In Nigeria, there are main categories of Educational Administration
 The Essence of  Leadership is ___________
__________ is the type of Leadership that works by the book
Towns, Cities, States and the country comprise different ____________
The Introduction of Western education in Nigeria could be traced back to ____________
 The First instance supervision is a concept that emanated from the ___________tradition
________ is a happer and jovial person who helps those who are in need
______ is to decide ahead of time what an individual want to do
_____ is an act of transferring a client to another professional to be handle appropriately
_____ clients expect their information to be kept secret
Using _______ tests is one of the factors that make counselling scientific and more objective
Frank Parsons, the father of Guidance Movement is an _____
In _____ Ibadan Career Council was formed
In December 1st _____ marked the birth of Counselling Association of Nigeria at the University of Ibadan
The Federal Government has inserted the need for guidance and counselling in our schools in its National Policy on Education of _____
_______ is a system of religious beliefs and rituals
The _____ record folder is the most important single record which provides for the recording of important data on the students
Privacy of students’ records should be part of the _________ that schools must abide with
_______ of records and record keeping entails understanding the meaning, types, qualities etc
______ process is the procedure and ways by which clients’ problems are worked through
The ______ phase is immediately after the initial phase
The ____ phase is the same thing as prepartory stage
_____ should be introduced gradually than being superimposed on the school and the staff
An important aspect of the planning stage is the formation of the guidance ______ committee in the school
The school principal, teachers, counsellors, guardians, students are ____
______ should utilize guidance services in the school to learn more about their children
Curriculum planners are not to inject personal decree In their decision but take the view of all the following except______________
The integration of the folllowing formed Basic science and Technology except
The curriculum of old that was based on 4Rs was meant essentially to teach _________
According to Fafunwa (1974) curriculum is based on the  following except
Which of these is a part of Universal Education that appear in the curriculum for all children
The five theme that made up the Mathematics Curriculum consist of the following except ____________
The structure of the curriculum that permit the arrangement of concept to run throughout the three years of senior secondary is called _____________
Curriculum is generally organised into six sections; they include the following except ____________
Which of the following is not part of the theme that form chemistry curriculum
The physics cuirriculum is made up of the following theme except ____________
Main features of Universal banks are
The universal banking genre is very relevant to
Universal bank was introduced in Nigeria on
Regulation on rural banking was promulgated in Nigeria
Rural banking finance developmental projects in
Strategic marketing of banking services involve
An investment company is a body corporate whose main business is
The objective of insurance company is to
Activities of insurance companies are regulated by
Islamic banking is based on the principle of
The capital market plays a major role in
Money market is the market for the supply of
The Central bank functions as
Activities of Goldsmits gave rise to
Commercial banks deals in
A bank tha offers specialised services according to the need of her customer is a:
Merchant banks envolved from the activities of Italian merchants engaged in
Development banks services bridge the gap in service delivery of
The two types of development banks are
Jobbers and Brokers are traders in
….. Factors, which are in the work environment are sources of disatisfaction in workers
The emotional reaction of a person to his job is —
According to Abrahan, Maslow, human need occurs in —
The proponent of theory X and theory Y is —
According to Davies (1967), — is the human factors, which binds a group together and toward goals
There are factors responsible for the consumer or customers, except —-
The knowledge and skills of managing communication school are within the flow of —
In communication centre, the school manager is looked on as the —
The function of developing the course of study for educational technology is that of —
The Architectural layout for ERC depends on —
Educational resource centre is a – where books and note book materials are produced
Educational resource centre is headed by a doctor who may not be
Learning resource centre is synanymous to —
The medium through which information is packed in audio form is —
The major forms of interpersonal behaviour approach is that it concentrates on the human — and —
The decision theory school concentrates on —
Human resource management policy choice is one of the components of —
The necessity for the use of formal rules and procedures was to accomplish
The Chinese sage that made parables  which indicated the existence of practical management is called —
…… In ancient Greece consisted of councils, popular courts, administrative officials and board of general
A set of rules and regulations involving market participants, financial institutions and regulatory authorities is known as:
The main players of International Financial system are:
Financial assets are grouped into two main categories.
