Nigerian Author Sells His Novels For £100.00 In United Kingdom

A new novel by a prolific young Nigerian author has become the most priced eBook not on the market, but on the internet. The book is listed on Amazon UK, US, Canada and Germany at a price of 100 (£ $ €) across these regions.The book was launched to the public on Wednesday, March 1 2017 and it’s doing very well.

The book, “Wednesday: Story of a Serial Killer” by Success Akpojotor, is a British – Detective novel set in the London metropolis. The lead character is a Nigerian-British Detective, Wole Robert.
It is only available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Prime.

In a blog interview with, Akpojotor, who is very shy of granting interviews said,
“If you’re not 100% satisfied with Wednesday, my new book, I will send you pizza! Simply review the book before Wednesday, March 7, 2017.”

“Wednesday” has been warmly received by Germany, US, Canada, Australia and UK regions, where it topped its categories during the first 48 hours of its 3 days free promo period. People in the Australian region who have been waiting for popular British-Detective literature have come to give Wednesday: Story of a Serial Killer, a place at the 6th position in its category for Amazon Australia.

“Wednesday: Story of a Serial Killer” is promoted online with this teasing description:

“Wednesday is a dreaded day.

This is an inexorable tale of undiscovered crime where investigation spins out of control. Westminster is gripped every Wednesday by the gruesome deeds of an anonymous serial murderer.

The Specialist Crime Directorate of the London Metropolitan Police bestows its prime suspect with the responsibility of catching and bringing this mysterious villain to the bars of justice. Consequently, Detective Wole Robert is on a quest to unravel this mystery.

This villain is of course most assuredly crazy, slick and dangerous with the use of cyanide and tattoos to work his way into the serial murderers’ hall of fame.

Wednesday is the story of a serial killer.

We are so confident you will love this book that we are offering it for free for three days starting on Wednesday March 1, 2017. But we ask you to kindly leave a review on Wednesday.”

Akpojotor is a prolific author, most of whose books have only been published on Amazon Kindle.
To follow Akpojotor’s works visit the link below:

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