mix elements
Sales promotion consists of short-term incentives to encourage purchase or sale of a product, service, or idea
__________clearly stated and agreed objectives will provide a framework for the design of structure, and a suitable pattern of organisaiton to achieve those objectives.
In line relationships, authority flows ___________down through the structure, for example, from the managing director to managers, section leaders, supervisors and other staff.
___________apply to the relationship between people in specialist or advisory positions, and line managers and their subordinates.
Types of Organisation structures are _____________
___________refers to the process of coordinating the structural elements of organisations in the most appropriate manner.
Fox ___________maintain that while informal communication does not follow the line determined in advance,
The process of communication involves several elements which are the sender, the message,___________and the recipient
Forms of communication are ___________written and non-verbal communication
STMCRO are _______________
____________is the medium of carrying the message
______________ is one of the methods used to account for branch stock transcation where goods are sent to branch at a price other than cost price
The entry to eliminate unrealized profit included in unsold inventory at the end of accounting period is
The  minimum  number  of  persons  that  can  form  a  partnership  business  is  two  while the maximum is ………….
ABC ltd transfers goods worth ₦150,000 to its branch at cost plus mark up 12.5% . Calculate the minimum price the branch can sell the goods
The treatment of exchange loss in foreign branch account is
Stone_______ suggested that when the draft is complete it should be shared with all members of the organization.
A mission statement is a _____________. stone in the strategic planning process.
____________ is a driving force for an organizational success; it gives the future success to an organization in order for the organization to plan towards success.
Properties of a good vision are ___________to the organisation
___________step process for formulating a vision
The __________critical tasks of the strategic leader are formulating the vision, communicating it, and implementing it.
___________is an effective construct that every organization must desired to achieve.
____________ is about making alterations to the organization’s purpose, culture, structure, and processes in response to seen or anticipated changes in the environment.
Change can be planned or __________
Strategic change is about ____________vision to get at fundamental aspects of the organization, including the organization’s direction and its culture.
Change can be evolutionary or _____________
Change can cause employees to feel incompetent, needy, and _____________
Most strategic leaders consciously develop and maintain a variety of __________and power networks.
Communication is the transfer of information and understanding from one person to ____________
Reason for communication in an organisation are ____________
_____________is essentially coordinative and occurs between departments or divisions on the same level.
The three distinct directions in which the communication the structure of organization should provide for are ____________
___________is the arrangement by which various organisational activities are divided up, and how efforts are coordinated.
Organisation structure may be defined as the established pattern of ___________among the components of the organisation
__________emphasized on the division of labour in his celebrated work, Wealth of Nation.
Managing the sales force includes recruitment and selection of sales representatives, training, directing, motivation, and evaluation.
RD Means
Descriptive marketing research can be subdivided into
One of the following is not a type of survey
One of the important limitations of descriptive marketing research is that it can establish causation effectively
 Management problem must first be translated into a research problem.
One of the following is an approach suggested for making problem statement in marketing research.
The first electoral institution established to manage the administration and conduct of elections in Nigeria was the ………
…………. Is the most common criterion used for delimination of the country into electoral units?
………….defined a political party as  “a  body of men united for promoting their joint endeavours”
In Nigeria………was the first political party?
Nigeria since the Babangida’s transition has made ………. the centre of political activities?
One party system is a common feature of communist and socialist countries.
Democratic and Republican parties can be found in which of the following countries?
Which of the following countries offers a good example of a multi-party system?
How many political parties participated in the general elections during the Nigerian second republic?
In terms of party system select the odd one out
Aggregate plan involves devising a plan for production capacity for a period not less than _______ months.
____ layout is the arrangement of machines, offices, equipment, light electrical outlets, store room and all other facilities in the plant or office.
A ______ layout groups equipment so that all the various kinds of equipment necessary to make a single product or product line are located close together.
Processing systems are either automatic, semi-automatic or _______.
Relaxation and other contingency allowances are added to get what is known as _________.
______ capacity is based on some units of measurement that are common to the mix of the products
______ is a weight measurement commonly used in the industry.
Standard hours give a measure of how long it takes a process or workpiece to pass through each _______.
The words production and productivity are sometimes used __________.
Production system consists of input, _______ and output.
