STT206 – 2019

In a web-based survey, customers are asked to rate your company’s product on the following scale: Excellent, good, average, poor. The above scale is _____________________
Which of the following example does not constitute an infinite population?
What percentage of values is greater the 3rd quartile?
For a negatively skewed distribution, the correct inequality is____________
The data given as 5, 7, 12, 17, 79, 84, and 91 will be called as____________
A student obtained the mean and the standard deviation of 100 observations as 40 and 5.1. It was later found that one observation was wrongly copied as 50, the correct figure being 40. Find the correct mean and the S.D
Individual data is another wise called as ___________
The mean of a distribution is 14 and the standard deviation is 5. What is the value of the coefficient of variation?
Which of the following is a unit less measure of dispersion?
The mean deviation of the series a,a+d,a+2d⋯+2na,a+d,a+2d⋯+2na, a + d, a +2d \cdots + 2n from its mean is


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