PHOTOS: Teacher Resa Woodward Fired As Officials Uncover Her Hardcore Pornstar Past

A TEACHER was given the boot from her school after bosses discovered her previous career – as a PORN STAR.

Resa Woodward, 38, was taken out of the classroom after officials at the all-girls school in the US city of Dallas were given an anonymous tip.

And when colleagues at the Young Women’s STEAM Academy looked into the allegations they found her back catalogue of porn appearances.

Under the alias Robyn FosterWoodward starred in 16 movies between 2001 and 2004.

The tipster reportedly told teachers they did not want their kid “exposed to things like this”.

Woodward defended herself saying the work was only taken to get herself out of a difficult financial position.

She told the Dallas Morning Star:

“The sad thing is that if these girls find out that I’m being punished for something that I did nearly 20 years ago and had no control of and fought to get out of, well, what does that say about [female] empowerment?”

Woodward became a teacher 15 years ago and taught children in sixth grade – aged 12.

But she now faces a fight to save her career.

Confirming her suspension, local school officials Robyn Harris told the New York Post:

“We will not be able to provide additional information regarding the teacher who was placed on administrative leave.”

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