The two segments of the Nigerian financial market are
The capital market is a place for
The primary market section of the capital market is the place
Participants in the money market include
The regulatory authorities in the Nigeria financial system are
Thickness of the market for financial asset imply
Security and Exchange Commission is formally known as
In science classroom _____________ can be described as a mode of procedure, systematic, manner of instruction, inquiry, investigation or presentation of lesson
__________ in classroom refers to the act of handling the teaching as well as the behaviour of teachers, towards pupils.
Which of the following is not a reason for curriculum reform
Which of these does not belong to the thematic arrangement of the biology curriculum,
Which of these teaching method will you not recommend in primary school?
In teaching, heuristics simply means ____________
The following are aspects of secondary school programmes that are identifiable in treating science/ mathematics curricula in secondary school except
Which of these domain of education did the primary school curriculum place more emphasis
Which of these approaches are common to Science and Mathematics
All the factors below influence the direction of treating science/mathematics curricula except _______________
The Nigerian primary Science and Mathematics curricula tend towards ________________ model of curriculum design
What is the next line of action for a teacher who have identified the theme, sub- theme and topic
Whichh of these objectives stated in the curricullumn will a teacher take note to formulate content for instruction
For Science and Mathematic to be true to life, it must possess all the following but ______________
What is the best approach to attain the goal stated in the National policy on Education
The content of the secondary school science curriculum are organised into _____________
Which of the following is not true about implementation
___________ is the process of translating the curriculum into syllabus, scheme of work, lesson plans and notes to be delivered by the teachers to the learners
Which of these variables does not influence curriculum implementation.
All the following are essential components for lesson preparation except _____________
The philosophers of science see science in all the following ways except__________
All  the following are the components of the structure of science except __________
Which of the following is not part of the four fundamental element according to Empedocles
The process which is involved in how scientific knowledge comes into being is best referred to as ___________
One of the following way may not be regarded as ethics of science
Activities such as observing, refering, measuring, commjunicating, formulating hypothesis and questioning are best described as _____________
____________ philosophers were the first to introduce the tradition of speculation which formed the basis of scientific theories.
__________ proposed  that water was the fundamental stance of all things
________ was a philosopher that the combination of two or more earth, air, fire, and water account for various materials present in the universe.
Anaximander and Anaximenes are the students of ______________
Karl Popper supports the view that
Identify the wrong point. The value of science that must be taught to our students are
Which of the following statements best describes science?
A principal characteristic of science is that it is
Science is basically divided into
In terms of numerical figures, science has dual nature which means it is divided into
Processes of science entails;
The science manpower project (1960) provides a definition of science that is most credible because:
Which of these is not correct:Science is about-
When a theory survives many tests and becomes accepted as true, scientist refer to such theory as _____________
Actions such as observing, classifying, inferring, measuring, communicating, interpreting data, experimenting, etc can be categorized as ________
The set of standard or activities which guide the day to day activities of the scientist can be called ___________
Curiosity, willingness to suspend judgement, open- mindedness, skepticism, positive approach to failure etc can be classified as _____________ in science
A good physics lesson note must contain all the following except______
All the following are essential in the physics laboratory except______________
Which of these test type may likely encourage rote learning____________
All the following are objective type of test except ___________
Which of the following is not a demerit of essay test
The African Education Comission that compelled the British Colonial Government to introduce science education in African was sponsored by __________
Yaba Higher College was established in the year _____ after combined pressure on the colonial Government.
What is science?
What is technology
What is a Concept
What is the Similarities between Science and Technology
How is science Evaluated
How are Goals achieved
through science
What are the focuses of science
What are the Development
Methods in science
What are the most observed
quality things in science
What are the Skills needed to
excel in science
What sector of industry is involved in the extraction of resources directly from the Earth; this
includes farming, mining and logging.
What sector of industry is involved in the the processing products from primary
What sector of industry is involved delivery and sale of goods.
What is meant by Quaternary group
What is meant by  Quinary Sector
What is meant by Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB)
What sector of industry is involved in the extraction of resources directly from the Earth; this
includes farming, mining and logging.
What sector of industry is involved in the the processing products from primary
What sector of industry is involved delivery and sale of goods.
