Organisational structure that is related to high complexity, formalization and centralization is ……
Michael Porter recognized…….factors with direct influence in terms of strength of competition
……environment create diminutive threat to the organisation since it is relatively changing
…… is the most energetic and it is associated with high level of predictability changes
The beginning of success or failure of any corporate organisation is dependent on ——–
………usually ask such question as ‘Is employee morale high’
Activity ratios measures how well a firm uses its ————
Long term goals relates to extended periods of time typically—–
…………is not one of the features of business policy
The role of a mission statement is to give an organisation its own ——–identity
Policies are vital to decision making in at least ———- main ways
……….is the monitoring, evaluating and disseminating of information from external environment
Liquidity ratios measures a firm’s ability to meet maturing short term obligations in terms of—
………….. determines the objectives in organisation
To say that no single factor of the marketing mix makes a sale implies………………..
Pricing policy should fit with other company policies and strategies in …………………important ways
The problems of capacity are more of……………. Facilities
A completely stable level of operations is usually ……………….
………….. is not one of the symptoms of an unproductive organisational structure
Resource allocation is a central management activity that allows for ……………….execution
The short-terms, limited scopes and plans are called………………………..
 Not just talking to consumers but working with them throughout the process is one of the principles of………
Competitive advantages normally are the result of superiority in all these areas except……………
Communication in a simple structure is ………………….
Operation of any business entity as a subsystem within the larger one is referred to…………….
Cash for investment is generated within a company from a book keeping reduction in the value of assets is……
The structural form for developing objectives and policies can significantly impact strategy implementation
……..Ethics is the study of business situation, activities and decisions where issues of right and wrong are addressed
The idea of business is production and distribution of goods and services in most cases at a ……………..
………….does not greatly affect corporate strategy
Net profits of a company after income tax belongs the ……………..
The revolutionization Industrial sector started in Europe around ……………..century
Quinn (1997) identified ……………….levels of business ethics
………………….. involves Issuing of bonds or selling stock to the public in order to secure capita
Nigeria was party to the 1979 _____ and Assembly of Heads of State of the O.A.U which corroborated the International Strategy for the Third Development Decade – the African Region.
By the authority of ______ , the Supreme Court held that oil spillage falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal High Court.
Today, _____ is charged with the responsibility of enforcing all the environmental laws, guidelines, policies, standards, and regulations in Nigeria.
_____ is the grundnorm for environmental law in Nigeria.
The International Conference on the Establishment of an International Fund for compensation for Oil Pollution Damages came into force on _____.
It is the responsibility ____ to ensure a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for all.
The National Policy on the Environment between 1989 and 2007 include all except _____.
____ stipulated that everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care.
The oil in Navigable Waters Decree, 1968 was a domesticated of ________ .
Nigeria acceded to_____ treaty on 30 September 1962.
1963 marks the period when Nigeria severe its relationship with……………..
For a Nigerian tradition to be accepted as law in Nigeria it must be………………………….
Increasing access to court is important because…………………..
International convention on human rigths owes its origin in…………………..
The tradition of law in Nigeria as it is in other western countries needs to undergo…………and………………….
The present century women position has changed and are allowed to…………………………………………
It is not only the Court Room that it is strange for children,but also the…………………………….
Juveniles are among the many groups in the society  who suffer from pressure to………….
Article …….of International Convenant on Civil Rights seeks to protect minority rights.
Article …..of International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights prohibits discrimination.
According to ______, environmental law is the law which belongs to everything that is not one.
According to ______, environmental law is the body of the laws to which the label environmental has been attached is concerned with protecting the natural resources of land, air and water, the three environmental media and the flora and fauna which inhabit them.
Environmental law is a branch of _____ law.
Koko saga occurred in June ____.
The principles of _____ includes ecology, conservation, stewardship, responsibility
and sustainability.
The Koko incident occurred in former ____ State.
Environmental law is the protection of environment from
The essence of environmental protection include all except
A distinct and clearly articulated national policy goals for the Nigeria’s environment was in
At the _____ Conference tagged the Stockholm Declaration on the Human Environment 1972, which for the first time in the history of the world, presented a communiqué on a legal regime for environmental protection
An important aspect to give disadvantage people access to justice is………………
Mediation is used in number of courts as a means of reducing court waiting list in…………….
The law that governs the incorporation of a company is the ………………………
The law governing the sales of goods in Nigeria is…………………………..
When Nigeria was under British rule, which law was operational in Nigeria?
International laws are laws that governs relationship between ………………….
All of the folowing have law making powers in Nigeria except………………………..
