pleasure and pain as consequences of our acts are important determination of___
The Law of______was later modified to read the Law of exercise
Business Studies is geared towards____acquisition
Business Education is a branch of ___
According to Dewey learning should arouse interest and_______ it
Methods of teaching that can easily get out of control if not well monitored is_____
Considering Thorndike theory, skill acquisition in business studies can be acquired through_____
Teacher vary his/her teaching method in other to_______
A teacher should maintain eye-contact method when teaching.
Which of the following teaching methods encourages good listening ability?
Simulation and role-playing are quite similar because both involve  _______situation
What is the Role of NETC in Nigeria
Educational Media is considered as
The Early use of Media in Education is based on
Media Utilization is
Under Utilization of Media is a problem of the following
Commercial Media is unsuitable for Learners because
Commercial Media is for Profit Making
Educational Media Production is designed for
Communication is two way
The Source Channel and the Receiver are very necessary in a communication Process
Which of the following can prevent positive learning to take place?
____________ refers to educational programmes offereed at the secondary school and institution.
Skill building in_______requires the use of a conducive typewriting room
The two major characteristics inherent in human learning are the active and __________ nature of behavioural changes
_________( 2000) defined teaching as a two-way traffic system involving exchange of ideas between the teacher and the students
_________ psychologists believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the part.
A method which introduces the student  first to the home key roll is
Vocational/business is offered at both the formal and the _______ setting
Business skills acquired at the secondary school level only prepare students for higher education
Teaching method that allows the used of five senses in learning is__________
Basic Research will perform the following appplications
Action Research is
Applied Research is used for
Action Research targets
Media Research is categorises into the following
Comparative Research performs the following
Classroom use Research based on
Teacher Education Media will do the following
Production Design Media is not
Testing Media Research aims at
What you do because you strongly feel that doing it is the purpose of your life is known as ————————-
The training that equips you with the skill you need to do a particular work is refer to as ___________
________refers to anything you do to earn your living
Vocational education is a capital intensive field of study because it is based on ____
The following are the problems facing vocational education except ____
The options in business education include the following except ____
ITF is an acronym for__________
Business education is an integral part of ____________ education
____ is a general education
Measurement is usually expressed in numbers and figures while evaluation is expressed in ____
All the following criteria except one are essential for effective evaluation
Under which evaluation  model is context, input, process and product
In measurement, results are not very meaningful to non-experts, but in evaluation results _____
Evaluation of students achievement can be broken down into ____ major domains
The CIPP model was developed in year _____
All educational programmes provided within approved public institution is
Which of the following statements is true?
All the following are essential for evaluation in vocational education except ____
The model that can be classified as the oldest evaluation model is _____
The educaton that leads to the acquisition of practical and applied skills is ____ education
Performance Skills are better taught with the following
Post Viewing Test in Media Research will increase
Students learn more with the following skills
Effectiveness of Learning should be evaluated by the following
Note Taking during classroom film show should be disallowed because
The present Educational media research suggest that currentr research be based on
Media Centres are found in the following places
Budget for Media Centres should be done as follows
Media Centres provide facilities as follows
Media Centres should be secured at all times
From the origin of the word technology, it means —
Multimedia becomes interactrive when — controls when, how and what of the elements for delivery
When multimedia is not properly defined, it could mean —
Multimedia amongst other things allows for diversity in —-
When a computer is connected to a multimedia projector, it does all but
One merit of multimedia is that it gives learners chance to learn at their own pace in times of —
When the multimedia (software) package is properly done, the learner may not —
Multimedia does all but the following to the teacher:-
 One major disadvantage of multimedia is
The multimedia course ware is prefered to text based because
The model that is guided by planning stage, take-off stage, implementation stage and follow-up stage as its strategic stages is known as _____
CIPP model means
________ refers to anything you do to earn your  living
Vocational education is a capital intensive field of study because it is based on ____
Job and _____ are inter-related and are sometimes substituted for each other.
The training that equips you with the skill you need to do a particular work is refer to as ___________
TVG means________
The last process in evaluating educational programmes is _____
The following are the problems facing vocational education except ____
Measurement and evaluation are _____
One merit of multimedia is that it gives learners chance to learn at their own pace in times of —
Multimedia does all but the following to the teacher:-
The multimedia course ware is prefered to text based because
MmP stands for which of the following
The two categories of teaching styles are —-
In preparing his lesson, a teacher must have all except the following in mind
Teaching involves all but the following —
Technology refers to —
DVR stands for what
Multimedia is the combination of computer hardware and software that allows for the integration of all but —
The thoerists who believe in an open ended learning experience are called —
That which provides a general explanation for observations made over time is —
Why is the rule of ‘moving from simple to complex’ encouraged?
Capability to be learned is contained in —
In whose taxonomic analysis do we have intellectual skill?
What does a well stated behavioural objective do to the producer?
