The main role of the cover letter is ______________
Ethnographic technique is an example of _________________ observation method.
__________________is  understanding of the situation surrounding a problem by collecting and analyzing relevant internal information about a company and its business environment
The first step in launching a research study is called _______________
The purpose of Ad hoc Marketing Research is to _____________
When available marketing information is highly confirmed, the information is called ____________
Information with little or no evidential backing is referred to as ___________
In a situation where information obtained is not actionable, in that it does not lend itself to effective decision-making the ________________________
The value of marketing research information is reflected by the extent to which the information _______________________
__________________assumes that marketing management can make a single reasonably accurate estimate of the cost of making a wrong decision as well as estimate the chance of making such an incorrect decision
___________________ refers to whether there is enough information to make a correct marketing decision
One qualitative characteristic of a good information that should not be compromised is _________________
A dynamic and rapidly changing environment as witnessed now in the United States of America requires one of  the following organizational system.
Who  proposed that informal organizations operate through norms and not rules and regulations?
Who designed the criteria of fitting information technology to decentrlized organizations?
Which School of Thought is based on the use of quantitative tools and techniques  to understand complex relationships between organizational and environmental variables to optimize decisions?
Organizational behaviour studied three factors that determine human behaviour, which are:
Organizational behaviour study is least likely to be used to focus on one of the following:
______________is an applied behavioural science with major contributions from psychology. Social  psychology, anthropology and Sociology
Which group of people are classified as prefering details, order,and routine?
Thinking people rely on:
___________________ Model is the most widely used instrument for personality evaluation
The extent to which a person believes in the end justifies the means is:
An individual’s perception is a product of all but one of the following:
When an employee goes to work late because he watches films late into the night, it can be described as:
____________ is judging people based on ones perception of the group the person belongs to:
When a leader bases his/her judgement on readily available information, most of the time, it is known as:
_______________ refers to a person’s positive feeling about his/her job based on the characteristics of the job
Counterproductive beahviour of employees at work refers to one of the following;
_______________ (is)are crucial to rationality
Which of the following is a characteristic  of a person’s mood?
When airline hostesses/ stewards are expected to be friendly  to all passengers all the time , it is known as:
In the public sector management is ultimately answerable to the people through the………………….
Horizontal interaction is with people at the same level of the ………………….
Organization can be categorized as either private or …………..
Public sector organizations are establishments and institutions that essentially public………………………
When carrying out comparative study of public administration one needs to know what constitute the units of ………….
A comparative study of administrative system may be based on……………
There can be a comparative study of the theories of public………………….
In evey political system the public administrative system is a subsystem of the ……………
A claim of isolating the administrative system for study would amount to unrealistic over ………….
A third problem of the comparative study of public administration is that of the value of the …………….
How members of an organization experience the culture of an organization is known as
_____occurs when there are incompatible demands placed upon a person such that compliance with both/all would be difficult
Organisation which have a lower degree of delegation of power are thought to be
Every attitude has three components that are represented in what is knowns as the
The following are reasons why certain people resist change in organizations except
Kotter and Schlesinger outlined the following approaches to prevent, decrease or minimize resistance to change in organizations except
____refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors
Cognitive dissonance refers to
Psychodynamic theory is a view
Self-efficacy is
Self monitoring is
Peter Drucker suggests that an organizational structure should satisfy the following requirements except
____ normative decision model identified five different leadership styles (ranging from autocratic to consultative to group-based decisions) that is based on a leader’s situation and level of involvement
_____ theory concentrates on how leadership occurs, rather than focusing on who does the leading
In a Diversity Management approach, organisations seek to achieve a
Dimensions of diversity that organizations need to manage are
Locus of control is
Human needs are states of felt deprivation
Human needs are invented by marketers
Human needs may be few, but their wants are numerous
The longer the channel  of distribution,the lesser the cost
Communication has turned the whole world into a global village
Raw data does not need to be processed and analysed to obtain  information
Marketers, along with other operatives in society, influence wants.
Marketing research (MR) is limited to a particular aspect of marketing
Marketing evolved in the United States as a by-product of the industrial revolution
A channel involve only the producer
The higher the demand for the final item, the higher will be the demand for the industrial goods and vice versa.
