TMA likely questions

Nigerian local government system makes  the chairman the _________________ officer
Personnel of local government comprises both ______and political
An ________ covers both revenue and expenditure patterns of local government
 Local governments’ administration in these countries except_______are based on parliamentary system
Intergovernmental relationships in Nigeria is usually associated with____________
There are ________types of grants in local government
 Budget  provides a ___________ plan of action
_________refers to the process of preparing a set of decisions for future action directed at achieving goals
All these except________are sources of income for local government
The Audit Alarm Committee is a feature of ________Civil Service Reform in Nigeria
The British local government is _____________
 There are _____major forms of executives in the United States
 Local governments in Nigeria perform both _______and concurrent functions
 French operates a _______system of government
 American Counties are ______ of state government
 All of these are functions of American Municipalities except_______
 Local government authority in India operates a _______ System
__________ Is the lowest unit of local authority in India
 Local governments in the United States are governed by ______laws
 The main units of local government in Britain includes all but _______
 Local government in Nigeria is a _______tier structure
 In Nigeria’s local system, secretary to the local government is the ________
In French local system, the  ______is the major unit of local government
 The ________ is the lowest unit of government in France
In Tanzania, the lowest unit of government is __________
 In the United States, special districts carry on  ________functions
________functions are those that deal with safety of citizens
 Local governments in Britain are principally referred to as _______authorities
 ___________is the most popular form of American Municipal government
The major tiers of local government in India are these except ________
__________is one of the principles considered when allocating functions to local governments
 __________is the transfer of government functions and power to units of government
Local government has both legal and constitutional ________ to perform
Participation is vital to _______________________
In the United States, local governments are governed by ________________
________list spelt out area of jurisdiction of the Federal government
In Britain local authorities perform ______broad functions
 _________is the relationship between levels of government
Local government exercises ________ over a given territory or population
In a unitary system local government is ________
The ________ structure of local government is hierarchical
Local government is ________government recognized by law
A system of government controlled by a local council is called ________
The concentration of powers in the hands of the central government is ___________
The ____________structure of local government makes laws and policies
 ________government serves as a two-way channel of communication between government and the governed
Local governments are created to ______the functions of central government
The _______ of  local government also refer to the  status of local government
Main purpose of local government is to provide _______to local people
________is a structure in which only one authority is recognized by law at the local level
what Nigerian constitution brought about the electivive principle into the Nigerian constitution?
The supreme court is the highest court of jurisdiction in Nigeria, which constitution established it?
When the Nigerian civil service was divided into several categories, which amongst the listed is not among the professional class.
When the Nigerian civil service was divided into several categories, which amongst the listed is not among the general administrative.
The process of preparing language , image or sound for presentation through correction is refered to as
It must be emphasized that the wrong of ——in written communication adversely affects the quality of the output in the conduct of government business.
One major way of the solving the nagging problems of poor English grammar in government business is by constant—-
To —— is to compare a manuscript copy or printers proof against the original manuscript in order to locate printing eroors
That which is a sine qua non for an effective conduct of government business is known as
What is Nigerias official Linqua Franca
What is the meaning of the word MEMO
The act of keeping a carbon copy of any minute or letter sent out is refered to as
Where letters are wrongly sent out , what is the next line of action to redress the issue
A letter written at the bottom of an earlier to a person to which the original one was not addressed is called.
That which encompasses all forms of writing is known as?
That which is carried out to obtain facts , uncover problems and provide gainful insight into a subject matther is known as?
A report in a miniature covering is known as
A covering letter forwarding the report which highlights the genesis of the report is known as?
That which proffers solutions to problems \issues that gave rise to a report is refered to as?
Under report writing , the section that removes detailed statistics , tables and volume from the body of the report is called?


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