Observable indicator behaviour demonstrable by the learner is
The first thing to be considered in multimedia production is —
A poor usage of any of the files could lead to —
In a multimedia classroom, who best decides on the supportive media
Vocational guidance is the _______ given to students in  choosing and preparing for a suitable vocation
Career giudance is developmental from ___ of ones’ life or learnig
Career guidance is continuous because of the inolving______ change
Career giudance emphasizes the interaction between_____
In Nigeria it is usual for a child to learn his fathers’____
____ is regarded as father of modern vocational guide
____is a type of work or occupation or way of life one believes suite him/her
A person’s job or profession that is carried out on regular basis to earn a pay is knwn as his_____________
Any gainful employment engaged by somebody at a particular time to earn a living is called__________
One of the objectives of vocational guidance is to enable client to choose the right type of ______
Instructional Communication Approach involves
Interference or Noise can occur at any level of Communication
The Outcome of Hearing exercise is a product of
One of the Basic Component of Instructional Approach is
Stimulus Response Theories are noted for
The Laws of Cause and Effects was Propoundedby
Thorndike Theory is associated with
Pavlov founded the theory of
Guthric Theory did not support
Skinner’s Concept of Learning is
Psychologists says that their profession is the systematic study of mental process and____
When was counselling association of Nigeria (CAN) inuagurated?
Psychology help students in their school work to identify______
____ is the scientific study ofbehaviour and mental process
The function of the career officers and counselors are______
_____deals with direction and provisio of assistance to achieve some desired goals
____ is the supreme realization of innate idiosyncrosy of a living being
psychology of vocational guiance provide students with broader view about_______
the brain functioning produces feelings, thoughts____and beliefs
In schools career education counselors are those to help students select their___
Intrapersonal Communication Belief in
Interpersonal Communication is the exchange of Information between the following
What are graphic Materials ?
In Graphics Drawing, It is stipulated to be
Identify 3 Basic Camera shots
Two Properties of Lightnings are
What is BCR
How does Echo occur
The Block Box Concept identified 3 Modes of Teaching
The Learning Mode is designed to
Appropriate location to job is the function of
_____ tests are designed to measure an individual general scholastic ability
____ are useful in determinig occupational level and ability of individuals
The first procedure and techniques for vocational information is____
_____ is the measurement of one’s preference for a large number of activities and occupation
Students must relate the information they acquired about their vocation or career to their own_________
Career day is some times called_________
The purpose of a theory is diverse and explain______
Theories help in understanding of ________ and the universe
Fantasy period is guided by ______intellectual development of the child
Information in Diagrams, Charts , Slides are referred to—
Projected media is suitable to handle the following—
Audio materials involve the use of the following—
Non projected media can be identified as
The development of listening and hearing skills are important factors of–
A process where programmes are distributed is—
Satellite television is—
Name two types of distribution network?
Realia refers to—
Specimen refers to—
Our knowledge of the living cells described by Robert Hooke dates back to
The major steps involved in DNA cloning include
The following are some disadvantages of recombinant DNA Technology
The structure of DNA was discovered in
Among the Greeks, the Pythagoreans maintained an intimate relationship with
Which of the following is NOT correct?
Point cast delivers
Biotechnology, according to Johnson (1987), would include
Biotechnology derives from the activities of organism such as
The hazards of biotechnology could be
The attributes of scientifically literate person as adopted by National Science Teachers’ Association include
Projects completed under the first development plan include
“A united, strong and self-reliant nation” is a principal national objective of the
Some of the considerations of the educational themes for STS are
The good classroom practice in connection with talking about experiments include
Osborne and Freyberg (1985) suggest a multi-phase teaching model in which students should interact with the learning materials in these phases, students through activities ……
Which of the following is not correct?
Identify the incorrect statement.
Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
Which of the following is NOT correct?
The scientists at the desert institute of the Turkman Academy of Sciences in Ashkhabad have demonstrated that they can have high yield of
Attempts to exploit mineral resources from the ground leads to remarked effects such as
In the process of recycling wastes
Which of the following is NOT correct?
Some ways of controlling desert encroachment are
To check the menace caused by the ecological crisis
The general ecological impact of oil spill include
Which of the following is non-biodegradable?
The National Guidelines and Standards will among other things
Which of the following is NOT correct?
