The last digit that has some elements of uncertainty in it is called________
The number 0.03260 has ______ significant figures
The unit of density is grams divided by cubic_______
Density x volume is equal to______
The rate at which speed is changing is known as________
____enable us to measure more than basic quantities of length, time, mass
The following are types of uncertainities except________
The act of determining the size or amount of something  is known as______
The sum of measurements divided by the number of measurements that have been made is _____
The degree of agreement between measured value and accepted true value of a quantity is____
_______is a system of units based on the decimal number system
_______is the unit of measurement to measure distance between cities
______is the unit of measurement to measure diameter of a one naira coin
The Kelvin scale is the temperature scale used in the___________
The most commonly used scale throughout the worlds is the_________
_____scale is one in which the lowest temperature is given the value zero
The most familiar metric system unit of volume is the________
The term Molecular Biology was first used by ____
All these are techniques in Molecular Biology EXCEPT
E. coli particalarly useful for investigations of fundamental aspects of molecular biology because of ____. I. their genetic simplicity, II. ease of study, III. microscopic nature.
____ represents the information required for the building of a phenotypic structure.
__ is not required in the Chain-Termination Method of determining DNA sequences.
A molecular cloning that enables the determination of the nucleotide sequence of genes is known as ______.
In which of these techniques are proteins seperated based on the rates of their migration in an electric field
The sole genetic material that migrates intact from generation to generation through the reproductive units is called ___.
Which of these is a method for detecting and analysing sequeces of homologous DNA
Which of these is not true of Southern blotting
Human resources is unique in a peculiar way.  Therefore, managing human resources is________
Personnel management is a major elemental function of_________
It has been argued that human resources management is concerned with self control rather than____
Human resources management integrates with line management rather than
Human resources management is concerned with maximum utilization of the workforce rather than__
The aim of human resources management should not be to the pursuit of strict rule but to seek_____
People are the most important assets of an organization.  Therefore people should be_______
The right people must be placed on the right jobs to enable the organization achieve its
Personnel management is often viewed as management activity aimed at_____
Without the right mix of human resources in an organization, it will be difficult to implement_____
Which of the chromosome combination will be found in an individual with Turner syndome?
The non identical pair of chromosomes found in mammals and birds are called the ____.
The following steps are involved in the process of chain elongation except __.
Gametes have ____ number of chromosomes.
The following are outcomes of physical and chemical meiosis except __.
Chromosomes are joined at the centre by a
Which of these disorders is due to the inhertance of a single X chromosome?
How many chromosomes are found in the male sex cell?
Which of these combination of chromosomes will be found in a normal male offspring?
The following nitrogenous base are found in DNA except ___.
The Nigerian experience as regards development planning can be discussed in the light of ________
The backwardness of Nigeria economic growth and development could easily be traced to _______
The first development plan directed for Nigeria during the colonial era was called _______
The fourth national development plan of 1981 – 85 was launched in _____
Which of these constitutes problem of plan implementation in Nigeria
Which of this is not institutional framework for planning in Nigeria
An important aspect of annual budget is that it is the key instrument for____
The current approach of modern budgeting is to provide for the various items in the following order
Monitoring and Evaluation are key processes in ______
Project evaluation is the last step in the _______
Which of these aquaculture practices give the highest yield?
Artisanal fishing is characterised by one of the following features
Which of these is not amonge the three main type of fin rays?
Which numerals do biologist adopt in spine count
The first rule with meristic features is that the number is always……
The  fish  teeth can be positioned in any of the ways EXCEPT
All these are Off-Shore Pelagic resources EXCEPT
All these are meteorological information required before site selection in setting up a fish farm EXCEPT
Which of these will be classified as capital cost in fish farming
Which of these will not be included in operating cost of fish farming?
