NSS407 : Research Methods in Nursing (2018)

National Open University of Nigeria

Faculty of Health Sciences

Department Of Nursing

July 2018 Examination


Course Code: NSS 407

Course Title: Research Methods in Nursing

Course Unit: 3 Units

Time Allowed: 2 Hours

Total Marks: 70

Instruction:  Answer all the Questions



1a. Explain what will guide you in selecting a research topic in nursing.                                                                                                                      10marks

1b.Discuss the sources of research topic in nursing                                   10marks


2. Literature review is an important step in the conduct of research. Explain the following aspects of literature review:

(a) Purpose                                                                                                 10marks

(b) Sources                                                                                                 10marks

(c) Process                                                                                                  15marks

3a. Outline the types of probability sampling method                      10marks


3b. Describe methods used to determine the reliability of a named research instrument.                                                                                                                                                               5marks

You can get the soft copy for this course or the exam summary answers for this course from 08039407882

Exam summary sample below

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