“The Truth About IG Yusuf’s Sex Scandal With Grace, 400l IBB University Student”

I got this mail today from one Odegwu who claims this is the “real” version of what transpired between the IBB University lecturer whose nude pictures went viral over accusation of sexual victimization. Read the unedited story as sent in and draw your own conclusions. Also share below what you think about this new version of the story which is different from the old version.


On the 20-02-2017 Dr. Abayya who came on sabbatical from ABU Zaria who happen to be IG Yusuf’s Ph.D major supervisor conducted a test for 400level students of Engliah dept which he splited d class into two and told IG Yusuf to supervise one of the classes.

Grace and one student known as pastor samuel was cut teaching and his script was tear off as directed by Dr. Abayya . Grace later want to IG’s office dat she want to see him but he declined that he is busy probably she shuld check back later or tomorrow and she left. On Tuesday she called him on phone dat it is an important issue she wants to tell him and he said ok.

Later Grace called back again and he told her he is busy in d office IG has been elevated from deptal examine officer to faculty examines officer and to him that he is trying to explained somethings to new deptal examines officer and they were their upto 10:30pm and as he was about to closed to go home Grace still called and he told her it was late so she shuld meet him in d office d next day but she still insisted d issues is very important so since will be going home she will come and wait for him at LOCUS JUNCTION close to INEC office in lapai bye pass that link to Agaie road.

On approaching there he sighted her standing and immediately he stop Grace and other four guys entered d car with sophiscated wepons asked him to keep driving down to Grace’s house. on reaching d house, they took him to a room and told him GOD DON CATCH U TODAY in pegin english.

Asked him to pull of shirt and remean wit boxer gave him moper to moop d room and him water Mellon to take but refused which use knief to part of his hand to know that they are not playing. From that moment he followed any instruction giving to him. There gang leader know as AKA Liyas hold him and pull his boxer down and took picture with him and d Grace was recording d vedio.

There after Grace told him that pastor Samuel’s script dat he tears he will pay it. They wrote something on paper and asked him to read it and it was recorded and video. He was made to wrote an undertaking as follows: Grace must graduate this year along with her two female and two male friends and he must write her project.

Items collected from him include: D money in his pocket, ATM cards, 2 of his phones. They kept him hostage till 5a.m of Wednesday been 22-02-2017 blf he was released to go. However, he was warned never to involve police and if he does his life is in danger.

He however informed his DEAN and told him to be patient since is all about life threatening dat he Dean will look for Grace for fact findings. Two hours later three me member of the gang followed him to his office again at University to re-warned and remind him of the undertaking he wrote.

God bear me withness this is notten but d truth. Ya-Allah save us in d hands of evils.

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