Q1 if $$ F = ma �??mg sin Ө$$ and $$ a = -g sin Ө $$ what does the negative sign indicate ?
 Q2 The simple pendulum has its equilibrium position at the __________.

Q3 When ploting graph the following condiction is considered except ______________ .

Q4 When ploting a graph what do we consider first ?

Q5 we can better visualise the functional relationship between two physical quantities by ___________

Q6 Given distance S = 0.63 ± 0.02 m and time T = 0.63 ± 0.02 m obtain fractional error in velocity V ?

Q7 which of the following is not a source of random error ?

Q8 In most of the physics experiments our objective is to determine ________________.

Q9 When is a digit said to be significant

Q10 When measuring intersteller distances, we use __________, numbers

Q11 While measuring interatomic distances, we use __________,` numbers

Q12 ________ is define as the ratio of possible error to the total measurement.

Q13 A measurement of 5.32 cm and 5.3 cm, which is more precise ?

Q14 the instruments having smaller units of measure will give more________________.

Q15 The _____________ is thus due to inherent imprecision in measuring devices.

Q16 the ________ nature of measurement let us reflect on the process of measurement of length.

Q17 One of the following is a cause of error in experimental measurement

Q18 The negative sign in hooks law signifies ____________

Q19 How does a spiral spring behave like an elastic material?

Q20 __________ is allowed to dangle freely on the working bench in specific gravity experiment.

Q21 Pour out the __________ and clean it again with the_______________and dry

Q22 Weigh the_________, _________ and the__________ all together

Q23 Fill the bottle with ___________ whose relative density is to be determined

Q24 Weigh the bottle and stopper empty by using the __________ and record this mass as m1.

Q25 Clean the bottle and stopper with_____________ and dry it by using a hot air drier.

Q26 ____________ helps to achieve Q77 above?

Q27 The volumes of the liquid and the water are made to be equal by using the ____________ .

Q28 _______ is defined as the ratio of the mass of the liquid over the mass of an equal volume of water?

Q29 The relative density of a liquid is defined as _______________

Q30 State one material needed for the Determination of relative density of kerosene using the specific gravity bottle.

Q31 What can we obtain by plotting the graph of SinӨ on vertical axis against CosӨ on the horizontal axis,

Q32 Attaching different weights on the wooden block can ___________ the wooden block.

Q33 the coefficient of friction p, is the coefficient of friction p, is defined as _________.

Q34 The normal reaction R on the inclined plane is _________ .

Q35 The limiting frictional force (Fr) is equal to __________ .

Q36 The ________, which enables the wooden block just to glide, is then noted.

Q37 By gradually raising the upper board______________is made between the upper and lower boards.

Q38 On top of the upper board is placed a _________ .

Q39 The inclined plane is made up of________________ hinged at one end.

Q40 what is the other way to determine the coefficient of static friction?

Q41 In an experiment to determine the surface tension of water by rise in a capillary tube, one of the following is a proceedure to follow.

Q42 _______ and ________ are the clearing fluids required for the Determination of surface tension of water by rise in a capillary tube.

Q43 Which of the apparatus is not needed for the determination of acceleration due to gravity by means of simple pendulum from inaccessible height.

Q44 which of the following is the equation of the restoring force.

Q45 Which of the apparatus is not needed for the determination of acceleration due to gravity g.

Q46 Determine the error of sine of 90°, when the error in the angle is 0.5°.

Q47 Compute the error in the sine of 30° ± 0.5°.

Q48 Find the error propagation in the following length L1 = 1.746 ± 0.010 m & L2 = 1.507 ± 0.010 m

Q49 what is precision index of the values in question (33) above

Q50 What is the average value of the following length 11=135.0cm,/2=136.5cm,13=134.0 cm, /4=134.5 cm

Q51 The following are types of systematic error except ____________

Q52 Which of the following is a type of error

Q53 what is the least count of a screw gauge?

Q54 what is the least count of a vernier caliper?

Q55 what is the least count of a meter scale?

Q56 Scientific measurements are usually expressed by using ________

Q57 subtract 2.11 from 2.1546

Q58 Divide 9.5362 by 3.2

Q59 Multiply 2.3 by 1.23

Q60 Write this in scientific notation 0.00000000000000000000003g

Q61 From relative error, which of the following is more accurate

Q62 Which of the following measured values are more precise

Q63 Which of the following measured values are more precise.

Q64 what possible could occur when measuring the length of a substance

Q65 What kind of error occure due to faulty measuring instrument.

Q66 Why are experimental result inexact

Q67 What determine the values of an experimental data/result

Q68 When carrying out scientific experiment the values are recorded as _________

Q69 Non-linear equation are inform of _________

Q70 Which of the equations discribed the graph passing the origin.

Q71 The equation that relate anwser to question one above is _________

Q72 If the graph produced is a straight line, then the relationship is described as _______

Q73 Graphs are _________ ways of showing how two physical measurements are related.

Q74 The following are examples of a non-linear graphs except

Q75 Which of the following is the best equation of a non-linear graph

Q76 Which of the following is the best equation of a linear graph

Q77 The following are types of graphs except

Q78 How do we determine the relationship between two variables

Q79 The following is an example of fundamental quantities except _________

Q80 The Physics Practical is to enable us determine some physical constants except __________

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