Consumer goods are those not produced for ultimate consumers
Exchange creates value just as production creates value
The mode is the central value or item that occurs less frequently
During agrarian economy, there was no marketing because there was no exchange
Promotion does not attract consumers attention to a product.
Audience measurementis used to estimate the audience size of each media channel
The more believable and trustworthy the customer perceives a salesperson to be, the less likely is the sale.
A marketer could be a buyer and a seller.
It is not all business that should do SWOT analysis
The smaller the figure of the range, the more compact and homogeneous is the distribution
Concept testing is the fifth stage in new product development
Consumerists seek to increase the amount of consumer information, education and protection
Social environment does not really have influence on business
Risk means………..
Consumer change in taste does not have any effect on the product life cycle
Marketing helps to discover entrepreneurial talent
Assembling is not part of wholesaler’s function
For exchange to take place, each party is free to accept or reject the offer.
Median is the addition of the first and the last number
To avert the rising wave of corporate failures in the Nigerian banking sector,  the following specific guidelines aimed at regulating the practice of corporate governance in the banking sector was issued except
Code of ethics is a set of principles designed to guide
Code of ethics specifies how a bank should behave towards its various ——— in the conduct of its operations.
The basic objective of code of ethics is to ensure strict adherence to best banking practices and strong commitment to ethical and professional standards of behaviour in the operation of banking business.
The general objectives of the bankers’ code of ethics as approved by the Bankers Committee in Nigeria include the following except
Which of the following statement best decsribe asymetric  information in the economic system
The following are some of the  importance of code of ethics in banking except
A banker is expected to treat all information in respect of customer accounts with utmost confidentiality except in situations such as
The guidelines on the core elements of the corporate governance specifies that
The approval of the CBN is required for an individual to hold more less than 10% of a bank’s share capital
Marketing is an activity.
Products are referred to as tangibles.
The marketing concept rest on how many  pillars?
Better service is more important than just a good product in the marketing of services.
Marketing concept lays no emphasis on customer satisfaction.
Controlling isnot really necessary in the marketing process.
Services are highly perishable
Customers by marketing professionals should not seen as right all the time
What theory of leadership is the least predictor of leadership abilities?
One of the following is not  associated with leader performance:
When an effective leader is concerned more with  being liked than results, he belongs to:
One of the following theorists is not concerned with the extent to which leaders are task versus person oriented
A leader’s task or person orientation can be measured by:
When a leader leads through energy and optimism, he is known to be using the :
A leader’s behaviour will be acceptable to the extent that he meets  his/her ________________ needs
Which theory gives a manager direct advice about how to behave in certain situations?
Which of the following is R4 in the Hersey and Blanchard categories of readiness of subordinates?
Which leadership theory is based on a manager’s spending quality time  to meet with and talk to employees and customers about their needs and progress?
The organizational structure in the  guidelines on the core elements of the corporate governance in banks specifies the following except
To ensure the quality of Board Membership, the code specifies as follows
Which of the following is not correct of the guidelines on the core elements of the corporate governance in Nigeria banking system
The 2006 CBN code of corporate governance also specifies that there shall be yearly review/appraisal covering all aspects of the board’s structure, functioning and performance, preferably to be undertaken by an
Which of the following factors can not precipitate instability in the banking system.
The focus of regulation is to reduce the risk of bank insolvency and the potential cost of bank failure to depositors
The framework on contingency planning for banking that would ensure the systemic management of crisis in Nigerian banks was put in place in .
The framework on contingency planning for banking that would ensure the systemic management of crisis in Nigerian banks was put in place by .
The committee of ethics and professionalism was set up in
In a service-based industry such as banking, the product can easily be separated from the supplier, and since most bank products revolve around money, which is a commodity, there is  room for differentiation.
As a practice, administration exists when people act together to achieve the goals of their groups through …………….
Woodrow Wilson pioneered the study which his publication of an article titled the study of administration in Political Science Quarterly in……………
In Nigeria, public administration is the universities, colleges of education, and institute of ……………….
The traditional approach led to low pace of development of comparative politics and comparative public
As a result of these weaknesses some scholars started becoming impatient eith the traditional method in the………………..century
Many records and ideas relating to management date from………………….
The scientific theories adopted in the study of comparative politics and public administration are also referred to as the ………………..
There is regularity in nature. This same assumption forms the foundation for classification in ……………….
