What is the first step in a communication process
Which amongst the listed is not a channel of written communication
A communication is said to be———, if the dissemination of information , messages and ideas are according to prescibed or fixed rules and customs.
Which amongst the listed is not among the deadly sin of management communication
There are three genders in English Language, list the odd one out
The logical interplay between politics and public sector decision making is to——
What amongst the underlisted factors is not responsible for the indispensibility of pressure groups
The which is seen as thye meaningful transfer of information from one person or group to another is called?
Which amongst the listed is not a communication function
Communication process involves the following , pick out the odd one out
That which provides checks and balance on both administration and finanacial activties in an organization is known as?
Under sources of information in the public sector , whiich amongst the listed is not a primary source of information?
Which amongst the listed does not constitute a secondary source of information?
Under report writing what provides the focus and determines the structure and content?
Why are reports written?
That which entails the generation and the presentation of informatio to meet organizational needs in decision making is called?
The the ability to produce a good ——-indicates the quality of staff in an organization
Which amongst the listed is not a format of report in a government agency
Report on performance is of four types, list the odd one out?
A type of report that organizations render to their corporate body or stakeholders 12 monthly is known as?
That which is defined as the art of excercising legitimate authority and adapting to the community by making and carrying out decisions is known as–
The forms of government existing in any state is sometimes used as its-
Which state of the world is identified as a capitalist , federal and a democratic government.
The Westminster Parliamentary system of government once practiced in Nigeria was a direct inheritance from—
The system of government in Nigeria is both–
What is often refered to as the anti-thesis of arbitrary rule
That which refers to the series of constitutional changes , leading to land-mark political and administrative policies and structures is knoown as–
Which was the first constitution in Nigeria
The amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Nieria gave rise to—–
What was the major criticism of the Lugard council
What is the most important document upon which successful democratization relies upon
A formal document that has a force of law is refered to as?
That which refers to the application of the spirit and letters of the costitution is known as?
That which refers to the series of constitutional changes leading to landmark political and administrative policies and structures from the colonial to the present era is known as
The amalagamation of the souther n and northern protectorate is known as what ?
The introduction of the policy of regionalism with the division of the country into three regions was enabled by what constitution
What constititution brought about a unified civil service
Who was commissioned by the colonial authorites to study comprehensively and make recommendations as regards the new costitution in 1946
Which constitution gave the enabling environment by allowing Nigerians an input in the drafting of their new constitution
The lyttleton constitution allowed the division of powers into three lista, pick the odd one out amongst the underlisted lists.
Someone was asked to define agency. According to her, agency is the fiduciary relationship which exists between two persons. Do you agree?
As a student of Law of Commercial Transactions II, what is the proper citation of the law relating to hire purchase transactions?
“No word is more commonly and constantly abused than the word ‘agentt’, per
Although the hirer in a hire purchase transaction enjoys significant protection under the law, if he exercises his right of termination then a statutory duty to take reasonable care imposed on him arises. If he reneges and the goods are damaged or destroyed he becomes liable to the owner in
Strictly speaking, there is no difference between agent or agency in the ordinary or popular as against its usage in a technical or legal sense.
The Nigerian court took time to identify, explicate and marshall out the distinctive markers of every agency relationship in
The fundamental principle of agency has been succinctly captured in the Latin maxim, qui facit per alium, facit per se, which means
Mr Goodhead the Managing Director of Peoples Choice Limited. One day, Chinese investors visited him. They asked him to sign an MOU for representative arrangement. He needed to get the resolution of the board to do so. Nevertheless, he proceeded and signed the agreement. At the next board meeting he sought the ratification of the board to this and other actions taken by him. This is a typical example of
The Latin maxim, nemo potest facere per alium, quod per se non potest is aptly given statutory flavour pursuant to section 72 of
One of the following is not a requirement for one to be enrolled in the register of the Supreme Court of Nigeria as a Solicitor and Barrister in Nigeria:
An insurance broker runs the high risk of having his or her practicing licence cancelled or revoked by the Director if he
Chief NoWahala is the agent of WiseKing. In a case taken against him, he pleaded he was mere agent. The opponent disagreed and insisted that viva voce appointment is a nullity. Which case supports Chief’s case
Agency arising out of agreement will always be consensual but it need necessarily be contractual. This statement simpl ordains that
There is a world of difference between the agent’s contractual right to remuneration and his right to an indemnity for loss and expense incurred in the execution of his duties. What is your take?
