Changes are likely to follow these typologies except……….
………… not a violent meant of change in society
………………..non violent is the attempt not to harm anyone or anything
…………is the growth of any economy whether rural or non rural is a function of capital investiment of labor
In classical theorist, it is necessary to raise the rate of return of capital investment and ………….of labor
……………….has been defined as the significance of change overtime in a behaviour pattern in concluding norms and value
These are forms of changes except……………
………….is the ability of a society defined or protect the right of everyone in a society
Democratization is another name for ………
Social changes occurs everyday in our society i.e static social changes become ……………
Communication  involves two or more people, the ______ and the receiver.
Directing can be seen as leadership or _____.
In educational institutions like any organization the chief executive must give ________  on   the   daily   activities   of   the   segments.
The interest of the manager/administrator is to bring out the best in the ______.
______  making is an information aspect of  management that informs on a conscious choice from among competing alternatives.
_____  is a variation of milestone budgeting.
A _______ is seen primarily as a planning process which uses one or more  scarce resources
_______  as a task or series  of tasks  that has a  definable beginning and end
Projects constitute the centre piece of development planning, where ______   are formulated
The project life cycle consist of ______  essential stages
Project life cycle  stages   are   _______,   planning   and   researching,   implementation,  handover and feedback
________  analysis is the generic term for several project planning methods
 Network   are  essentially a technique to aid ______ in the planning and control of  project.
 Networking is  particularly useful where a ______ number of interrelated tasks are to be carried  out
_______  analysis is the generic term for several project planning methods
The   two   most   well   known    network analysis are   PERT   (Programme   Evaluation   and  Review   Technique)   and _____
Events: This represents the ________  of activities.  It is found at the  beginning or at end of an activity
Critical Path:  This is the ________  path or route in the entire network.
Slacks or Float:  This is a number of period by which an activity can  be   delayed   without   affecting   completion  _______.
Rules of Construction Network: Activities lines never _____ one another
The South had as the cornerstone of their education, the development of good character and teaching of ________
The informal methods included word of mouth instruction, story-telling and ____________
 During the pre-colonial period, educational development depended on the ___________  of the various nations that make up Nigeria today.
Generally, traditional or indigenous education had _____________  curriculum.
 There can be no __________  if there is no curriculum.
 During the pre-colonial era, therefore, appropriate _____________ development depended largely on the needs of the different communities
 Moral training was given both at home by __________  as well as other adult members of the family and community
Sokoto caliphate had an educational system which met the needs of the ___________  life style of the cattle rearers,
During the ___________  period, there were no uniform educational objectives
A major objective of Nigerian Education as contained in the National Policy of Education is to build a __________  nation with education for citizenship as the cornerstone.
Members of the society do come together to take __________ on what schools teach to the learners.
 _________ is “an organized set of formal educational or training intentions”.
The totality of the learning experience in schools is what is called _________
Curriculum is, a ________ of study, which contains a body of subject matter approved for teaching by society in schools.
Schools exist in society for the main purpose of _________ existing knowledge, culture and traditions of the society to her learners.
Shools exist in society for the main purpose of transmitting _________ of the society to her learners
________ is a “structured series of learning outcomes”.
Members or society are concerned with what the schools are for and what must be _______ in the school.
The word “curriculum” comes from the Latin word “_________”, which means to run or to run a course
For the main purpose of transmitting existing knowledge, culture and tradition, ________ exist in society
Curriculum is _______ in scope than syllabus
There is also a principle that what is _________ should be taught first before teaching complex material.
_________ is the content of the school subjects offered in the school
A _______ of work is a break down of the contents of what student are expected to learn in a given period
In specific terms, the counselors assist learners in _______ major areas
Counselors assist learners to take decisions on the right choice of _________ or careers.