The human mind can studdy……………..
Relatively of Knowledge. This means that knowledge is not……………..
When a leader possesses knowledge in an area that an organization  needs, it is called:
 If a leader can influence others to take an action without offering reward or threat , the leader is using :
Which leadership style focusses on long term goals rather than short term goals?
Which leadership style focusses on vision and organizational values?
Under what condition can a leader safely use threats on a subordinates to get the work done?
Who or What are organizational cows?
Which of the following is not an organizational sacred cow?
When an enployee reaches a stage of acceptance of an organizational change, it is called:
Which of the following does not largely influence acceptance of change?
_________________ establishes workplace norms of appropriate behaviour in an organization
Which is not a reaseon for internal control system in Nigerian banking industry?
Major instruments of control of magnitude and direction of credit flow in the bank include the following except
The requirement for cash reserve ratio (CRR) was introduced as part of the regulatory tools in the Nigerian banking system in
The requirement for cash reserve ratio (CRR) was introduced as part of the regulatory tools in the Nigerian banking system  to
Which of the following is not a critical area of banking operations subject to strict regulatory control
The examination of a new bank after six months of operations  to determine if the conditions and premises for granting of banking license by the CBN and the business objective of a bank are being pursued is known as
Which of the following is not a condition necessary for effective banking supervision
A conflict of interest happens when you fail to act in the best interest of your organization.
Bank examination may be defined as the examination of the books and records of a bank for the purpose of ascertaining that the affairs of the bank are being conducted in a safe and sound manner with respect to the following except
On-site supervision of banks is carried out by
Organizational culture is not static, which of the following is the 3rd step in changing organizational culture?
One of the following is a paramount factor in empowering employees to make decisions  in an organzation:
Empowering employees in an organzation means:
One fallacy in organizational management is that :
Who  assumed that people are motivated by economic incentives  primarily?
The assumption of man as primarily motivated by economic incentives is very similar to:
Which of  the views about human behaviour in enterprises holds that people are unpredictable, subjective and unique
Whose theory of human behaviour states that the average human beings learn under proper conditions not only to accept but also to seek responsibility?
Which is the best leadership style for Theory X group of subordinates
When the amount of conflict among subordinates over various courses of action is taking into consideration in decision making, it is called:
Marketing is done in the following place
Customer has the right to be told the truth
A renewal or restructuring of loan is normally designed with the intent of
In loan workout arrangement, a renewal or restructuring of loan is expected to be consistent with the following except
The assessment of accrual status should include consideration of the borrower’s sustained historical repayment performance for a reasonable period prior to the date on which the loan is returned to accrual status. A sustained period of repayment performance generally would be
Loan workout arrangements are normally designed to help ensure that the bank
Banks normally consider loan workouts before analyzing a borrower’s repayment capacity, evaluating the support provided by guarantors, and assessing the value of the collateral pledged on the debt.
Which of the following least describe the attributes of a financially responsible guarantor
The documentation on the collateral’s market value should demonstrate a full understanding of the property’s current and other relevant risk factors affecting value. In this instance, the banks should use
The support provided by guarantees for loan facilities is not a consideration in determining the credit classification for a workout. However, the presence of a guarantee from a financially responsible guarantor may improve the prospects for repayment of the debt obligation.
The plan where the bank agrees to suspend all or part of a monthly payment for a specified time period is known as
The analysis of the sources and application of funds can be used to assess changes in the
A formal document that establishes the office of the ombudsman, describes its mission and functions, specifies deliverables and creates a line of reporting is known as a
____ is defined as one who advocates on behalf of a designated population, such as patients in long-term care facilities
Which of the following are reasons why organisations engage in managing diversity:
Which of the following statements best describes diversity management:
A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or group of people is known as
___typically is appointed by a legislative body to represent the public with concerns of the public with regards to the conduct of governmental agencies
Secondary dimensions of diversity include:
The primary purpose of the Equal Employment Opportunity principle is to:
The statutory Ombudsman for Nigeria is the
There are different types of ombudsmen with different roles, functional responsibilities and standards of practice including:
Human resources  management is concerned  with all but one of the following:
 HRM philosophy is based on the fact that an employee is__________ to the organization
Which of the following provides a means for carrying out management processes and help in decision making?
