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One of the most complex and critical institutions of democracy is the
Select the odd one out of the following.
The general elections are held in Nigeria
One major cause of incessant defection in the Nigeria political terrain is
One of the following is not a party system?
One of the following conducted the 1979 elections in Nigeria?
Nigeria is currenlyt in … republic?
Democracy has its origin in the ..
Process scholars see democracy as .
The first electoral institution established to manage the administration and conduct of elections in Nigeria was the
…. Is the most common criterion used for delimination of the country into electoral units?
….defined a political party as “a body of men united for promoting their joint endeavours”
In Nigeria…¦was the first political party?
Nigeria since the Babangida’s transition has made….. the centre of political activities?
Promotion is seen as …… elements of the marketing mix
Promotion can also be referred to as:
All the following are non-personal selling elements of promotion except.
A companys promotion responsibilities is targeted at all the following except?
Which of the following is a role of promotion?
A good promotion management requires one of the following?
The following component of promotional activities advertising; publication relations and sales promotion can also be referred to as
The process of educating, persuading and reminding the target market about product total offering is?
Any paid form of non personal presentation of information or idea about the product total offering is referred to as
Which of the following serves as an objective is setting promotion objectives?
All these are methods use in sales promotion except
A situation where goods are unusually displayed to attract customer or draw their attention is referred to as
A sample of a product usually given to customers is a component of one of the following:
Products that are usually offered for free or minimal cost is referred to as
One of the following is a sales promotion technique that offers discounts on purchases to consumers
Most sales person in a small firm are classified into
Which of the following sales persons job is more challenging?
Sales activities might be classified on the basis of
Sales compensation may be classified into
The compensation package of sales people can be
Which type of advertising fit manufacturers of similar products?
Specialist in planning, creating and placing of advertisement are called
Creating advertising copy; buying air time for advert placement, collections of market research are functions of
Advertising may have some purpose depending on the type of product or services promoted. This may include
Attitude advertising may be use keep your image in the eye of one the following
Any advertising campaign that is design to stimulate sales of a particular product within a short period of time is referred to as
Push strategy is otherwise known as
The push promotional strategy will be bent suited for
Promotion strategy is divided into
One of the following is not a promotional strategy
The functions of marketing management include
Classical marketing describes marketing on all these terms except
Marketing manager inbound activities include
A process in which the marketing manager categorises need into groups is called
Analysis of market segment, exiting sales, competitor, are referred to as
All activities involving advertising, promotion, supply chain sales supports, product training and customer support is referred to as
A situation in which the producer is a commercial entity and the end user makes the purchasing division is called
When a producer is a commercial entity and a second commercial entity makes the purchasing decision but provides the products to their customers is
Marketing has many aspects or sub-discipline within the broad discipline of marketing includes
Ordinarily market of all prospective customers for a given product should consist of
The process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers for the purpose of selling the product or service is?
The analysis, planning, implementation and control of activities that are designed to create, build and maintain beneficial exchange with the target market is?
One of these is not a problem associated to marketing in developing countries
Marketing can be a veritable vehicle in achieving ……
Marketing is a necessity to any economy in the world as it seeks to promote all the following except?
The importance of marketing to any economy include
All of the following are problems associated to marketing in developing countries except
Marketing has many prospect in developing economy this may include
Variability, homogeneity , inseparability, intangibility are all components of
Which of the following is not part of the first four conventional marketing mix?
All of the following are components of behavioural segmentation except

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