NPP assures Security Officers of Support

The New Patriotic Party has given a firm assurance to the security services that the next government, under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, will not victimize them based on their perceived political affiliations, tribes or faith.
The party has also assured that it is not in any way going to use transfers and reassignments “as tools of coercion or instruments of punishment for security officers.”
The assurance was contained in a statement, signed by the party’s Acting General Secretary, John Boadu, seeking to point out to members of the security agencies, who are taking part in today’s Special Voting Exercise, that the NPP with Nana Akufo-Addo as President presents a better opportunity for them.
The NPP expressed belief in the ability of the security services to freely vote based on their conscience without any influence, and also carry out their responsibilities in the same manner.
“We have faith in your capabilities, and are hopeful that you will perform your responsibilities in a professional way,” the statement added.
According to the Acting General Secretary, just as the security services overwhelmingly voted for Nana Akufo-Addo in the last election in 2012, the NPP is of the strong conviction that they will once again vote to support the election of Nana Akufo-Addo as the next President of Ghana.
Mr Boadu asked them to take a look at the present conditions in the country and vote accordingly.
“You go to the same market as other Ghanaians. You live the same hardships we all live. You feel it. The NPP does not condone the collection of bribes, nor corrupt practices in any government, and private agencies.
As you vote, we ask you to consider how much worse your lives will be under another four years of the Mahama-led NDC government. Consider twelve years under of these hardships: can you live with it? If your answer is no, then vote your conscience. We ask for your vote so together, we can create a Ghana that works for all of use, not just a few,” he stressed.
The NPP acknowledged the manner in which the security services, despite the lack of motivation and political interference from the government, continue to give off their best.
“It is heartwarming to note that even in the face of being under-resourced, unmotivated, and harassed by Executive interference, our security services, across all levels, have tried their best to do an excellent job, on average, in maintaining an appreciable level of security under the circumstances,” he said.
He however guaranteed that the next NPP government would secure peace and security for all Ghanaians.
“Under the NPP government, Ghanaians will feel safe on the streets and in their homes. Ghanaians will go about their daily business in the secure knowledge that their persons, property and lives are safe under an NPP government,” John Boadu stressed.
He added that the party believed that the strict enforcement of the country’s existing laws by the security agencies, without selectivity, would go a long way to sanitize the nation and dramatically transform the society.
He reaffirmed the NPP’s decision to improve the conditions under which the security services operate through several interventions and policy directions.
“As part of our overall commitment to improving the living conditions of our security personnel, in addition to treating members of our security services fairly, without victimization and interference, the NPP will:
1. roll out a National Barracks Regeneration Programme that will invest in rehabilitating and upgrading living quarters of all our security services across the country
2. review and restructure recruitment into our security services to stamp out the fraud and cronyism that have been introduced into this process by the Mahama-led NDC government
3. continue to recruit additional personnel, with increased recruitment of women, into our security services, and, for the police, we work towards the target of meeting the U.N. ratio of 1:500 police to civilians
4. provide the police with modern communication and policing equipment
5. build two new police hospitals at Sunyani and Bolgatanga to serve the health needs of police personnel
6. build 2 new police training schools
7. harmonise and standardise police training across the country, and improve and resource all police training institutions, including the command college at Winneba
8. complete the third phase of the 37 Military Hospital project, as well as upgrade its equipment to meet modern medical challenges, having constructed the second phase and
9. construct a new military hospital in Tamale to service the health needs of military personnel and their families in the northern sector of the country
10. continue local and foreign training for Armed Forces personnel
11. commit to adjusting upwards peacekeeping allowances in line with new increases by the UN
12. ensure that personnel who serve in UN Peacekeeping Missions are paid at their duty post
13. take immediate steps to decongest our prisons, and introduce a system to separate remand and convicted inmates, reform pre-trial detention, prison management, sentencing, including noncustodial sentences, social integration, and health facilities for prisoners, prison officers and civilian employees
14. offer competitive remuneration to enable the Security Services attract the best personnel
15. build two Prison Service hospitals, one each in the Southern and Northern sectors of the country
16. provide each district with a Fire Service station where none exists. Where there is one, the NPP will upgrade it as required to meet the minimum standards expected of a modern, well-equipped fire station, and
17. in recognition of their multiple roles, and also as part of the NPP’s aim to grow rapidly our tourism and hospitality sector, we shall pay particular attention to the training and incentivization of the personnel of the Immigration Service.”
Source: peacefmonline

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