Human resources management philosophy is shaped by one of the following:
One of the following is a series of tasks performed in sequential order to accomplish an organizational objective:
_____________ is concerned with the procurement , development, compensation, integration,and maintenance of employees in an organization
Human resources refer to one of the following:
The Human Resource managemnt model that focussed on promoting mutual goals, mutual influence, mutual respect, mutual rewards between employees and management is called:
Which part of an organization deals with analysing roles  and relationships so that collective efforts can be explicity  organized to achieve specific ends?
The approach to job design that focussed on matching employees with the demand of the job  with complete instructions on how the job should be done is the:
The behavior shown by a person who genuinely believes in racial equality and acts accordingly, but unconsciously harbors some negative feelings about other races is known as
The attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner is known as
Positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas of employment, education, and culture from which they have been historically excluded is known as
The following are different conflict intensity levels except
___theory says that people live together in society in accordance with an agreement that establishes moral and political rules of behavior
___ is a political and philosophical concept which holds that all people should have equal access to wealth, health, wellbeing, justice and opportunity.
Principled Negotiation is ____ approach to negotiation that focusses primarily on conflict management and conflict resolution.
Actions aimed at preventing
short-term, often imminent, escalation of a potential conflict are categorized as____conflict prevention measures
____ is a competitive bargaining strategy used in negotiation in which one party gains only if the other party loses something.
The limitation or containment of a conflict situation without necessarily resolving it is known as
Which statement is correct?
A public offer for subscription and rights issue of shares are meant to
Which of the following is not a source of funds of a trading company
The liquidity assets of the bank are largely the funds which have been committed to the following areas of operations except
Which one is not an appropriate guideline that banks need to consider in effective liquidity management.
The impact of mismatch position of bank asset and liabilities usually result in
In the asset and liability management process, the usual analysis is designed to identify the following except
Which of the following is not a reason why the use of interest income limits has become the industry benchmark simulation
The funds transfer pricing system  creates the ability of the bank to immunize its operations from risk.
Which statement is not correct of funds transfer pricing?
The limitation or containment of a conflict situation without necessarily resolving it is known as
___is a negotiation strategy in which parties collaborate to find a “win-win” solution to their dispute
____ is the process aimed at influencing the course of negotiations by changing the attitudes of the other party and the nature of the encounter
Which of the following factors can influence the modes of response to conflicts?
Conflict between groups occupying different socioeconomic positions in the same society is known as
The goal of mediation is
An ADR process where an independent third party helps people in a dispute to identify the disputed issues, develop options, consider alternatives and try to reach an agreement is known as
A collective bargaining process generally consists of the following types of activities except
___ is a process in which the parties to a dispute, with
the assistance of two dispute resolution practitioners (the mediators), identify the disputed issues, develop options, consider alternatives and endeavour to reach an agreement
___ is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedure that is used by businesses and the federal government to resolve legal issues without incurring the expense and delay associated with court litigation
The following is(are)  the objectives of studying work systems:
Which approach suggests that motivation, satisfaction and performance should be integrated into the job design in organizations?
How do you describe the degree to which a job has a substantial impact on the lives or work of other people?
A very important factor that predicts all other factors that determine the quanlity  and  number of training progrmames is :
When there is a gap between an employee credentials on one hand and both  the job requirements and organizational  needs on the other  it  calls for:
One of the following is not a benefit  of training.
Which approach of performance appraisal holds a discussion with the employees on action required for improved performance?
The purposes of employee compensation programme in an organization include all but one of the following:
Under what conditions should social and ethical considerations be factors in bargaining with public employees?
Which of the following focusses on employee job performance and  not the employee’s person?
Which is not a symptom for liquidity crisis in a bank
Which of the following is not an approache for measuring liquidity risk
Which of thses statements best describe liquidity risk
Situations that can precipitate liquidity risk include the following except.
The need to compensate for non-receipt of expected inflow of performing assets, and hence turning it into non-performing assets is known as
The measurement of the interest rate risk involves the use of the following strategies except
When the gap quotient is zero, it means
To alter the gap the considerations to be used by the bank include the following except
Which one is not a viable way through which the liquidity risk can be effectively managed.
In order to prepare the gap analysis, the cumulative gap can be determined in one of the following ways except
Confidentiality and Honesty is not a serious matter in financial institution.

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