In Northern States in Nigeria  District Courts have jurisdiction over……………………………
Charges of a serious nature which have to be disposed of in the High Court are commence in Magistrate Cout by
State High Court Judges are appointed from…………………………………
The ozone layers depletion, scourge of erosion, deforestation, toxic waste disposal/hazardous are cause by activities of _____
The Stockholm Declaration on the Human Environment was held in
Prior to the advent of the colonial era in Africa and Nigeria, the environmental protection was by
The 1072 United Nation Conference on the Human Environment held at the ____ House in Stockholm.
Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) was established in ______.
The period between ___ marked the era of political-socio-economic factors which began to enhance the development of the concept of environmental law in this part of Africa.
The battery waste dumped at Lalupon – Ilegbon Area in Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State by Exide Battery Company that killed villagers and their animals, it occurred in
_____ is the body presently charged with the responsibility of enforcing all the environmental laws, guidelines, policies, standards, and regulations in Nigeria
______ as a source of environmental law in Nigeria is binding if anacted into law by Nigeria legislature
The oil in Navigable Waters Regulations was enacted into law in Nigeria in ____.
The Componets of the Nigerian Legal System are….
Under separation of power, power is shared beteen
The Concept of Rule of Law is peculiarly an……….
………a decision handed down by the court is conclusive as between parties to a case unless reversed on appeal.
The principle referred to as stare decisis means
…..means that statutes should be interpreted the way it stand.
…….Means apply the literal approach unless that would lead to manifest injustice.
………..are offences which on conviction may punished by a term of imprisonment exceeding two years.
…………is any offence which is decleared by law to be, or is punishable by imprisonment for not less than six months but less than three years.
When a person is arrested for an offence he should be brought before the court not less than……………..in accordance with the 1999 Constitution.
Which Court in England adjudicated on matters and disputes involving foreign merchants up till 18th Century?
The development of the Rules of international Law was identified with how many periods?
Who is De Moulin?
How will you descrbe “Sanigay”?
Who asserted that the conflict of laws is that particular part of the private law of a particular country which deals with cases having foreign element?
“Almost every country in the modern world has not only its own system of municipal Law differing materially from those of its neighbour but also its own system of conflict of laws” is a statement credited to which writer?
Who is credited with the statement “There is a sweep and range in private international law which is almost lyric in its completeness. It is the fugal music of law”?
Which Jurist described Private International law as a branch of law which is ‘one of the most baffling subjects of legal science’?
How many headings was the Conflict of Laws classified according to Agbede I. O. (Emeritus Professor)?
Which of the following is not one of the three importance sources of English Conflict of Laws as identified by Dicey and Morris?
Which of the following is not one of the sources of the English Conflict of Laws as Identified by Dicey and Morris?
Which of the following is a source of the rules of conflict of Laws?
Approximately how many dialects do we have in Nigeria?
Which of the following writer declared that Conflict of Laws is one of the most baffling subjects of legal science?
Which of the following is not a factor identified as usually involved in a given conflict?
Which of the following writers added another factor to the already identified basic issues usually involved in a given conflict problem in common law jurisdiction?
Which of the following writer is credited with this statement“The realms of the conflict of laws is a dismal swamp filled with quaking quagmires and inhabitated by learned but eccentric professors who theorerise about mysterious matters in a strange and incomprehensive jargon”?
How many aims of the “Conflict of Laws” were identified by Webb PRH and Brown DJL?
Which of the following authourities described conflict of laws as that part of Private Law of a country which deals with cases having a foreign element?
Who is credited with this statement, “Conflict of laws jurisprudence is concerned essentially with the just disposal of proceedings having a foreign element…”?
The universalistic theory of management claim that the phenomena of management and organization are subject to the same ___________ every in the world.
The ____________________ theory of management predicts that cross national differences in management and organization will persist.
The__________________approach was developed by Aston school in the 1960s.
The ____________________ structure fits an unstable environment and situations of high task uncertainty.
A major source of task uncertainty is ________________________
___________________ is the study of sound and sound changes in human speech.
The__________________approach emphasizes the need for understanding social systems from inside and through the definitions of their members.
_________________ research aims to generalize across the boundaries of different countries.
The traditional job design practices of large ___________________ firms differentiate jobs into hundreds of discrete tittles.
One powerful historical force behind the pre-occupation of US firms with formal job design and classification has been the ____________________
Which of the following schorlars is noted for disagreeing with the custom of attacking the conflict of laws to the lex cuntos populas?
What particular distinct contribution is Demoulin noted for?
The systtem of law called the ” Coutume or Customs” is associated with which Country?
When did Italian Scorlarship started declining drastically?
Which chapter of the Nigeria Constitution contains the Nigeria Foreign Policy?
When exactly did the Crown and the British Parliament Stopped legislating directly for Nigeria?
Based on the views of Jurists, the Common Law and Equity must consist of which of the following?
The statement “No definition has been attempted of what is a statute of General application and each case has to be decided on the merits of the particular statute sought to be enforced…”, was made in which of the following cases?
When the Libel Act was stopped from operation in Nigeria, it exempted a Section, which section is that?