Advertising is paid____________
___________ points is the pint reached when the moany from product sale equals its cost
Researcher gather informtion from all except —————
When you compare the prices and quality of similar products you are being ——————-
Feelings or attitudes cause you to buy an impulse when logically you really cannot afford it is _____ motives
__________ needs involve the need for approval and prestige
Consumer products are those products bought by _________ consumers for personnal consumption
_________ is a marketing mix variable that is used inform remind and persuade the customers to make purchases
_________ is what is found in exchange for the product recurred or service enjoyed
_________ is what is found in exchange for the product recurred or service enjoyed
_________ represents on array of various benefit attributes characteristics or satisfaction
The four ingredients of marketing mix is called four —————-
Management needs ___________ information for long and short range planning and for major decisions
____________ accounting is found useful in business development bacause it helps management as a control measure
The frequently mentioned social responsibility include all excepts ——————–
Social responsibility can be regarded as _______ enforced felt obligation of managers
Social obligation is owed by ——————–
_________ ventre will not survive if it fails to contribute to the needs of the society in which it is located
__________ is define as the price for which the promise is bought
__________ is a promise or a commitment to do or reframe from doing some specifying things in the future
There must be __________ conditions fulfilled in a contract before it can be enforceable
Joint contract is a contract where two or more people are involved and bond to fulfil the obligation —————-
___________  contract is a situation where an offer is made and acceptance is subject to legal obligation
_________ is a situation whereby the woner of the foods by his conduct is precluded from denying the sellers authority to sell
Where there is a contract for the sales of unascertained goods no property in the goods in transfered until the goods are__________
Kurfi says __________ goods are goods identify and agreed upon at the time of the sale
___________ is a term use that if not fulfil can cancel a contract
Transfer of goods from one party to another which may not be money involve is called ————-
An agreement between two parties that goods should be delivered to another party based on the instruction given by the first port is called ————-
Business  education subjects  are  made  up  of ____  and  ____ subjects
Social Adjustment subjects includes __________
 Theorists Believe strongly that a good reason must be given before they __________ a thing
Divergers are more sympathetic to the _______at the expense of the _______
Convergers are more sympathetic to the _____ at the expense of the _______
Work Adjustment subjects includes all EXCEPT_________
To a business executive, “Business Education is education to produce _______”.
Business education programme provides for the handicaps in the society_____
The _______ learns best from new experiences/problems, survives in teamwork that is highly competitive.
The training of business education teachers  in  developing  and  developed  countries  started  in  ____  and _____
To provide technical knowledge and vocational skills necessary for industrial and commercial development is one of the objectives of vocational school
To a business executive, “Business Education is education to produce _______”.
Business education programme provides for the handicaps in the society .
The _______ learns best from new experiences/problems, survives in teamwork that is highly competitive.
Learning styles according to psychologists suggest the way an individual reacts to _____ situation.
The teacher has to be competent in the teaching area to avoid lack of _______ on the part of the learners
 Learning  is   more  Effective  when  the  Learner  knows  the________ to be Achieved
The facet of educational training that helps the individual to acquire relevant skills needed for living known as _______
Education that is ideal for a student with a career objective is known as ________
Business education is a course that prepares students for entry into and advancement in ____within business
The selection of equipment for the teaching of business education courses should be a _______ of the teachers of business education.
The contents of the Business education  curriculum do not show relevance in terms of the objectives stated for the programme this implies _______
Teaching and learning  of Business education are not in agreement with what is prescribed by the curriculum this connotes ______
The content is not adequate to meet the requirement or fully sufficient for what it has been stated to achieve this means ________
Discussion questions  require the students to reason or __________
Which of the following is not a General Education Courses?______
All the following are General Business Courses except ________
Professional Education Courses includes all except_______
Business  education subjects  are  made  up  of ____  and  ____ subjects
The general aim and objectives of business education curriculum is to  develop  in  all  students  the  _____  way  of  understanding,
Time can be a barrier to________  communication
Business document help to assess the rate of _______ and ______
The act of write and receives letters in day – today transaction by businessman may be called _______
A neat letter is always ______
Sending Telegraphic message it is better to use______
Which of th following is necessary for the continued successful operation of business ______
Business correspondence aid in maintaining ________
Telegraphic address could be reduced into a code word to _______
The fastest means of getting information to the receiver is through ______
Cash discount is given to encourage prompt payment _____
Which one of the following not belong to the group?________
Which one of the following not belong to the group?________
Audio-visual means of communication which combines sight and sound together in giving information to people refers to as _________
An electronic means of giving information to the public is known as________
What is the name given to a  written communication sent through the post?_______
NIPOST  means ______
E & OE means _______
Business documents are also known _________
 A ________ is given for cash payment.
communication requires the receiver to send ______ to the sender.
Trade Discount is given to encourage bulk purchased_______
Bill of lading, Airway bill and Letter of credit are documents used in International trade.
All belong to the group except _______
The rate of cash discount depends on the period of ______ allowed
Corporation may be formed for _____ or _______ purposes.
Horizontal communication may be divided into ______principle categories
What is the name given to “talk” or opinion widely disseminated with no
discernable source?______
The only reliable means of controlling rumour mongering is through _____
Extreme emotions such as jubilations or depression are most likely to hinder effective communication______
Inappropriate knowledge of the needs of the audience render communication _______
 Research that is generally associated with the positivist/postpositivist paradigm known as
What is the name giving to the set of instructions that direct the operations of computers?
ASCII stands for _______
A digital camera looks very similar to a _______  camera
Digital cameras do not use film
Digital cameras are generally more expensive than________  cameras
OCR Stand for ______
A spreadsheet also known as a ________
Mac operating system is developed by which company?______

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