NSS407 : Research Methodology (2017_2)


Plot 91, Cadastral Zone, Nnamdi Azikwe Express Way, Jabi, Abuja, FCT

Faculty of Health Sciences

January, 2018

Programme: Bachelor of Nursing   Science

Course Code: NSS407

Course Credit Unit: 3

Course Title – Research Methodology

Time Allowed: 2 hours

Total Score: 70 marks

Instruction: Answer question All questions

1a. Discuss the Characteristics of Scientific Methods                                                (8 marks)

1b. (i) Describe four major types of Research that you know                                    (8 marks)

(ii) Highlight eight importance of Research to Nursing as a profession                     (4 marks)


2a. (i) Define the term hypothesis                                                                               (2 mark)

(ii) Enumerate five importance of hypothesis                                                        (5 marks)

2b. Discuss the classification of Hypothesis                                                               (3 marks)

2c. Literature Review is an important aspect of research process,

i. list eight purposes of literature review                                                               (2 marks)

ii. Write a detail essay of major types of sampling procedures                             (8 marks)


3a. Identify and describe in detail major types of Research Designs                         20 marks

3b. Highlight five differences between Experimental and Non Experimental Designs (10 marks)


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Exam summary sample below

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