When was the English Laws and Equity introduced to the other parts of the protectorate of Nigeria?
One of the dangers of creating departments is the appearance of ___________________ mentality between different groups.
__________ refers to how departments are created and how management and employees in a business make decisions and perform required tasks.
In ___________________ research, one big problem is that the boundaries of the level of analysis cannot always be defined clearly.
___________________ studies focus on describing the patterns of management and organizations in foreign countries.
________________ studies emphasize creating synergistic studies.
___________countries are authoritarian in their management styles.
At the higher levels of management, technical skills are assumed and effectiveness in management seems very much to be _________
Cognitive skills can also be described as _____________________
Winners in an organization game are often those who are _______
The selection criteria standing out as the most commonly used in the US is ________
_______ is the role of the third party in conciliation.
______  is the primary weakness of both mediation and conciliation.
All except _____ is not a form of ADR mechanism.
_______ is the most correct statement about ADR.
Which of the following is true about mediation?
The concept of Multi-door courthouse concept is
______ is the role of the third party in mediation.
_____ is the most formal ADR Method.
The  main aim of ADR is to ______.
In _______  dispute resolution mechanisms the parties have the greatest control over it.
How will you justify this assertion “Marriage is not temporary in nature or at the will of the contracting parties”?
Who posited that the legal regulation of marriage in different legal system is extremely varied?
In which of the following cases was it held that marriage as understood in Christendom is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others?
How will you justify this assertion that “Monogamous and Polygamous Marriage are forms of marriage acceptable under the Nigerian Law”?
How will you justify this assertion, “The Nigerian definition of marriage envisages a relationship between heterosexual partners”?
In which case was it decided that marriage by proxy is valid and legal in Argetina?
How will you justify the claim that Failure to comply with stipulated formalities renders the marriage void?
The Theory of law regulating capacity to marry as propounded by Dicey is known as what?
Lack of consummation of marriage due to the incapacity of one of the parties or wilful refusal to do so, will invalidate the marriage in nearly all jurisdictions. How true is this statement?
The agreement acceptance or approval or permission or acquiescing to enter into a marriage contract with another person with the intention of living together as husband and wife is known as what?
 The first law on Arbitration  in Nigeria was ______.
Nigeria adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Arbitration in
 The New York convention 1958 is an international legal instrument for _____ .
 Citizen Mediation Centre would likely resolve all these disputes except ______.
One of this ADR mechanism is not a win/win method
Court-annexed  mediation is
____ form of ADR process is adjudication based.
The aim of ______ is to facilitate communication and negotiation between dispution parties.
Party Autonomy in Arbitration means that
Collaborating and compromising is an approach to
A marriage that is contracted under duress and without the full and informed consent of the parties is referred to as what?
Do you agree that marriage under Duress constitutes a breach of the fundamental human rights to dignity of human person?
Will the discovery that a person is under mental dillusion after given consent to marry affect the validity of that consent?
Baoku a native of Oshogbo just celebrated the acceptance of Bisi a girl from Ijebu to marry him and he soon discovered that Bisi is diagnosed with serious laod of veneral diseases, what is the position of the law as regards that propose marriage?
In which case was it opined that the validity of consent to a marriage contract is better dealt with by reference to the personal law of the parties instead of the place of entry into marriage contract by the parties?
In Russia, which of the law of Domicile of the parties will be relevant on the issue of consent?
What term will be used to describe a man who marries one woman and engages in quick succession of marriage and divorce?
Can extra-marital affair constitutes a ground for divorce?
Which Section of the Marriage Act criminalises marriage of an unmarried person to a person who is in a subsisting legal marriage?
What Section of the Marriage Act provides for the criminal liability of a person who is married and went to conduct another marriage?
Domestic arbitration refers to
If a contract does not contain a binding arbitration clause, parties may secure arbitration by entering into a
Arbitration leads to
In using soft method of negotiation parties must
 Institutional Arbitration is _____________.
Which of the following areas of law is not particularly suitable for ADR?
Bloated negotiation team is intended to ____________.
The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 2004 is an adaptation of
 Section ______of the ACA that arbitration agreement must be in writing.
The ACA 2004 is the current law for _____  arbitration in Nigeria.
In ________, the Court of Appeal defined arbitration in the following terms:  “An arbitration agreement is where two or more persons agree that a dispute or potential  dispute between them shall be resolved and decided in a legally binding way by one or more  impartial persons in a judicial manner, upon evidence put before him or them” Â
All except ______ are main feature of Arbitration.
______ decsribed arbitration  as  an  apparently  rudimentary method of settling disputes, since it consists of submitting them to  ordinary individuals whose only qualification is that of being chosen by the parties
Article 15 ICC Rules provides for _____ .
all except ______ are correct of Arbitration.
__________ is not an example of arbitration institution.

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