An assembly of wired connections linking the imputs and outputs of the audio components in a studio is —
Sound of music has — effect on the listeners
Understanding the influences of narration results in —
Instructional media can be classified into the following except —
If an accrual as at year-end of N5,000 was treated as a prepayment, the net profit for the year would be:
The financial statement that shows the performance of an entity over a period is
Which of the following will not appear in the Purchase Ledger Control account:
Unpresented cheques are also referred to as
 Provision for depreciation account appears on the _______.
Which of the following can be clasified as a current asset
Which of these can be found in the income statement?
Which of the following transactions has no effect on current assets
Bank reconciliation statement is the comparison of a bank statement (sent by bank) with the ___ (prepared by the business)
Which of the following is not true?
____ is used to embrace all atributes of the person
The leading writers in the area of vocational choice and self-concept
The period where an individual attempts to stay put in the, chosen vocation is called ___
The period where stabilization in a vocation is enhanced through courses, workshops, seminars and conferences are ___
The stage where productivity of an individual start to decline due to his chronological or mental age is refers to ___
Who is the leading writer of personality theory?
The personality word is derived from the Latin word “persona” which means ___
Holland formulated a scheme of occupational classification which comprising ____
____ emphasis the influence one’s cultural background such as family aspirations, religions schooling culutral orientation to one is exposed on the choice of a career
Who was the founder of psychoanlytic theory?
An unexpired six month insurance premium at the end of a financial year requires a debit to which account
To credit an account means
What type of accounting error has occurred when the cost of redecorating office premises has been posted to the property, plant and equipment account?
What is an accounting period?
Debit entries means
Which of the following pairs of accounts will never appear together in the same trial balance?
Which of the following is not a noinal account?
Which of the following  transactions would decrease both the assets and the liabilities?
An agreement to spend N20,000, a month for advertisement on Radio Lagos beginning next month requires
The concept of double entry book keepting states that
The ways used in teaching materials to students can be described as __________
The word lecture ethymologically originated from ______
which method can be said to be teacher dominated approach to teaching?
When introducing a new topic and covering a wide range of such a topic is required, the best teaching method to employ is ______
which of the following is not correct? ______
which of the following is not true of field trip?
A good way of showing technical handling of Agricultural tool, machines and equipment is by ______
In order to attract learners’ rapt attention, the teacher should employ _____ method
which of the following may discourage an Agricultural science teacher from using the discussion method
which of the following is not correct about demonstration method?
When were some rudiments of science education injected into the school curriculum in Nigeria?
One of the aims of science is —–
One of the following is not a teacher-based factor which influence the quality of learning chemistry
The following are Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives except:
Gender of students and their background, could be barriers to
The teaching of science and other subjects as a result of the recommendation of an African Education Commission was in ——-.
The adoption of the 6-3-3-4 system of education was adopted
The circumstance which a teacher will not need to improvise teaching aids is
The inductive reasoning/thinking tends to proceed from the
What is Hypothesis?
A good financial reporting standard is of great advantage to any economic development in the following ways except ONE:
Which of the following groups is a supranational organization?
When several accounting measurement approaches are accepted for international accounting purposes, it is known as:
The factor used to convert from one country’s currency to another country’s currency is called   the:
What is the term used to describe the possibility that a foreign currency will decrease in Naira value over the life of an asset such as Accounts Receivable?
The Financial Reporting Council announced that International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) had to be adopted by 2012 by:
The body that has superseded the International Accounting Standards Committee is the:
Which of the following accounting practices is not permitted by the IAS?
Which of the following statements best describes the term ‘going concern’?
Which of the following is the best description of ‘reliability’ in relation to information in financial statements?
Multinational companies are faced with serioiurs challenges from the host countries except
Accounting that takes into account the effect of inflation on prices is known as
An important aid to support discharge of government administrative function is
An equitable tax rate will not achieve one of the following
National policies that requires accounting information for execution include all except
The role of accounting in economic development does not include one of the following
The following facilities are provided in science laboratory except
One of the following has a great impact on the development of standards
The following are fields in the study of science except
One of the following is not a barrier to uniformity in accounting practice
What is the full meaning of BSCS
Factors necessitating international accounting include the following except
Integration of Geography and history forms social studies, biology and chemistry forms biochemistry. What does geology and physics form as integration
When several accounting measurement approaches are accepted for international accounting purposes it is known as
Characteristics of integrated science include the following except
Define a module
One of the causes of the lack of uniformity in teaching of science in the past is
Science Teachers’ Association of Nigeria was established in ——- to popularize science
The following are part of the liabilities that must appear on the face of the statement of financial position except
The importance of global convergence is best captured by the objectives outline below except
The following are advantages of transparency and accountability except
The following are part of the assests that must appear on the face of the statement of financial position except
A good financial reporting standard is of great advantage to economic development in the following ways except one
Qualitative characteristics of financial statements include the following except one
The following are the assumptions underlyinhg the preparation and presentation of financial statements except one
The following bases are used to different degrees and in varying combinations to measure elements of financial statements except one
Multinational companies havae evolved through the following except
One of the emerging issues concerning Multinational Companies is?