________ classifies output as desired and undesired.
Production processes can be seen from ______ perspectives.
System operation is a key aspect of the _________ system.
_______ pertains to the maintenance of plants and equipment.
Operations planning necessarily overlaps with issues of ______ planning.
 _______ and non-manufacturing sectors are concerned with the production of goods and services.
Production _________ refers to the organization of the production process as a whole.
_______ is the process whereby the range of components and/or final products are reduced.
________ is referred to the interchangeability of standard components and between different end-products.
_________ is carried out to ensure that finished products reach a required standard and to reduce the amount of scrap and wasted labour.
The cognitive component of attitude is also refered to as ………
Attitudes serve ………. Key functions for individuals
………….. Is a source of attitude development influencing how peoplr process their direct experiences with objects
According to the …………….. Attitude model, attitudes consist of three major components
all the following are major of tri-component except
on potential low involvement strategy may be change consumers attitudes by using peripheral cues to encourage favourable reactions toward advertisements used to promote the brands
an attitudes must have an obejct
…………. Are ofen formed and used to defend our egos and images against threats and shortcomigs
A………. Is a group of two or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption who reside together
Household is another term used by Marketers when describing ………..
Families have higher median incomes than do households because of the least number of employed individuals in Families
………… is the emotional bonding that family members have toward one another
the Immediate group of father, Mother and children is ………….
family that include other relatives such as  cousins, inlaws, unlce is ………………………….
Traditional family lifecylcles involves ………… stages
single, newly maried couples, Full nest Full I, are Traditional Life Cylces
all these are example of Traditional Lifecycle except
……….  Is a Female head who is 18-34,coulple ( married or unmarried) , youngest child 6 or over
……….  Is a Female head who is 18-34,coulple ( married or unmarried) , youngest child 6 and under
decsion aming that involve two or more families members is called
The treatment of interest on capital in partnership account is
______________ is the document forming the constitution of a company and defining its objectives and power
One of the following is not a method of issuing new shares
______________ is the amount opened to record the profit or loss made when companies are being wound up under business combinations
The ratio that measures the extent to which business uses loans financing is known as
not every collection of individaul is a group
any member of people who are in a close proximity to one another is known as
According to the …………….. Attitude model, attitudes consist of three major components
Informal group which are likely to secondary group are those with a definite structure
……….. Are the rule and standard of conducts by which gropu members are expected to abide
………….. Is a class that buys largely on impulse which represent an attractive segment for manufacturers
………… is a class the defines consumers status in performance which he belongs to
Culture doesn’t refer to a set of values, ideas, artifact and other meaninfull symbols that help individuals to communicate
culture includes knowledge, belive, art, law, moral, customs and any other capablilities
Culturals values that trancent specific obejctives which deals with modest of conducts is term as
_______ is meant to ensure that production performance is in accordance with the time schedules.
________ in this respect refers to the concept of deciding the method of production to be adopted.
Flow production is commonly referred to as line or ____ production.
Flow productions are usually typical by the _______ or conveyor-belt system.
________ is sometimes referred to as production control or progress chasing.
Production is concerned with the creation of goods and services for ______ and to meet the needs of consumers.
The words production and ____________ are sometimes used interchangeably.
Processing systems are either automatic, semi-automatic or _________.
Needle _______ identifies the input of production as raw materials, people, energy,machines, fixed assets, method of working and information.
________ capacity is based on some units of measurement that are common to the mix of the products.
Priviledges enjoyed by the citizens of a given state is called………..
Historically, the origins of human rights can be traced to American Declaration of Independence in the year……..
French Declaration of the Rights of man took place in the year…………….
Who among the following wrote that “Obedience to the commands of government is to secure human rights”
What chapter of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) guaranted fundamental Human Rights?
Human rights are not without qualifications.
Who wrote that “government is best which governs least”
The Universal Declaration of Rights was an exercise that took place in the year ………..
Freedom of speech is only limited by the law of …………..
A citizen unlawfully imprisoned can proceed against whoever imprisoned him through the writ of ……….