_________ is a long term plan of work for students.
In the persona-social area, counselors assist learners in handling __________ and psychological problems
A _______ of work is the systematic arrangement of subject matter and activities within a given time period
 In _________  areas, counselors help learners to take decisions on the right choice of vocational area
_______ evaluation is carried out at the end of the course of instruction to determine the extent to which the objectives have been achieved
The _______ domain is best assessed using tools such as achievement
The ________ domain is best assessed using tools like projects, practicals, dramatization and demonstration
The _______ domain can be assessed using tools like observation, rating scale and checklists
______ is charged with the responsibility of conducting common entrance examinations for tertiary institution
_________  based assessment are conducted by schools
_______ is established to organise examinations for school ertificates both senior and junior, and the common entrance examinations to the unity schools in Nigeria
________ put forward a taxonomy of educational objectives, which provide a practical framework within which Educational objectives could be organised and measured
The ______ domain is concerned with manipulative and motor skills that can be potentially explored using hand-on activities, such as handling of writing materials, dancing, games, technical drawing, laboratory experiments
______ domain deals with Hand/Eye Hand Co-ordination and manual dexterity
_______ test is a tool or an instrument in which candidates freely respond to question and organize their answers in their own styles.
Test _______ is done when the instrument is taken to experts or specialists in language, methodology, content and statistics and request them to vet the instrument under the terms of reference served to them.
An instrument’s __________ repeatedly measures traits with the same accuracy.
When a Test Retest is carried out the degree of the correlation coefficient (r-value) determines the ________ of the tool.
The following are features of Continous assessment except
Those documents carrying essential data or information for effective planning and administration of education and effective resource are refered to as ____
The ________ is the total learning experiences that are given to students via the agency of the school.
The following are examples of school records except ____
________ are records that are required by the law.
______ are records that are not necessarily required by law but are kept for effective and efficient operation of the school system.
The following is a format of test item
_____ tests are tests consisting of questions (items) designed to elicit from the learners through freedom of response the extent to which they have acquired the behaviour called for in the course objectives.
a measure or the degree to which a test measures what it is intended to measure is referred to as
_______ test measures what pupils have learned after a given instruction
_______ test translates well defined subject matter content into test questions that will elicit the types of behaviour we intend the learners to develop
__________ is the first and lowest in the hierarchy of components in the Cognitive Domain
_______ of a test may be defined as the degree to which a test is consistent, stable, dependable or trustworthy in measuring what it is measuring.
The following are methods of estimating reliability except:
_____ method of reliability estimate give the same test twice to the same group with any time interval between tests
a measure or the degree to which a test measures what it is intended to measure is referred to as
Greek mythology beleived that  twins were produced after a mother copulated with _______
Alfred Radcliffe Brown is _____________
Numbers have religious meanings in many traditional ____________
The approaches of African belief system and Science are based on_________
Models of knowing by Africans include
Which of the following is not part of the African cosmovision?
Traditional religion have  variations in all but one of the following _____
Which of these African countires was not colonized
The African belief system is a process that involves __________
______ can be used to curb superstitious belief.
African traditional farmers know the qualities of________
Certain birds like owls are considered________
Myths and Legends developed over thousands of years in _____________
Different cultures and religions share some common ____________
The ancient people of Africa did not use written languages until __________
Rainbow Serpent is named by _____
African Religious practices believe_________
Africans are culturally diverse, but bound together by all of these except___________
The African world views belief system  are influenced by ____________
Magic believed that unseen forces could be seen in action ___
In African Traditions, Numbers are treated with _________
Deepest expression of African Reality is through _________
The Akamba have taboos attached to number _______________
About 9000 years ago, barley was introduced from _________
 ________ is changing fast
Superstitious belief is based on _________
Integrated Science helps students to acquire the following skills
Most of the findings of African Sciences are not ____________
Africans could transfer the skills of ______to the Americans
Before the 12th century ________ was scarce in Africa.
 Social  stratification is the process by which individuals and groups are ranked in a more or   less enduring _________  of status.
Sociology as a field of discipline deals with the totality of _________  interaction and examination.
As a field of study,  sociology has an extremely ________  scope because the society comprises    of several sub systems
Sociology is concerned about _______  facts in the economy, education,  legal, security, family, sports and   so on.
 _______  as a field assists  the members of any society  to solve attitudinal, character,  behavioural and social problems
Sociology performs several roles within the society as an indispensable impetus to enhance its continuity and stability.