trait and factor theory is one of the earliest —— theories
 ———— is a cognitive theory of counselling that was propounded by Walter Bingham, John Darley, Donald G. Patterson and Edward G. Williams
 ————  theory believes that every individual is an organized being with capabilities and potentials
 in trait and factor theory, counselling is done through direct advice, persuasion and ———–
Other specific techniques of the tait and factor theory are include the following exept ————-
Ellis (1962) propounded a cognitive theory of counselling as a result of persistent behaviour problems associated with —————-
the counsellor using (RET) may begin by————- the problem of his client aside to reduce the threat by changing the meaning of the situation
Rational Emotive Therapy  aimed at helping clients to readjust their thinking in  —————— way
 the instructional model of counselling was propounded by ————-
 ———-  theory emphasizes the role of an individual in striving to grow, change and cope with his life challenges
 ———-  becomes effective only when theories are applied
 ———— explains events through specification of causal factors responsible for some events and predicts future occurrence of events
Theories are sets of models or conventions created by theorists with clusters of relevant assumptions, systematically related to each other within some sets of ———- definitions
 ———- is a theoretical description that helps an expert to understand how a system or process in his field works or how it might work
 ——– viewed theory as a statement or group of statements established on facts which serve as                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   a guide in carrying out some activities
 personality is a psychological construct that bothers on an individual’s ——— in terms of thinking, feeling and behaviour
In the development of ——— there are three basic variables that work in harmony. These are heredity, experience and culture
A child is able to develop habits of free play, self-protection, independence and affection if given the opportunity to go through normal ————— development in a hardworking family
Failure to develop intellectual skills results to poor ———–development
A child that is given parental love, affection, warmth, comfort and security will develop into a personality that will be seen as friendly, amiable, and ————
Sound effects have the following functions except —
The music used at the begining and end of a program is called
The stages of production in instructional radio production include all except —
The stage where recorded material is processed, edited and mixed into its final form is called —
When you set out to find out the things you must know about the students you are writing the programme for, it means —
The stages involved in script writing for instructional radio include all except —
Evaluation of youngster ITV showed that it can be viewed in all except–
The children ITV programmes emphaisize on the established — of the society.
The United Kingdom Open University was established in the year—
Which of these is odd in the group —
According to Karz and Wedel (1978) the reason for introduction of television does not include this –
Instructional television is majorly used to educate —
Strategic roles of television include all except —-
Under the function of direct teaching, the following are realised except
While discussing the roles of ITV, learning resources can be subsumed under —
Telescondaric is a good example of —
When the audience are told what they will look forward to in the next programme, it means —
The metal block and razor blade used in editing is
The modern way of editing sound programme is
The evaluator of finished product looks out for the following except —
The ——— stage is between (0-18months)
The Anal stage is a period of toilet training
Poor handling of a child at the Anal stage leads to ————
 Phallic stage is called the stage of ——
 Adler was an apostle of ———- until 1911 when they parted ways
To develop a counselling theory involves a hierarchical process from the following exept ———-
 ——— is the second level of counseling theories that form the structure of counselling models or approach
cognitive and ——— are basically two categories or types of counselling theory
The —— theories of counselling are formulated ideas, opinions and assumptions about human intelligence which are designed to gain insight into the abilities, aspirations and perceptions of individuals in a given situation
Trait/Factor theory, Rational Emotive Therapy, and Sorenson’s Instructional Model of counselling, are typical examples of ———theory
The children Television workshop (CTW) was established in —
The series called ‘Sesame street’ is a production of —
Telescondaric was popularly used in —
The axion- no nation can rise above the level of its teachers means
One way of equalizing and enlarging educational opportunity is by —
Non-formal education is more or less —
A good example of TV project that has its target specifically  on teachers can be found in —
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was set up in the year —
The BBC programmes aim at all the following except —
Instructional radio can reduce inaqualities prior to entry to —
The BBC as a public corporation was set up in —
Who established SBCUK
The prepaid report cards sent to panel of teachers which were returned directly to producers is called —
