The foundation of any effective sales planning and policies include
An organization that is highly valued for its ability to drive revenue is
Marketing organizations are divided into?
The marketing organization that acts as a advisor is
Organization market is divided into
The key factor for marketing to …………… is to be aware of their added value proposition
A marketing organization that is highly specialized and relying on long-term relationship is
The function which links consumer, customer and public to the marketer through information?
The study of individuals, groups, or organizations and processes they use to select, secure and dispose of products, services, experiences or idea to satisfy needs is?
Goods and services may be charged by one department to another on any of the following bases except
The following accounts can be maintained for branch transactions except
The account that serves as trading account where head office maintains branch account is
____________ is the account where all profit loading are posted to and also used to assertain gross profit of a branch which receive good at price other than cost
Under the temporal method, discounts are translated using
____________ is a partner who has contributed in the financing of the business but do not take active part in the management of a firm and whose liability is limited to the amount contributed
XYZ Partnership profit for the five year ended 31/12/17 are as follow ₦75,000, N80,000, ₦45,000, ₦20,000, ₦15,000. It has agreed to value goodwill for purpose of change in partnership a 3 year purchase of average profit. Calculate the value of goodwill
Another name for normal Price Per Share is
When Shares are issued at par payable in full on application, the entry is
_____________ measures the amount of current period divided attributable to a unit of ordinary shares in issue
Marketing research is development interpretation and communication of decision oriented
AMA Means
A researcher’s ability to design a good scale measurement is by itself enough to guarantee that the appropriate raw data will automatically be collected
How many steps are there in marketing research process
As the word research implies, it is a process for gathering information not currently available to
Typically, three levels of management can be identified in most Nigerian organization: top management, middle management and
The essence of strategic corporate planning is to cope with
SWOT is an acronym for
Effective management of information is a prerequisite for successful marketing desion –making
Marketing managers are usually faced with three marketing information unrelated tasks
The types of marketing research information available for decision may be said to consist of knowledge, opinion and
Marketing decision is a result of a mixture of all the three information inputs: speculation, opinion and knowledge
The final responsibility of the marketing manager is the development of actionable strategies based on the marketing research —
Below are some of the quantitative method for evaluating research information for marketing decision except
A research brief is a write –up from the client to the research agency
Marketing research proposal is a response from the research agency to the research brief written by the

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