An assembly of wired connections linking the imputs and outputs of the audio components in a studio is —
Sound of music has — effect on the listeners
Understanding the influences of narration results in —
Instructional media can be classified into the following except —
If an accrual as at year-end of N5,000 was treated as a prepayment, the net profit for the year would be:
The financial statement that shows the performance of an entity over a period is
Which of the following will not appear in the Purchase Ledger Control account:
Unpresented cheques are also referred to as
 Provision for depreciation account appears on the _______.
Which of the following can be clasified as a current asset
Which of these can be found in the income statement?
Which of the following transactions has no effect on current assets
Bank reconciliation statement is the comparison of a bank statement (sent by bank) with the ___ (prepared by the business)
Which of the following is not true?
____ is used to embrace all atributes of the person
The leading writers in the area of vocational choice and self-concept
The period where an individual attempts to stay put in the, chosen vocation is called ___
The period where stabilization in a vocation is enhanced through courses, workshops, seminars and conferences are ___
The stage where productivity of an individual start to decline due to his chronological or mental age is refers to ___
Who is the leading writer of personality theory?
The personality word is derived from the Latin word “persona” which means ___
Holland formulated a scheme of occupational classification which comprising ____
____ emphasis the influence one’s cultural background such as family aspirations, religions schooling culutral orientation to one is exposed on the choice of a career
Who was the founder of psychoanlytic theory?
An unexpired six month insurance premium at the end of a financial year requires a debit to which account
To credit an account means
What type of accounting error has occurred when the cost of redecorating office premises has been posted to the property, plant and equipment account?
What is an accounting period?
Debit entries means
Which of the following pairs of accounts will never appear together in the same trial balance?
Which of the following is not a noinal account?
Which of the following  transactions would decrease both the assets and the liabilities?
An agreement to spend N20,000, a month for advertisement on Radio Lagos beginning next month requires
The concept of double entry book keepting states that
The ways used in teaching materials to students can be described as __________
The word lecture ethymologically originated from ______
which method can be said to be teacher dominated approach to teaching?
When introducing a new topic and covering a wide range of such a topic is required, the best teaching method to employ is ______
which of the following is not correct? ______
which of the following is not true of field trip?
A good way of showing technical handling of Agricultural tool, machines and equipment is by ______
In order to attract learners’ rapt attention, the teacher should employ _____ method
which of the following may discourage an Agricultural science teacher from using the discussion method

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