A matrix in which all the non-diagonal elements vanish is called â?¦….. matrix…


Stirling’s formula for interpolation is given by….


Iterative methods of the solutions of systems of equations are �����..


When the number of rows is equal to the number of columns in a matrix, it is called â?¦â?¦. matrix…


If all the elements above the main diagonal of a square matrix vanish, the matrix is known as….


One of these is a method of solving system of linear equations…


The technique of determining an approximate value of f(x) for a non-tabular value of x which lies in the internal [a, b] is referred to as…


One of these describes the Lagrangeâ??s interpolating polynomial P(x)….


The interpolating polynomial of degree \[\leq n\;with\; the\; nodes\; x_0, x_1, â?¦., x_n\] can be written as….


The zeroeth divided difference of the function f, with respect to \[ x_{i} \; denoted\; by\; f[x_{i}]\] can be written as….


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