NOUN Students cry out – Give us area of concentration in Exams.



Noun management and lecturers(tutors) should please make the school worth passing through. why should a tertiary institution set exams without ‘AREA of CONCENTRATION’?

Even the best 100 universities in the world have area of concentration for their internal exams. And I don’t think any Nigerian university made it to the list with our harsh learning environment.

Besides,you don’t expect a student to read a 250 to 300 pages of handout cover to cover with 12 courses to cover and seat for the exam afterwards.
Haba! That one na mental case follow!

Her sisters’ universities with lecturers and daily classrooms write out this same ‘course outline’ to concentrate for exams.why is our own different in noun? We were once using past question papers as area of concentration, and as a probability for exams but all of a sudden we now see a different thing entirely.

Where did noun students go wrong to warrant this type of “I don’t care exam settings”?
But I don’t want to believe all this is because a carryover course so to speak brings #2500 extra into the school wallet or an extra year brings another compulsory fees to the school that’s why the school doesn’t give Area of concentration for exams.

On behalf of noun students nationwide,we plead with management to please look into this issue as the exam is ongoing

Source: nairaland

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