The ________ structure of local government is hierarchical
Local government is ________government recognized by law
A system of government controlled by a local council is called ________
The concentration of powers in the hands of the central government is ___________
The ____________structure of local government makes laws and policies
 ________government serves as a two-way channel of communication between government and the governed
Local governments are created to ______the functions of central government
The _______ of  local government also refer to the  status of local government
Main purpose of local government is to provide _______to local people
________is a structure in which only one authority is recognized by law at the local level
The international instrument which lays down identical rules for the international carraige of passengers, luggage and goods by air is known as
A documentary credit which represents a bank’s assurance of payment against presentation of specified documents. In the substantive contract the seller would state that payment is to be by documentary credit and it is a most common payment mehtod in
Apart from the fundamental principle of strict compliance in respect of documentary credit, there is another principle which ordains that a credit is a separate transaction from the contract on which it may be based called
FOB meaning that risk passes to buyer including payment of transportation and insurance costs once delivered on board the ship by the seller, is an example of a series of pre-defined commercial terms by International Chamber of Commerce better known as
In the case of Payrene Co Ltd v Scindia Steam Navigation Co Ltd (1954) 2 QB 402 it was pungently shown  and admirably held that
With the exception of one, the following constitute the purpose of a bill of lading:
Bells Ltd entered into a contract of sale with Splits Ltd for the supply of 2,500 pieces of LED TV sets.  The goods were damaged and Bells sued to recover. The sellers insisting property has passed pleaded res perit domino, meaning
Mr KnowItAll, ready to justify his training, counselled his father, a seller of tyres, that he should not deliver goods to any person “on sale or return basis” since property remains with him. Do you agree?
The statement that it is “a covenant shorthand expression of saying that a particular breach… by one party is such as to go to the root of the contract which entitles the other party to treat such breach as a repudiation of the whole contract” refers to
The rule which stipulates that an ambiguous (or exemption) clause must be construed strictly against the party who insisted that the clause be inserted (or is relying on it) is otherwise known as
Budgets are __________ of financial control in local government
Fusion of powers in one hand has the tendency of leading to ____________
In Britain, a fixed amount paid for a determinable unit is known as ________ grants
_______taxes are a proportion of state collected taxes given by state to local units
The Sole Administrator and Caretaker Committee is a feature of ________ regime
The __________ system in local government makes the chairman a member of the  executive councils
In Britain, government grants constitutes __________ of local authority income
 Finance is the bedrock of local government __________
American local governments derive their revenue from ________ sources
______________ of expenditure is largely an executive affairs


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