Acceptance criteria establishes ____
A good example of non profit development planning is:
Performance goal setting involves the following except one of these
Strategic planning is a type of planning that
The planner as a political animal should be guided by the following
Which of the following is not part of preparing the project initiation document
Project management plan includes the following except
Programme Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) means
In project document file management the need to maintain hardcopy records falls under the purview of
Which state best describes a work Breakdown structure (WBS)
When fish  migrates from salt water to brackish water so it is said to be
Which of these fish type is catadromous __
Which of these will come ealier in the classification of fish
Which of these forms the basis for taxonomic groupimg of animals
Which of these characteristics is not true of the Clariidae family
All these are reasons for wide culturing of  catfish family EXCEPT
One of these is not a Genus in  the Bagridae family
Which of these is not a Genus in the Family Mochokidae
These are reasons for cultureing Tilapia EXCEPT
All these are genera of Tilapia except
Effective human resources functions are essential for an organization’s ————-
Human resources of of strategic importance and should be made an integral part of_________
Effective human resources management requires a fundamental shift from traditional approach to___
Whether viewed financially or behaviourally, human resources are sensitive and costlly in most____
The human resources manager and the finance manager must pay monthly wages and salaries to____
A labour intensive manufacturng company employs___________
Sometimes the cost of meeting the overhead is more than two-thirds of an organization’s_______
In some cases, workers are granted the galaxy of rights which the employers must_______
Human resources department of every organization must have, at its disposal, fringe benefits which__
Today, the desirability of evolving a strategic planning is imperative as a result of increased_____
Two good examples of social impact of project  is
The following are basic types of planning models except one of them
The state planning officer carryout the following key planning functions except
Which of the following is not part of preparing the planning
Operational planning is
The overall economic development planning is
Positive Team Roles/Tasks includes the following except
Which of these is not basic approach to non profit project design
Social cost of investment simply means
SMART simply means
The introduction of water into pond prior to stocking is known as
Which of these chracteristics is not true of water
What is the the primary excretory waste of fish ?
In order to prevent loss of water  by diffusion, marine fishes tend to (I). excrete small amounts of highly salt-concentrated urine (II).drink large amounts of sea water (III.)Excrete large amounts of water
The optimum temperature for the growth of Tilapia is _______
All these belong to the order Carnivora EXCEPT
Otter-shrews belong to the family_______
Which of these is NOT true of hippopotamus
Which of these is UNTRUE of giraffe?
African Buffalo has the following characteristic EXCEPT
The human resources critical activities are commonly known as the___________
Broad area of human resources management include the following: recruitment ans selection and___
Employees of an organization attend training programmes in order to_________
Promotion moves an employee of an organization from one level to another_______
Through recruitment and selection, new employees are___________
Motivation of employees in an organization brings about____________
In Nigeria and in Africa as a whole, the most potent motivator of workers is__________
A civil servant who worked and retired from an organization is given_________
When a worker is retrenched, it means he/she has____________
Smoth management-labour relations is important for the maintenance of_________
Invariably Federalism no matter whatever form it takes involve_________
One seemingly tructable propblem that has engaged the attention of the Nigerian Leadership and people since the attainment of political independence in 1960 is _______
In a cofederation, the central government is always _______
Intergovernmental Relations came as a result of ________
One of these countries do not practice Federalism
Nigeria attained full federalism under_______ constitution
The most crticical and contentious policy issue in intergovernmental fiscal Relations is _____
In a Federal State such as Nigeria with three tiers of government, Intergovernmental, Relations can take _____ format
In a federal setup like Nigeria, powers are divided into
The famous 1976 local government reform made local government ________
Centrifugal type of federalism comes into effect when
Federalism is a political system adopted to
The 1979 constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria granted two sets of legislative powers to the central government in ______
Which of this is not one of the causes of conflict in intergovernmental Relations
Intergovernmental Relation is widely associated and most popular with ______
In which of this is not a pattern of relation in intergovernmental Relation
In Nigeria, ever since the existence of IGR, one of the dominant instittuions that has helped to foster the concept is _____
One of these factors is not among factors affecting Intergovernmental Relations
Fiscal federalism implies
Public choice theory advocates in favour of placing governmental action and expenditure at _________
Both the 1989 and 1999 as well as 2000 constitution (as amended) provides exclusive jurisdictional powers to ________
Which of this statement is not true absent advocacy NGOs
One of the major relevance of NGOs in Intergovernmental Relations is in _______
Revenue mobilization and fiscal commission (RMFC) was estavlished to:
For management of Non-Governmental Organizations in IGR, two management techniques are________
Inclusive – authority models of IGR ________
One of this is not a factor for choosing decentralization
Which of this statement is true
Which of this is not an institution for managing inter-governmental Relations
The nature of conflicts in inter-governmental Relations is basically _______
Replacement technology occurs in industrial marketing product management during
Sales reaches peak and become steady during ………………….. Stage in industrial marketing
Common market competition structure in industrial marketing is  ……………………. Market
Buyer and seller interaction in industrial marketing is said to be
Market segmentation in industrial marketing is regarded as
Distribution channel length in industrial marketing is ………………….