A theory is a coherent set of statements describing and explaining the relationships and underlying principles of some ascept of the—–
There is institutional argument for
The major source of revenue to states in Nigeria appears to be the statutory allocation from the———
To avoid conflicts, revenue commissions are often established to work out the best acceptable formula for revenue allocation from—–
What defines the mode and characteristics of intr-governmental relations in a federal state is
Conflict in inter-governmental relations means manifestations of serious—–or argument between one level of government and another
Localities whose per capita incomes fall below the national income may be gien
The government that controls the most significant sources of revenue in Nigeria is
Decentralization can enhance political cohesion in countries with regional, racial, linguistic or cultural diversity like Nigeria contendeded by
These people—-and — suggested the guidelines for determining whether or not tax payers should be shared or not
State governments are empowered to collect the following
The central government are responsible for the provision of national public —– except
Canada and ———-are examples of countries that emerged as a federal states through devolution model
Aprovision of public goods can better be achieved by
All these types of authority relationship that can exist between political entities are known as
Fiscal federalism is not essentially about  the——of government spending and resources to the various tiers of government
The state and local governments can now ——to acquire the required fiscal resources for the execution of government programmes and services
The—and—–patterns are the basis of the formation of federal system of governments in various countries of the world
The—-model is characterised by a bargain or agreement nade among previously sovereign polities, such as that each agrees to give up part of its sovereignty in order
The concept of federalism is the——between the different levels of government
One of the challenges facing Nigeria as a nation state is ……..
The annexation and proclamation of Lagos as the crown settlement took place in the year ……..
While Lagos was a colony during the colonial era, the other areas were called ………….
The Anglophone culture is largely the lagacy of the ……….
The high point of the Clifford constitution of 1922 was the introduction of ……….
The passion for unity, community of tribes, geographical contiguity among others is called …….
An organized association for specific purposes with a clearly defined territory and an organized system of government is called ….
The first president of the Nation Council of Nigeria and Cameroom was ……….
The major provision of the 1946 constitution was the …….
……. Maintained that politics is concerned with the state and the conditions essential to its existence and development
For tax assignment to be meaningful by tier, it must be——-by an approptiate mechanism for sharing the resources of the public section
The inter-governmental relations comprises of nine patterns except
Grants  maybe——-selective
National parks and tourist site is also a source of revenue for the——–
Groenegwegen decentralization permits better matching of public goods, supply to local—-
the justification for operating—–system could be on the ground of the institutional factor
Nigeria is a——-state
In any federation, a minimal level of inter-jurisdictional fiscal equalization can be vertical if it refers to different levels of government or
What is the meaning of SLGAO?
Subjects contained in the concurrent list that both federal and state can legislate on concurrently are
………. is the business function that bridges the gap between production and consumption of goods and services
Certain distribution functions that must be performed before manufactured goods are consumed by the ultimate  consumer include…………
Before a manufactured good is consumed by the ultimate consumer the producer must  do the following:
Before a manufactured good can get to the ultimate consumer the distributor’s financial function should include:
Some more functions are still involved in the distribution function of goods such as :
……… the gathering of information necessary for planning and facilitating exchange
……….. Refers to the shoping and fitting the offer to the requirements of the buyer
the searching out and communication with prospective buyer of a good is refrred to as …………
Physical distribution of goods include ………….
Assumption of risk in connection with carrying out the channel work is known as…………….
The first constitution that allowed Africans make inputs as to how they should  be governed was the ……….
At independence Nigeria practiced …………… system of government?
The Nigeria’s second republic started in the year ………..?
Which of the following constitutions divided the legislative powers among the levels of government and made the regional governments cordinate and not subordinate to the federal government?
One of the following is not a feature of a federal system?
Defence matters is in what list of subjects in a federal system?
Who among the following sees federalism as a natural constitution?
Apolitical system where a group of autonomous states form an association with a central body and agrees to surrender part of their sovereignity to the central authority is called ……..
The Nigerian federation was threatened to its foundation in the ………. republic?
In what year was the Aution Group(AG) formed?
A firm offering a product that is not unique to any sence has to use ………
If major users of a product are located close to the plants, the firm can rasily use……………………..
Major environmental characteristics of a channel choice also include………………….
………. functions are critical  in delivering utilities to consumers
……….functions creates time, form. place and posession utilities
In channels of distribution, cooperating tendencies can outweigh conflicting tendencies in various relationships except…………

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