The Role Of Financial Institution In Housing Development In Nigeria (a Case Of Portharcout Metropli River State)


          One problem facing Inhabitants of Port Harcourt metropolis is Housing and its financial Institution. The problem has come to a point that the state private, co-operation and Individuals should seat and finance Housing development and problems f Housing finance and sort our a desirable plan of tackling it.

With all this in mind the researcher has taken pains to look into the financial institutions in Port Harcourt metropolis the entire study concerns. Source of finance and problem of Housing Estate finance.

The financial Institution of Hosing development in River, state Port Harcourt metropolis was discussed under five chapters with sections and subsections.

Chapter one dealt with the major problems of housing development finance in Port Harcourt metropolis, Background of study. Objectives of study. Significance of study, delimitation and limitation of study.

Definition of terms.

Chapter Two dealt on the review of Related literatures.

Chapter three dealt with research design and methodology used for the study sources of data, data analysis procedure and analysis of data.

Chapter five dealt with recommendation and conclusion.

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