What is meant by Quaternary group
What is meant by  Quinary Sector
What is meant by Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB)
 ———- is the branch of psychology that deals  with studying of developmental  changes
The field of human ————– is regarded as developmental psychology
 ——– is both  a science and an arts
the branches of developmental psychology are child development or child psychology, adolescent psychology and —————–
 ———- is the centre of developmental psychology since behaviour develops rapidly in the childhood  state
 Adolescent psychology and adulthood  psychology deal with developmental changes, characteristics  and  problems  that occur especially in adolescence and ——– periods
 ——– defined  developmental psychology as the ontogenetic study of the development of organism from conception through  childhood,  adolescent,  adult  and  senescence till  death
Apart from studying chronological and mental ages of human beings, it regulates the structural, functional and behavioural changes that occur in humans before ————
The goal of developmental psychology is to identify how the individual develops  cognitively  and  affectively in addition to motor development from pre-natal stage to————-
 —— refers to quantitative changes that are increase in bodily dimensions such as height, weight and size
For Nigeria to be technologically developed what are the qualities expected from the leader
When did  technological development start in Nigeria
What is the full meaning of PHCN
When was the national policy on science and
technology  formally launched by the government to ―promote
scientific and technological manpower development‖ and to ―encourage
local research and development activities in both private and public
in 1990 , who made the statement that ―there is no gainsaying that
compared with many other countries worldwide, Nigeria and other
African countries allocate paltry resources to research and development‖
Around what year was allocations to the
development of science and technology were an average of 0.9 per cent
of the federal budget
In 2006,Who declared 2007 as the Year of Science and Technology.
What was Nigeria‘s per capita GNP  between
1975 and 1980
What is industry
How many are sectors of industry
The foundation of ——- starts from conception
the union of a male sex cell and ovum, the female sex cell to form zygote is the process called———
The ———– period begins from conception and lasts at birth
The whole process of prenatal development involves———- main stages
The period of the ———- development also known as the germinal period
 ———– period extends from fertilization to the end of the second week
embryonic period lasts from the end of the second week to the end of the ——– weeks
Neonate development or infancy is a period of ——–
The infant or the period of the neonate occurs  from  the cutting of the ———-
Childhood is divided into——– separated periods
What can you hold as accountable for variations in the pattern of consumption of energy amongst nations
 â€¦â€¦â€¦. is a quantitative phenomenon and it can be measured
What law states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed
What law states that mass is neither created nor destroyed
Who concluded from his observations that mass and energy are related
The equation E = mc2 can be ascribed to ………..
Which law expressed that mass and energy can neither be created nor destroyed?
What manner of energy does a body posses as a result of change in position?
How would you express the kinetic energy of an object?
Fill in the blank space in this mathematical expression ……….. = 1/2mv2 Joule (J) = kg m2 sec2 .
Psychologists  maintained that the law of———– direction and predictable pattern are  the  “cephalocaudal  law”  and  the  proximodistal law”
The ———- law means that development proceeds from head to foot
 ———- proceeds from general to specific
 development is predicable with changes namely growth, maturation  and ——
 ———— is influenced by genetic or heredity and environmental forces
The developing child needs nutritional materials in order to enhance his cognitive, physiological, emotional and social ———–
 ——— refers to the biological transmission of traits from parents to offspring  through DNA
the two cell divisions associated with human development are mitosis and ———
 ———– is the process in which a cell duplicates its chromosomes and then divides into two genetically identical daughter cell
 the products of meiosis contain————- chromosomes
What is the work or energy required to move an object for one meter
What is the amount of heat required to raise 1 gram of pure water through a degree celsius at stp.
What is the amount of energy required to raise one pound of water through a degree fahrenheit
What is the metric unit of measurement of the intensity of radiation?
which of these is a source of physical energy ……………….
The nation that consumes the most coal is ……….
Identify the source of generating hydro electricity
What would you use to convert the generated by wind into electrical energy?
Which of these factors will you take into consideration if you are told to choose a source of energy …….
Energy is synonimous to ……
What form of energy does an object at rest possess?
What does the mathematical expression …………… = weight x height Joule (J) or kg M2 sec2 define?
In which of these regions is the use of coal not anticipated to increase?
As a nation desiring to reduce Green house emmission which of these sources of energy would you opt for?
Which of these nations do you expect Coal to dominate her energy market?
Which of these sources of lighting is a better conserver of energy?
Which form of fuels is used most often for heating in the United States ?
What form of energy is largely used for driving Cars?
