PCR 372 – Introduction To Early Warning Mechanisms (2014)

National Open University of Nigeria

14/16 Ahmadu Bello Way Victoria Island Lagos

School of Arts and Social Sciences



Course Code: PCR 372

Course Title:  Introduction To Early Warning Mechanisms

Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Instruction:           Any three (3) questions of your choice


1.   What do you understand by the anatomy of conflict? Using a case study, present the

anatomy of the particular conflict.                                                       23 marks


2. What are the different types of conflict? What is early warning and what are the

different perspectives on this concept?                                                   23 marks


3. Briefly describe the agencies responsible for gathering early warning signs in Nigeria.

And what may be the role of non-governmental institutions in the collection and

communication of early warning signs?                                                   23 marks


4.  ‘Since response to warning is never without cost or risk, the development of warning-

response systems require careful consideration’. Discuss. What are the response steps

to early warning signs of conflict?                                                          23 marks


5. Using the Rwandan crisis, discuss the limitations of early warning to the management

of conflicts.                                                                                                23marks

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