Sociology of education emphasizes the analyses of sociological process involved in ________ institution
Transmission of cultural heritage can be aided by school and ________agent of socialisation
The process of adaptation by the individuals to the conventional patterns of behaviours is ________
The family is called ________ groups saddled with the responsibility of giving offspring a qualitative pattern of living.
For meaningful existence and purposeful survival an individual aspires to achieve basic social  _____________ .
________ asserted that education should concern itself with the equalisation of opportunities for individuals in the community to develop himself as a person
Farayola sees socialization as the business of ________  people to the way of life of the community.
The social function of education is under ________ headings
Education in any society is to help transmit to the young the ________ of the society
Which of the following is not an agent of socialization _________
The theory of embourgeoisement is propounded by ________ and Luckword
In sociology, education can be explained as an activity which depends on the nature of the  ________
Open ________ transmits non-formal education.
________ is the intermediate stage between the child’s domestic life and the larger society.
Sociology as a field assists the members of any society to solve_________ problem
The society comprises of ________which man interacts with for survival.
What is necessary at every level of leadership is ________
A human child has a remarkable capacity to imitate others to develop according to the tenets of  _______
Sociology as a discipline is the scientific study of ________ in the society.
Apart from the ________, the child is also influenced by his school mates or groups.
Social stratification and each social class plays a dominant role in the _________  development of a child.
The environment where children are brought up has __________  effect on the children’s education.
________  occurs where a man marries more than one wife.
________  occurs where a woman is married to more than one husband.
The term ”abstract” indicates  ________
Society is a ________ where people mix together and progress collectively.
Education in any society is to help to transmit to the _____________  culture of the society.
Throughout man’s history, and throughout the world both the family and the institution of marriage display ________
Sociology as a field assists the members of any society to solve_____________
The society comprises of ________which man interacts with for survival.
Experts in sociology of education are________
The word education originated from the Latin word EDUCERE meaning ________
Ancient teaching adopts _____________ approach to teach morality
The higher the class of an individual the more likely  to receive ________
In the early years, peer groups are ________
________ is sub-culture?
The teacher has often been called _____________out of the following
Morality is characterised with negative regulation but something is held at high esteem , which is ________
Every individual within the global society is expected to be _____________ in order to be integrated within the society
What is necessary at every level of leadership is ________
A human child has a remarkable capacity to imitate others to develop according to the tenets of  _____________
Educational sociology is the application of general principles and findings of sociology to ________
Sociology studies the relationship between_____________and_____________ system.
In the society the child learns the importance of ________.
Sociology as a discipline is the scientific study of ________ in the society.
Teachers serve as a source of moral value through the demonstration of ________
In every society, traditions have serious influence on the moral values but nowadays they are regarded as ________
Sociology of education emphasizes ________ in the realm of education.
Knowledge of sociology will assist in  _____________  and  _____________  others with difference in cultural background and orientation
________ defined culture as the configuration learned behaviour
Experts in sociology of education are regarded as ________.
The responsibility of training individual in the society is primarily vested on the ________ and ________.
The patterns of behaviours that a society has to pass on to its new recruits are referred to as its _____________ .
The home transmit informal education , school deliver formal education while the open society transmit ________
Social …………………..administration is a tool for determing the soccess of social welfare policy in a society
Who propagated POSDCORB
…………….is not on theory of organisation
………………is the establishment of formal structure of authority
…………… indeed a key component of administration
The ……………..of an organisation scope of its services can attract the welfare planning
All of these criteria may fail to achieve maximum results except …………..
………………is the formal function that executive of organsation need to perform to achieve organisational efficiency
…………………..administration must consider adequacy of experience  in recruting of staff
…………..represent the process of enforcing organisation authorities
social …………………..administration is a tool for determing the soccess of social welfare policy in a society
………………………… the process of integrating the activities off various units in an organisation
……………and keeping those people informed is where the exerhard is responsible.
…………………is the last in  Gulick’s 1937 POSDCORD
………………approach may not solve all the problems of an organisation
…………………… not included in integrated model
………………..model emphasies human resources manaement
………………..emphasises the external needs of the organisation and stresses structural flexibility as a means for adopting to uncertain environment
……………..model is about planning and goal setting to achieve organisation goal in an efficient manner
……………………is regarded as action plan of a government on social welfare of its citizen backed by legislation

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