1. Fractional distillation of crude oil from Kaduna Refinery produces gasoline, kerosene, aviation fuel and diesel oil. Which of the fractions has a higher proportion of light hydrocarbons’?
A.  Gasoline
B.  Kerosene
C.  Aviation fuel
D.  Diesel oil

2. Alkaline hydrolysis of vegetable oil produces fatty acids and glycerol. The latter can be separated from the mixture by:
A.  Decalcination
B.  Precipitation
C.  Filtration
D. Extraction

3. The molecule HOCH2 CH = CHCl CH3 is called:
A.  2-chloro-4-hydroxy-butane
B.  2-chloro-4-hydroxy-bulanol
C.  1- hydroxy -3-Chloro-but-2-ene
D.  2-Chloro-4-hydroxy-but-2-ene.

4. During electrolysis of a silver salt, 10920 coulombs of electricity was passed.  The number of moles of silver metal deposited its:
A.  0.13M
B.  0.100M
C.  0.113M
D.  0.110M

5. Copper (II) Oxide is an example of:
A. Efflorescence comp
B.  Deliquescent comp
C.  Hygroscopic comp
D.  None of the above

6. What is the [PH of a 0.20M solution of HCl?
A.    0.2
B.    0.4
C.    0.7
D.    0.9

7.   What is the molarity of 25cm3 of a solution which contains 5/85g NaCl?
A.    0.4M
B.    0.04M
C.    0.004M
D.    None of the above

8.   Which of the following compounds is not aromatic’?
A.    Benzene
B.    Cyclohexane
C.    Anthracene
D.    Naphthalene


9.  The above nuclear reaction is an example of: A.    α-decay
B.    β decay
C.    γ – decay
D.    None of the above

10.  The following are methods of preparing bases except:
A.    Burning metals in air
B.    Decomposition of carbonates or hydroxides by heating
C.    Dissolving the basic oxide in water
D.    The action of water or steam on non-metals

11.  The alkenes form a homologous series of saturated hydrocarbons. They      have a general molecular formula of:
A.    Cn H2n
B.    Cn H2n+1
C.    Cn H2n+2
D.    Cn H3n+2

12.  Alkynes have a carbon-carbon triple bond with a general molecular formula        of:
A.    Cn H2n+2
B.    Cn H2n+1
C.    Cn H2n
D.    Cn H2n-2

13.   How many empty orbitals have nitrene
A.   One
B.   Two
C.   Three
D.   Four

14.   Which of the following contain carbon that is SP-hybridized?
A.   Propene
B.   Propane
C.  Propyne
D.  Propanol

15.  The noble gases (group 0) of the periodic table have filled
A.  S – subshells
B.  S and P- subshells
C.  P and d – subshells
D.  S, P, d, f – subshells

16.  To achieve stability, an element gains or loses the number of electrons equal to its:
A.  Atomic number
B.  Mass number
C.  Protons
D.  Valency

17.  Which of the following metals is not normally extracted by chemical reduction because of its position in the electrochemical series
A.  Copper
B.  Iron
C.  Lead
D.  Potassium

18.  Which of the following represents a redox reaction?





19.  If an element has the electronic configuration 1s22s22p63s23p4 It is:
A.  A non-metal
B.  An Alkaline-earth metal
C.  An S-block element
D.  a p-block element

20.  In which of the following are the elements arranged in decreasing order of electron affinity?
A.  Ca <Mg<Be
B.  Cl > Si > Na
C.  Li < Na < K
D.  Be > N > F

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