Distribution channel coverage strategy in industrial marketing is …………………
Analysis of emporographics includes the following except
A Salesman industrial selling is largely practices ——————— selling
Industrial marketing external environment includes the following except
An example of  prominent external environment in Nigerian industrial market is
Dealer in industrial marketing performs this function
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in industrial marketing is a
Competitive data analysis is based on these three factors with exception of
The staff who stands between you and the decision makers in organisation regarding purchase is
A business providing auxiliary service for another organisation to enhance production  is doing
Contemporary Gatekeepers have these features except
An industrial goods salesman needs to possess this during presentation except
The first contact to determine sales success or failure and first contact for a lasting impression is
Handling Gatekeeper can be achieved through this technique ………………….approach
Pricing decision is industrial buying and marketing is largely
Promotional pricing usage in industrial marketing is
One of the pricing policies and strategies in industrial marketing is
The major role of personal selling in industrial buying is to
Sales promotion usage is industrial buying is to
Discount structure in industrial marketing is ……………..when compared  to consumer marketing
Sales promotion  takes the following forms in industrial marketing except
Product life cycle of product in industrial marketing is
Product design and specification industrial marketing is largely
The product life cycle stage in industrial marketing ends with
The whole of definitions of public policy revolve around
The major ingredients of a public policy includes the following except one of these
The whole of definitions of public policy revolve around
The major ingredients of a public policy includes the following except one of these
The importance of public policy studies lies in _______
Which of this is not a basic concept of public policy
Public policy aims at ______
Policy outputs include all the following except
One of these is not a type of public policy
Redistributive policy simply means
Which of these is not one of the uses of public analysis
Which of the following model of decision making is used by those preparing budgets in Nigeria
_________ analysis provides the tool for subjecting a project’s cash flows to adverse market situations.
Transfer payments represent transfer of _________ from one section of society to another.
___________ is a method that uses accounting information to measure the profitability of an investment.
_________ has been described as a natural ingredient to any activity.
A project requires a cash outlay of N200,000 and yields an annual cash inflow of N50,000 for a period of 10 years; calculate the payback period.
Long-term liabilities are the obligations which are payable in a period of time _________ than a year.
Investments represent the firm’s investments in shares, debentures and _______ of either firms or the government.
Current Liabilities are those debts that are payable in a _________ period usually within a year.
One of the major current liabilities is the bank _________.
Liabilities are divided into ________ broad groups.
Normative models of decision making is concerned with___
A model of decision making that deals with orientation of decision makers and power distribution in society is called_____
Public policy making process involves the following except
Which of these is an analytical frame technique for analyzing decision, policies, programmes abd projects
Which of these is not the role of judges in the public policy making process
Which of these is not approach to the study of public policy
Which of these is not an egency charged with implementing regulatory policies in Nigeria
Time series analyses is very importance in ______
The qualitative approach in the study of public analysis describes _______
Which of these is not one of the uses of public policy analysis
A product can be seen as anything that is offered for acquisition, use and __, and that satisfies the needs of the target market.
The term product is broad and covers both physical goods and the _______  goods.
Products can also be seen
products can also be seen in terms of functional,social and __________ utilities and benefits.
The marketer , in planning his market offering , needs to think through the following five levels of the product: core benefit, basic product,expected product,augmented product and the __________ .
________ set of attributes and conditions buyers normally expect when they purchase a product.
____ encompasses all the possible argumentations and transformations a product might undergo in the future.
Products bought to use in a firms operation, to resell, or to make other other products are _________ products.
Products purchased to satisfy personal and family needs are _________ products.
The most widely accepted approach to classify consumer products is based on characteristics of consumer _________ .
_______ are relatively inexpensive, frequently purchased items for which buyers exert only minimal purchasing effort.
______sector projects are mainly profit-driven and their location is based only on economic merits.
______considerations occasionally play very important roles in deciding where a project will be located.
The cost of transporting _________ to the refinery may result in the refinery operating at a loss.
Production plans are linked to the firm’s _________for goods and services.
_________means ability to do something.
There are _______ types of capacity
_________capacity captures the effect of plant servicing and or repairs on production output.
Actual capacity refers to the real _______ that a plant can achieve given the market situation.
Production plan shows exactly the proposed ________of a plant or project under consideration.
Stage_________of production involves the crushing of palm kernel to yield palm kernel oil (PKO).
Products purchased to satisfy personal and family needs are _______  products.
Products bought to use in a firm’s operations, to _________ , or to make other products are business products.

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