In what year was the policy making model synthesized into four dimensions?
________ are the bureaucrats that draft, gazette and implement formulated policies in education
The essence of model guide against __________
________ model is characterised by self interest
The Christians and Islamic missionaries provided and managed education between _____ and ________
________ ensured that the customs and traditions of the school were preserved
The education ordinance of 1926 structured primary education to last for ________ years
The pupil / teacher ratio in pre-primary schools is ______
The  UBE covers the first ______ years of schooling
The pioneer school in Nigeria was built by the ______
The bane on poor quality  of education is ________
Education is a _______
One of the disadvantages of takeover of schools is_________
The ______ have assisted schools with provision of buses, laboratory equipments and building of classrooms
A discussion following no set plan is ________
_________ can be used to obtain information among peer groups
planning of Lesson demonstrates _______
Teacher’s personal traits include his __________
One of the indicators  for leadership effectiveness is _______
The purpose of inspection is to ensure _______ in the level of instruction
The inspection where every aspect of the school is systematically covered is called____________
Students enrolment may fluctuate due to certain factors EXCEPT
The first priority in preparing for an evaluation programme is _______
A discussion following a set plan is ________
_________ can be used to obtain information among peer groups
The leadership style for conducive school climate is ____________
_______ is the determination of the value of a thing
___________  be can defined as collecting information at regular intervals about programmes within the school
 one of the reasons for monitoring is _______
There are _______ dimensions of evaluation
Students enrolment may fluctuate due to certain factors EXCEPT
The first priority in preparing for an evaluation programme is _______
Evaluation whereby students are ranked in order of performance is called ___________
The critical examination and evaluation of a school as a place of learning is called _________
Visits for evaluating teachers’ performance are carried by ______
Guidelines for an effective teacher in planning and organising teaching EXCEPT ________
In full inspection, the inspector is not expected to check  _________
_______ is an international body conducting exams for west african countries
A visit undertaken by ministry of education to find out the situation in a particular area is called _______
A good report will do the following EXCEPT _____
________ may be structured following a set of questions
________ ensure complete and accurate records of students, staff and other vital records
________ can be used to discover  weakness in students
All these are various ways of communicating moral Education in the school except one.
Municipal law can also be called______
Who should motivate the students to learn and organize various programmes that can promote learning among students
What is the official language of the country ?
What is Sharia?
Our parents and other members of our family tell us about what?
All practicing Muslims are expected to gather every Friday and observe the Friday service as directed in the_______ Holy Qur’an 62:9
What is much more important than the nafilahs on Friday prayer
  _______is the oracle divinity of Yorubaland
Resources for the teaching and learning of religions  can be divided into how many?
Scientific management and administrative management are
The total way of people in a given society is called
The following are aspects of culture
“Social process through which authoritative allocation of value takes place” by Eastern(1959) quoted in Owolabi(1996) is called
What did Owolabi(1984) define as the process where individuals are exposed to selected knowledge,skills and attitudes through institutions such as schools,colleges and universities.
The following are under resourses allocation EXCEPT
One of thes e is not bodies and organizations that play roles in educational administraion
The body that conducts examinations related to business,trade,vocational and technical education in Nigeria is called
Breaking down of work into smaller units for experts to function well is
The fundamental principle is
The following are Humanitarian principles EXCEPT
The prudential principles are the following EXCEPT
The following are bureaucratic principles EXCEPT
Effective performance in any institution will provide one of this EXCEPT
Production of an organization is measured by the number of units through
Minimizing cost and maximizing production can be realised through
Obilade (1989) classified approachesof institutional Administraion into
One of these is not Huges(1975) approaches to institutional administration
______ needs that cater for status,recognition,independence,appreciation
Workers can be motivated through the following factors EXCEPT
The prudential principles are the following EXCEPT
The following are bureaucratic principles EXCEPT
The internal and pattering of relationships is referred to structure by
Maslow identified how many basic needs
Which is the lowest needs in hierarchy?
Need for affection,love,belongingness,association affection is refered to
The following are basic principles of administration EXCEPT
Adminisrtator,qualification,nature of job,physical technicality,, of organ. Is
______ observed that school plant can either be a tool or a barrier to education
An influencing factor in building a school is  ___________
School serves as a venue for _______ functions in communities
_______stated that quality school influences citizens perception and support
________ is goal directed
Stimulating environment encourages students_______
_______ ensures that school buildings and grounds, equipment, materials, technical and other service systems, facilitate and support the provision of education by a school.
________ observed that the quality of education that a child receives is directly related to the availability or lack thereof of physical facilities and the overall atmosphere in which learning takes place.
Hagman (1956) defines the school building as an instrument in education.
One of ways to ensure the longevity of the facilities is periodic_______ of the facilities
According to the Yoruba tradition, _____is the deputy of Orisanla
_________ can be regarded as what differentiates right from wrong
What should provide a stimulating environment that will motivate  the children to learn?
The teacher should appeal to which domain of the child when necessary
Who must be a good psychologist?
