Rechargeable Mobile Phone Charger By Shalom Science & Tech Academy Enugu Student

Earlier this year and again in September, I brought you information on this forum about the first private science, computer and technology secondary school in Nigeria called Shalom Science and Technology Academy (SSTAC). In fact, the school was actually commissioned by His Excellency Governor IfeanyiUgwuanyi (GburuGburu) in September 2016. Many people made remarks, some positive, some negative and some on the border line of doubt. Well last week, as the first term was coming to an end, I got a call from the school, that I should come and check out an innovation which the Engineering Department of the secondary school built, that will revolutionalise our mobile phone usage. They call it, The rechargeable Mobile Phone Charger. I turned up on Monday the 12/12/2016 and meet with the Director of Admin of the school

The device was produced by the schools Engineering department which houses the “Basic Technology” workshop and “Automobile and Mechanics” workshop which they have here in their our school.

The device which is a bit similar but different from power banks will be used in charging our electronics devices, If there is light, then you can plug in your rechargeable mobile charger and it charges your phone as well as recharges. When the light goes off, then it charges your mobile device as if there was light. 

This is a wonderful innovation that should be praised and supported especially when the idea is coming from JSS1 students and they are properly guided by their technology teacher. 

They further said that there is plan to commercialize the product after further constructions to make it sleek and create a design for it. 

Source: nairaland

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