Which West African country took instruction television as an instrument of educational reform
……and ….. will enable you to exchange ideas with all the stakeholders –
In instruction radio production, the following variables are important except
Instructional radio production depend mainly on —
The general rule in writeen scripts is to —
In writing for your audience, the following must be considered except —
You can become an expert programme writer when you learn how to —
When the students are presented with objectives to guide them before the actual presentation of programme it means —
One major advantage of audio media is —
Fixing the sequence of a presentation is a major — in instructional radio
The reason for establishing the Nicaragua radio mathematics project is —
What was the mexico radio programmes used for —
The goal of radio primaria is
The purpose of post-testing of programmes is to achieve —
The teachers’ report cards for BBC school TV is called
In Ivory Coast, Educational television was chosen as instrument  of —
The ‘sesame street’ of USA belongs to —
Instruction television can be used to reach large audience at —-
One major advantage of instructional radio in that it can be used in —-
When instructional radio is used for simulating radio broadcasting, it means —
The studio where the talents perform is called —
The microphone attached to the clothing that hangs from a string around the speak’s neck is called —
The slurdy record player specially designed for professional audio facilities is —
An assembly of wired connections linking the imputs and outputs of the audio components in a studio is —
Sound of music has — effect on the listeners
Understanding the influences of narration results in —
Instructional media can be classified into the following except —
Socialisation is unconcerned with how parents influence children to develop socially appropriate modes of ____.
____  is the process of growing up into a human being, a process which necessitates contact with other people.
____ warned that there is reason for serious concern when the number and seriousness of the child’s behaviour problem deviate either above or below the norm for his age and not group.
____ stresses  the vital role of early childhood experiences in determining certain patterns of behaviour in the adult.
____  variable  marks disturbed behaviour at early stage of development and  to an infantile stage during periods of stress
____ is  a characteristics (behaviours) associated with Fixations at Freudian Phallic  Stage of Development.
____  is a long, quiet period of psychological development in which no major unconscious drives press the ego for satisfaction.
It is the primary ____  that teaches the basic psychological and social lessons to the young child and it supplies him with his initial models for appropriate and effective behaviour.
 ____ acknowledged  that it is parent’s behaviour that causes problems in their children.
It is important for you to note that the overwhelming moral suggestion in  ____ writing is that cooperation is ‘good’ and competition is ‘bad’.
The difference between teaching profession and law or medicine is
One of these does not belong to this group
Little importance is attached to teaching profession because —
one of the efforts of TRC to make teaching a profession is to stop it from being referred to as —
unqualified and unregistered teachers were not to be allowed to teach from –
A profession requires both a high skill and —
The preoccupation of teaching according to Akinkpelu (1981) is to impact all except —
One of the evidence of the presence of teaching is —
The result of poor and low out-put of the  teachers according Taiwo is —
One solution proffered by Akinbote (1991) to eradicate low quality teachers is —
Recruitment of anybody with academic qualification to teach makes teaching —
Which of these contribute to the low image of the teacher?
Which of these cannot help to reduce the image of the teachers?
In what area do Socrates and Plato disadree on teaching?
Teaching as a socialization process is the idea of —
which of these helped in planting both Christainity and Western education in Nigeria
The first set of teachers in the Mission Schools were —
To ensure continuity in the teaching force, Governor General called for —
The establishment of teacher training colleges was pioneered by —
The pioneer teacchers’ college was christained —
Which of the following is not correct about the objectives of teaching integrated science?
The rationale for training integrated science teachers is
The processes or methods of science are as follows except:
Which of the following is not correct about scientific law?
Examples of scientific theories include the following except:
The following are primary curriculum reforms in science education except
What is the main function of UNESCO in curriculum development?
What is name of the approach used in the NISP?
The NSSSP was developed in ——– by the Comparative Education Study and Comparative Education Study and Adaptation Centre
What is guided discovery method of teaching?
The first set of admitted students into the training colleges were –
The elementary training colleges lasted for how mwny years?
The era of self-determination in education ranges from —
What actually was responsible for the expansion of teacher training colleges?