The method that can be applied to teach Sirah and Tahdhib and some  important religious topics is________
After the death of Moses, who became the new leader of the Israelites?
 A portable fixed in  the classroom wall is_______
What can be best described as the power of the mind to  bring back what a person has learnt?.
_______ can be interpreted as an act of directing one’s thoughts to something within a stipulated period
 _________ opined that a child’s sense of belonging to a school is strengthened if its physical plant is sound, functional and pleasing to the eye.
 A study of The District of Columbia schools in 1991, found that standardised achievement scores among students in poor condition were ___________lower than those in fair condition
The physical condition of a school is not related to students’ academic achievements and behaviour as well as the well-being of staff and students.
  According to American Lung Association, ( 2002 ) Poor air quality has been linked to students _________often due to asthma and other respiratory diseases
________ is used not only to provide conducive environment for both teaching and learning, but also to ensure a safe, secure hygienic and comfortable shelter for students, teachers and other staff
The character of a school plant is also affected by the non-instructional components of the _________ programme
During the colonial era formal education was being provided mainly by the  ___________________
Provision of adequate spaces for indoor, outdoor learning and recreation should also feature as one of the objectives for _________ of school plant development.
 A well-designed and attractive school plant is often a source of pride to the local citizens and generates goodwill for ________education among them
 The importance of school as a venue to the young ones as an arena for ____________ after school hours
 Which Principle stated that the learning environment should enhance teaching and learning and accommodate the needs of all learners
The principle which is based on the fact that constant change is a fact of life is called __________
 Another  set of   principles were developed in ________
Lackney (2003)  listed principles of what he refers to as___________
 The variable that might influence the demand for education in the community is  _______________
 The common method of estimating school enrolments include:
The flaw in analogy approach is that it is difficult to find two________ that are exactly similar
Who should be involved in drafting the document
 The time given the members for drafting the document  should be up to  _____________year
General use include the following EXCEPT ______________
Every public official is subjected to ___________ types of accountability
 ________ is not a reason for accountability in the school system
There are ___________ main types of Educational accountability
Educational accountability ensures the folllowing EXCEPT ______
___________  concerns the evaluation of the extent of adequacy of supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the system’s operations.
____________ accountable to the presidency for the supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the process of education.
______________  improves the utilization of human and material resources for goal achievement.
An analytical technique which examines the records of transactions in the education production process is called __________
All administrators require effective ______________  to facilitate their interpersonal, informational and decisional roles.
_____________  is directly accountable to the school administrator
The success of an organization depends on the _____________
__________ principle advocates the exercise of  sound judgments in handling all educational matters.
_________  principle is also referred to as “the universal principle”
The leadership approach that permits subordinates to do what they choose is_____________
 A good example of educational policy is the _________  system of education which has existed since 1977
 _________  presupposes the determination of an activity in advance of action.
________  factor often renders most efforts in planning education fruitless
_______ data are sourced and used in Educational planning.
The leadership attribute that considers the welfare of the masses is ____________
___________ is the  constant adherence to the truth regardless of the interests that may involve
 Through —————- the capacities of employees are fully utilized.
 The absence of adequate ___________  make the realization of educational goals difficult.
___________  is an important function of educational administrators
___________ principle considers three elements
_________  element recognizes individual worth
___________  implies adherence to established rules and regulations
 The right person is in the right job is based on ____________
_______  reduces the negative effects of centralization and enhances efficiency.
_________  is a public policy decision made by the society through its representatives
 ________  serves as a general guide which gives the direction of decisions.
A ___________ is a statement which shows the forecasts of actual receipts of cash (inflows) and the disbursement of cash (outflows
Which of the following is not current asset
Two superior investment criteria which fully recognise the timing of cash flows are ________ and _________.
In evaluating projects, financial analysis and economic analysis use __________ and _____________ techniques to arrive at their answers
projects may have three main objectives, namely: _________,_________and_______ objectives.
All the following are names used for a seller except __________
Which of the following roles controls resources and manages a business unit?
What does a Responsibility Assignment Matrix do for the project manager?
Which of the following is used to control cost-related items on a project?
The software development project is going through planning. In evaluating the Triple Constraint, which of the following is the highest priority
Fixed price contracts are also known as which of the following
The following are the time estimates in PERT but____
Cash outflows include the following except ____
Sensitivity analysis is a tool for subjecting cash flows to _____
Generally we can classify assets under the following headings except____
One of the major current liabilities is the bank overdraft
A project requires a cash outlay of N200,000 and yields an annual cash inflow of N50,000 for a period of 10 years; calculate the payback period.
A project costs N100,000 and has a scrap value of N40,000. The stream of income before depreciation and taxes are N40,000, N50,000 and N60,000 for the first three years. The tax rate is 50% and depreciation is on straight line basis. Calculate the accounting rate of return for the project.
A barbers’ shop costs N32,400 to establish and is expected to generate cash inflows of N16,000,N14,000 and N12,000 over its life of three years. The internal rate of return lies between ____
Another way of evaluating students is through_________
How many Universities founded by Religious  Organisations in Nigeria?