The pendulum is a good example of …………
A spring is a good example of …………
In the establishment and organisation of primary, secondary and higher schools, ———— has influenced Nigeria system of education
 Plato influenced Nigeria in the area of ——— education
Jonh Locke was of the view that education should be made to suit the mode of ——-
 ———- was interested in the physical, psychological and moral development of the child.
John Locke said that they (children) should be made to feel free, be at ease, active in class, ————-.
 ———– advocated for play way method of learning.
  Jonh Locke was of the view that education should be concluded with ———
 ———— was associated instrumentalism, experimentalism or reconstructionalism.
In 1894, ——–  was appointed Professor of philosophy and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy at the University of Chicago.
The words such as experience, reconstruction, reorganisation, growth, development, reform, progress, intelligence and others are key concepts in ————- education.
….. Defined management as a skill to be practiced which is different from technical skill and experience
In military, the technique of leadership that allows barking out orders is called —
The environment of management is —
A sound management practice does not include spending the organisation’s — on unprofitable projects
Among all the resources, the human resource stands out because it is the only one that has —
The systematic measurement and objectivity of science arose from the application of — method in all procedures
The application of principle is called —
Educational resource centre is described as a place where instructional materials are — and —
The theory of leadership built on “leaders are born and not made” is traceable to
Leadership theories include all except —
Which of these deals with the establishement of procedures for the employment and payment of workers –
The Harvard mode of HRM consist of —
The charismatic leader is also known as —
The manner of presentation of a leader of his/her self is —
A plan established by the management can be called —
In analysis of management definition, the measurement of result falls in what group
The concern of management can be summoned as —
Making a decision involves conscious choice of —-
Mathematics can be applied in any of the schools of —
Without the flow of information, the management will be —-
 process of ———— is one which involves a number of activities on   the part of several people
 ———— participate in the process of education exept
A child growing up in a home where both parents can  find time to teach and interact with him, certainly has some———
education begins at home with ——— leading the way.
The ———- and the child’s parents are partners in progress as far as the child’s education is concerned.
 ———– indeed, is the practical way of attaining individual and social fulfillment.
 ———– is a person who can apply his knowledge and skill in such a way as to find solution to whatever problems that confront him
 ———– defines education as the process by which people acquire  the art of utilizing knowledge.
Various goals and aspirations were stated in the NPE which form the basis of the Nigerian educational aims and objectives, which include the following exept ———
 ————– has to do with the training of the mind in the understanding of the world around.
The core elements of any organization are ________.
The running of an organisation requires the performance of certain ______ functions.
__________theory is an integral part and a subset of organisation theory.
An ______________is an open system, and therefore, it interacts with its environment.
_____ contributes to organisational efficiency but the defects of bu­reaucracy are potential and not inevitable
____ contributed to the study of management and organization by prescribing the principles for building an effective organization.
Instrumentality ranges from 1 +0 + ___________
The three streams of _________ theory are based on similar assumptions.
The original exponents of the behavioural-_______ theories of organisation and management were Elton Mayo,
_______ was an organisational psychologist.
Paul Hirst in attempting to distinguish between the various forms of knowledge postulated ———– distinguishing features claiming that every forms
The periodic table is a ———-and the activity series is another one
What type of skills is present in The Nuffield project and Science between 5 – 13 years
What is Logic?
When logic is applied to link an observation with a theory leading to
What makes a science is different from an art or social science?
Science progresses through the process of induction and also by the process of ——–
What happens to the  theory that is about to be discarded ?
Kuhn, ———-and Popper ideas about science were used in explaining how science progresses.
When was western education  introduced to Nigeria?
__________ extended the scope of scientific management.
_________ plays strategic role in organizational development, but they are not the same.
__________ may be interpersonal or intergroup.
__________ refers to the ability of the leader to reward.
The major proponents of the task contingency ap­proach are ______ and G. M. Stalker.
_______ was an organisational psychologist.
An _______ is an open system when account is taken of the internal environment
Instrumentality ranges from 1 +0 + ___________
_____ contribution to organisation theory was his analysis of the impact of the formal organization upon the individual.
_____ contributes to organisational efficiency but the defects of bu­reaucracy are potential and not inevitable
The word philosophy came from the Greek words ——— and sophia
sophia refers to the highest ———–

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