The following qualities of the teachers are central to the success of the learners except
Reviewing the minimum teaching qualification was suggested to
The following are conditions that could make the teachers feel wanted except —
The intention of government in what teacher education should be is —
One of these is not contained in the National Policy on Education
A tertiary institution empowered to produce non-graduate professional teachers is —
 ____ states that compulsiveness in a ten year old might be explained by the hypothesis that parents frequently rewarded tendencies toward neatness early in life, particularly when the child was dependent on them and eager for their approval.
____  points out that many undesirable types of behaviour are retained even though they may be unrewarding or actually detrimental:
____ has formulated a theory that suggests that through genetic endowment some individuals are born with central and autonomic nervous system which affect their ability to learn from, or more properly to condition to, environmental stimuli.
____ theory predicts that certain personality characteristics – specifically high extraversion and high neuroticism – are related to less efficient conditionality.
A most potent factor that underlie most misbehaviour is ____.
____  therapy maintains that a real world exists beyond an individual’s subjective view of the world.
 Children’s behaviour is directed by their cognitive ____   of the world.
If the child is faced with an inconsistent social world, then the child’s____  will become more and more idiosyncratic.
The child does not attains____    by learning,  either by conscious commitment or by a form of conditioning.
____ opined that maladaptive behaviours stem from maladaptive cognitions which, in most cases, are simply unrealistic beliefs about one’s self and one’s environment
The following psychologists are advocates of psychological theories of learning except:
How many forms of discovery processes does Brunner say exist?
What is the meaning of subsumer?
The following are human activities for learning which Brunner’s theory emphasized except:
The highest level of Gagne’s learning hierarchy is ——-
Which of the following is not correct?
The child attributes at concrete-operational stage (7 – 11 years)
One of the following implications of Jean Piaget’s Theory of Learning for Science Teaching is not true.
In selecting teaching method the teacher should consider the following except
Which method of teaching is good for a large class?
Rogers uses the term  ____ because he believes it puts emphasis on what happens to the learner rather than on the performance of the teacher.
 ____ view the activities of disruptive children as being undesirable because they tend to reduce the effectiveness of the classroom as a place in which learning takes place
____  problems consist of behaviour that is grossly disturbing to others and may in fact be directed against them, in that it is hostile, aggressive, destructive and or disobedient.
 ____ can include full-scale psychoanalysis adapted for children to varying extents.
The modern origins of behaviour modification with children can be traced to ____.
In ____,  the organism actively emits a response to which the environment reacts that is, the response is instrumental in bringing about an instrumental event.
 ____ involves the use of desirable or pleasant stimuli  in the treatment of behaviours
____  method should be based on correcting the pathological behaviour of the maladjusted child.
Symbolic and dramatic play often figure largely in this form of ____.
____  is not a  possible approach to the treatment of children with behaviour problems.
Which of the following is correct about curriculum of integrated science?
The following problems may encountered in implementing the integrated science curriculum except
The curriculum is usually reviewed by
Which of the following is not a component of curriculum?
Scientific attitudes include the following except:
Through activity based approaches, learners will acquire ———–
Science A Process Approach (SAPA) grouped science process skills into:
What is deductive science reasoning?
The method used for scientific investigation is called———–
Which of these methods is not an innovation for teaching integrated science?
______  is the shortest stage in pre-natal development.
Pancreas is formed from the ______.
______ is not a teratogenic agent.
Development in infancy does not involve _____ control.
______ is the controlled act of grasping an object in infancy.
Children achieve object permanence during _____ stage.
Attachment bonding describes an infant relationship with a _____.
Social referencing is the basis of forming ______ attribute.
______ is a form of self-referencing.
______ is not a primitive reflex.
The role of teacher of science teacher in implementing innovation is ——
Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate ideas that may be useful in——-
Students develop their creative style through the following except:
Which of these techniques that aid creativity in the integrated science classroom
Creativity improves the following except
Which of the following is not correct?
The following are the component of lesson plan except:
A poor lesson is characterized by all of the following except one:
Statement of Behavioural Objectives is “by the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to”:
Micro teaching is a method of teaching science
Motor development does not signal changes in the functions of _____.
Pattern of human growth is not  characterised by______.
______ is not an attribute of motor development.
Growth from the centre of the body  to the periphery denotes ______ growth.
______ status is not an environmental factor that affect human development
Chilren are born with _____ reflexes.
______ refers to changes in existing ways of thinking in response to stimili.
The stage in cognitive development when children construct an understanding of the environment is ______.

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