The specialists in Islamic Religious studies, Christian Religious studies may refer to as______
 What makes Friday service difference from other days among the Muslims is ______
 The Sermon delivered on Fridays by Musliums Clergy is in how many parts?
Another importance of moral education is that it _______ not only in adults but also in children as well
Why is that there is no Sabbath day in Islam?
Which religion brought formal education to Nigeria primarily to propagate their religion?
Who are the people calling for the re-introduction of moral education into the school curriculum
All these are problems facing teaching and learning of moral education in schools except______
Which of the following is an ouput of initiating?
The following are examples of projects except ___
____is an examle of lines of communication in a project team.
Generally, the method of recovering overheads as a levy on direct labour costs is called ____
____tries to describe the various stages that are involved from the conception of a project idea to when the project is executed
_____ is a working document that results from matching the organisations available resources to the project plan
A  bakery  project  costs  N2,000,  000 to  set  up  and  generates  year end  cash inflows of N800,000, N900,000, N1,000,000 and  N800,000 over a  four year period. The required rate  of return  is 10%. Calculate  the Net  present value of the bakery project.
A bank lends N200, 000 to Dr Bako and at the end of the   day earns interest of N18, 000. What is the before- tax cost of debt?
Projects vary in duration, scope, and ________
____ is a very flexible document; it can hold anything and everything required to achieve the organization’s goals.
___ activities are probabilistic in nature in the sense that the time required to complete it cannot be specified correctly.
The State has set objectives which can only be accomplished through the machinery of the ………..
The government holds power in trust for the people based on the authority of the ……………..
The doctrine of …………………….stipulates three arms of government
The principle of ………………. emphasises the use of power to control power
……………states that all forms of organization, regardless of how democratic or autocratic they may be at the start, will eventually develop into oligarchies.
A system of government typified by an institution of a single man and non-parliamentary executive is known as………
A system of government in which the office of the head of government is different from head of state is known as……..
…………………. is very effective in managing the challenges thrown up by diversity in any country.
………………… seems desirable to some countries because its constitution usually gives room for peaceful break up or outright secession.
………………… is most suitable for smaller states with less diversities of population
………. processes refer to the hidden and non-facing processes in CRM
The extent to which purchase intentions result in actual sales is known as ………
Measuring performance before and after the CRM implementation helps you to calculate
The feelings of anxiety that occur in the post purchase stage by a customer is called
Consultants help CRM Managers in executing all but one of the following
The black box model is related to the black box theory of
Guidelines to be considered during data migration does not include one of the following
CRM implementation processes does not include……
………. is not among the levels of investment in customer relationship building
…………. is an example of a front office process
A single legislative chamber is called a …………….. Iegislature.
A legislature with two chambers or houses is called a ……………….. legislature.
The function of the ………………. is primarily the implementation of the policies and programmes of government.
Independence of the ………… means that the court and judges must be free from external influence
…………………. means that judges are expected to retain their jobs until they are due for retirement.
The courts of law  have been variously described as the ………………
The ……………… is often described as the last hope of the common man
The doctrine of separation of powers could be traced to the french political philosopher known as ……………..
The following are the reasons for the concept of separation of powers except…………
A rigid separation of powers may produce ………………….
………..describes internal customers in an organisation
The branch of consumer behaviour that investigates the matching of a brand’s personality and the consumer’s personality is………
………is a vertical CRM  processes
………..describes internal customers in an organisation
 The tactics that can be employed by the firms to create customer loyalty does not include……….
The features of customer relationship management does not include……..
The role of children as influencers in a wide range of purchase contexts is called……
Back-office processes of CRM refer to the hidden and non-facing processes from customers and is known as
The last stage of the purchase decision process is ……….
CRM implementation processes does not include……
Determinants of customer satisfaction does not include………
…….is the extent to which an interaction varies from and builds upon the preceding stream of buyer–seller interactions
The five generic cross-functional CRM processes does not include
Thefeelings of anxiety that occur in the post purchase stage by a customer is called…….
………is not among the steps in  CRM  selection and implementation processes
…….is not a factor to be considered  when contracting and licensing software
Guidelines to be considered during data migration does not include……..
………. of setting up a CRM involves an agreement (and possibly negotiations) with a CRM vendor or outside consultant regarding setup, services, and support of your CRM system
The extent to which purchase intentions result in actual sales is known as ………
Back-office processes refer to the hidden and non-facing processes from customers like
Secondary cooperative is formed by ………cooperative societies
Perfect competition is a market situation in which…….. offer a homogeneous product to large number of buyers
Where a marketing organisation performs the process and function of two or more stages of distribution extending from the producer to the consumer is often referred to as .
Cooperative federation of Nigeria (CFN) which was founded in ………with its base in Ibadan
Integrated distribution channel helps cooperative society to effectively ……..cost
The establishment of consumer cooperative in Nigeria was a product of the war condition occasioned by the scarcity of consumer goods especially………  items.
Garkida cooperative society in Bornu province which started in…….

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