Q1 As a pluralistic state,Nigeria can function better in a
Q2 Which of the following is not a component of Onion Analytical Tool?

Q3 Integrative Theory emphasises on —

Q4 The Psycho �?? dynamic perspective on conflict is traceable to

Q5 Jainism is a reformed sect of —–

Q6 Which of the following scholars is not renowned for peace studies?

Q7 The —– was credited to Bishop Augustino

Q8 Which of the following is not among the merits of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Q9 Which of the following best represents the elements of African traditional approaches to conflict prevention, management and resolution?

Q10 What does the acronym VAT stands for in peace studies

Q11 The two principles of peace whose origin could be traced to the Indian leader mahatma Gandhi, are

Q12 The following are the products of conflict except —

Q13 The concept of empowerment and recognition is associated with _______.

Q14 The acronym VAT means ___________ in peace studies

Q15 Social justice pursues social conduct based on the following premise except —

Q16 Most child soldiers are forcefully enlisted into armed forces in which of the following ways?

Q17 Identify the option that is not part of the merits of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Q18 Ethnic group consist of the following characteristics except —

Q19 Choose the option that is not part of active listening techniques

Q20 Ritual Treaties and Blood Covenant are instruments of conflict management in —

Q21 Social formations distinguished by the common character of their boundary is —

Q22 Which of the following is not a stage of conflict—

Q23 Which of the following emphasizes the motivation of workers as a means of preventing industrial conflict?

Q24 The theory of — postulates non-violent means of negotiating disputes in

Q25 reliable institutions for managing conflicts can promote —

Q26 Conflicting parties in social conflict usually for — struggle between opponents

Q27 The annulment of —– presidential election resulted in escalated political conflict in Nigeria

Q28 General Abdulsalami Abubakar handed over to Olusegung Obasanjo in

Q29 In the traditional African society —- was not a pronounced conflict-generating variable, ,

Q30 What does delusion theory of conflict connote?

Q31 The technique of using graphic symbols to represent and examine the relationship and concerns of parties to a conflict is known as

Q32 The dispute over the ownership of Bakassi between Nigeria and Cameroon took the ICJ _______ to deliver its ruling

Q33 The biological difference(s) between a male and a female is referred to as

Q34 analysis is nothing, but social, historical

Q35 Which of the following de-emphasizes gender issues in conflict generation and management

Q36 Military rule is regarded as an _______ because their control of power is forcefully carried out through a ________.

Q37 Identify the option that does not constitute road block to communication among the following

Q38 educational approaches

Q39 Which of the following contains multifaceted approaches to conflict management and peacebuilding?

Q40 _____________ is a technique used to represent a conflict graphically, placing the parties in relation both to the problems and to each other

Q41 A technique used for graphic representation of conflict is —

Q42 Conflict can occur as a result of the following except

Q43 Pruitt and Kimmel are the original proponents of —-

Q44 ADR does not contain one of the following

Q45 One of the following is not an element of political cooperation

Q46 A state of justice, equity and social stability epitomises —

Q47 Why are states or nations not enthusiastic in subscribing to International Court of Justice

Q48 Which of the following is not a component of positive peace?

Q49 Which among the following is not part of the characteristics of small arms.

Q50 United Nations was established in the year _________.

Q51 The settlement of international dispute between states usually takes place at ___________.

Q52 The disagreements arising as a result of differences in faith and belief between individuals, groups or community is called _______

Q53 The amalgamation of the colony of Lagos, and the protectorates of Southern and Northern Nigeria took place in the year __________.

Q54 Stages of Conflicts comprises of the following except one. Identify the odd option

Q55 Peace is usually viewed from two major perspectives namely

Q56 Mediation process is made up of the following stages except one. Identify the wrong option.

Q57 Identify the non-voilent conflict resolution methods among the following

Q58 Conflict is a product of the following except —

Q59 adopted a moratorium on small Arms and Light Weapon which aimed to combat the proliferation of these weapons in 1998.

Q60 ____________ and _____________ are the two principles of peace traceable to the Indian leader Mathama Gandhi

Q61 The —–show the different forces influencing a conflict situation

Q62 CMM stands for

Q63 The evolution of Field Theory analysis is credeted to

Q64 Satyagraha symbolises —-

Q65 In a heteregenious society, —- can promote national intergration Balance political power sharing can

Q66 Nigeria is an example of a — society

Q67 Which of the following options is not among the sources of conflict in traditional societies?

Q68 Which of the following does not negate even communication in conflict resolution

Q69 When was the Muratorium on Small Arms and light weapons adopted by the ECOWAS

Q70 The various causes of conflict have been classified into

Q71 The outbreak of Maitasini riots in Kano in 1980 and 1987 Kafanchan crisis in Kaduna state were examples of _____ Conflict

Q72 Which of the following is the best for managing inter-group conflict?

Q73 The African Union (AU) Summit held in Cairo established a mechanism for conflict prevention management and resolution in the year

Q74 Social justice pursues social conduct based on the following premise except

Q75 The following are causes of Religious Conflict except

Q76 Ideological religious and culturally motivated types of conflict are categorized as ____________ based conflict

Q77 Identify the conflict resolution methods

Q78 Communication is a function of _____________?

Q79 Which of the following is a factor of Nation Building

Q80 Nigeria is an example of a ——- society

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