A hire purchase transaction is a bailment of goods with a provision for the option of sale or transfer of title in the goods to the bailee. Consequently, what determines the presence or otherwise of a hire purchase transaction is largely
The unusual or novel outcome of the case of Lee v Buttler (1893) facilitated the impetus for the maturation of hire purchase transaction. About two years later, the hire purchase system received the imprimatur of judicial approbation in
An agreement of hire purchase may be oral or written under the general law. Notwithstanding this loose stance, every hire purchase agreement is marked by its known indicia, one of which is
Three friends  sought to execute a hire purchase arrangement. Mr O is the owner of the tricyle; Mr D is in dealership arrangement with Mr O; and Mr H is interested in acquiring the tricyle.  Who should make offer as between the friends?
Prof DoSomething works with the NOUN. He acquired on hire purchase the latest Toyota Fortuner to mark the wife’s 40th birthday. One week after the birthday bash the vehicle could not be delivered. What are his options?
All, save one, of the following constitute the obligations incumbent on the owner of the subject matter of a hire purchase transaction or agreement
Chief Boss executed a hire purchase deal in respect of a boat with Dubai Motor Ltd.  Following the outbreak of war between Nigeria and UAE, the rents were not paid. On cessation of hostilities, the owners sought to recover arrears of rent. Advise
Under the general law regime, the owner constitutes himself into a principality and power and ferociously unleashes impunity on the hirer. Happily, the Hire Purchase Act came to the rescue by doing away with the owner’s right of repossession outrightly
In action for recovery of goods under a hire purchase agreement, the court in the exercise of its inherent powers and jurisdiction can dish out orders including the following to the exclusion of one
The conditions precedent to the invocation of the provision of section 9(5) as to right of action by the owner. The conditions include the following, excluding
Where the hirer under the relevant hire purchase agreement is in default, in consequence of which a notice has been served on him, a refusal to deliver up the goods activate the owner’s right of action. What section of Hire Purchase Act is in issue here
Under the Nigerian Hire Purchase Act, it is impossible for a body corporate to be on the wrong side of the law. Since its actions are facilitated by human agents, it can be liable to that extent. A body corporate can commit an offence under the Act through the act or omission of the following, except
At times the agent acts without authority or exceeds his authority. In  such a case his actions cannot bind the principal.The principal may ratify the acts in question, and by so doing clothes the acts with authority. Ratification is not effective where
It is trite law that an agent cannot ordinarily confer ostensible authority on himself. He cannot pull himself up by his own shoe laces, per Lord Donaldson in United Bank of Kuwait v Hammond (1988) 1 WLR 1051 at 1066. This means
The general rule, in relation to undisclosed principal, remains that he can sue and be sued on a contract made on his behalf by his agent, in so far as the agent was acting or acted within the scope of this actual authority. Why do you think this doctrine is anomalous?
Giant engaged an agent to find someone who could provide IT services. Unknown to Giant, FSL agreed to pay the agent 10% of the fees to be considered. What aspect of the agent’s fiduciary duties is in issue here
The minimum paid-up share capital of merchant banks in Nigeria is …….
BOI inherited the assets of the following ……..
Jaiz International is an example of ….
The basis for computing the amounts to be appropriated to the PER and IRR should be
All Islamic banks shall maintain a minimum Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as may be prescribed by
The National Microfinance Policy Framework for Nigeria  categorizes  Microfinance Banks as ………
The minimum paid up capital for state Microfinance bank is ………
The essential function of a banker is the acceptance of deposits of funds withdrawable on ……….
Section 3 of the Negotiable Instruments Act of 1881 corresponds with Section 2 of the Bills of Exchange Act of……….
Under Section 5(1) of the Banking Regulation Act of ……………., a banking company is defined as “any company which transacts the business of ‘banking’
In the case of securities deposited with the banker purely for safe custody, the banker is acting as a
A banker is entitled to charge interest on loans, either by express agreement or by right of custom or
Before issuing an absolute garnishee order, a garnishee order nisi, is issued to
A bank account is a financial account between a bank customer and a …….
A chequing account is sometimes called……………
The banker runs no risk in opening an account in the name of a minor so long as the account is kept in
A minor may act as an agent, but the banker should obtain written instructions from the principal regarding the
It was held in John Vs Dodwell  that the banker should not credit the trustee’s private account with cheques drawn in favour of the
The Tax-Exempted Special Savings Account is being operated in the
Unit Microfinance bank require a minimum capitalisation of …..
A holder in due course obtains absolute title, even if he takes the instrument from a thief
What  is a written order by the drawer to the drawee to pay money to the payee
An endorsement purporting to disclaim retroactive liability is called
Payment of cheques may be stopped by the banker at the instance of the following
Under Section 128 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, protection is given to a paying banker in the case of payment of ……..
the responsibilities of a collecting baanker includes all except
the general principles to be borne in mind by a banker while granting advances includes the following
the parties to a letter of credit includes the following
In International Trade and Finance, UCP is an accronym for
the valuables for security includes the following except


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