“Open and Distance Learning is a viable option for the eradication of illiteracy in Nigeria. Discuss” is a type of _______ test
______ test is to be constructed, administered and scored to ensure a high level of objectivity.
______ tests are those test items that are set in such a way that one and only one correct answer is available to a given item.
Measure of only factual knowledge is a disadvantage of ______ test
wide applicability in the measurement of various phases of achievement is an advantage of the _________ test items
A two dimensional table that specifies the level of objectives in relation to the content of the course.
is used to appraise the effectiveness of the individual items
Examination and critiquing of test items  by one or more colleagues and experts is known as:
The procedure of actually presenting the learning task that the examinees are required to perform in order to ascertain the degree of learning that has taken place during the teaching-learning process is referred to as test ________
_______ enquires whether the person being assessed is in such conditions as to give their best without hindrances and encumbrances in the attributes being assessed.
Economics is basically the study of the allocation of __________ among  alternative uses to satisfy human wants.
___________  was regarded as the father of economist because he was  the one that laid the foundation of economics as a discipline.
____________    is   a   social   science   because   it   studies   human  behaviour.
There are limited resources to satisfy the ____________  human wants
 Robbins   is   concerned   with   scarcity   and  _________  which are fundamental problems in the daily economic activity  of man.
The _____________  is the channel through which educational institutions  translate societal aspirations with concrete reality.
______________ is a curriculum guide used by schools for specifying which  subject to be taught.
The scheme of work should be  made as ________  as possible to accommodate individual differences of  the students.
There are two types of plans that are useful to a teacher (a) _______  term  and (b) long term
The history of teaching methods can be traced back to the period when _________  Philosophers.
Due to cases of impropriety and negligence, Lady Heavy was reomoved as a director. Six months after, her name remained on the letterhead and other documents. She took a loan in the name of the company.  The bank sought to recover and the company resisted. Advise
By Clause 3(2) of the Articles of Association of Wazobia Nig Ltd Mr Action was empowered to remove any director if it appears to him that the director is not diligent. Although he is not a director or shareholder, he removed Ms Prettie from office. She contested. Advise Ms Prettie
A person on whose directions and instructions the board of directors of a company are accustomed to act, is otherwise known as
Laws are classified according to the weight of their aurthority. For example, the National Open University Act Cap N63 LFN 2004 is an example of
The appeal system ensures that, at any rate, justice is done. It manifests greatly in criminal matters where it is said that it is better to set 100 criminals free than to convict one innocent person. All but one does not have appellate jurisdiction
A specific and unequivocal pledge, vow, assurance or guarante wllingly made by one party intending that if and only if the party to whom it is made nilly willy accepts he or she becomes bound to make good the undertaking. What a case of your word is your bond! In fact, the matter is so serious that the vow or promise is capable of being extended to a limitless class, even to the world at large. This scenario is classically displayed, brought and affirmed in
In one word, the description particulars in Question 6 is called
Mr Accuracy visted the Car Imports office. He asked for the price of the 2018 Rolls Royce machine. The sales clerk slipped quote into his hands. In the Quote, it was stated that he had five days within which to accept the price. After 15 days, he returned and made a cheque for the price. The sales clerk apologised and told him that the price had changed, five days ago. He consulted you for advise
All except one of the following is not a constituent ingredient which an acceptance of an offer must be meet before it can clothed with apron of validity
Consideration is executed if the act is or has been performed in return for a promise. It is executory if the offer as well as acceptance remains within the domain of promises and as to liability
Nigeria upholds the principle of equality before the law. That is, anu person who commits an offence must have his or her day in court. M, 17 years of age, appeared before the High Court for offence of manslaughter. Is this right?
In Nigeria there are generally two categories of courts in relation to the judicature. These are the superior cours and the inferiors. It is said that superior courts maintain a great tradition as against the inferior courts. So what is an inferior court?
Thee uneasy marriage between our customary criminal law and the English criminal law were tenuously maintained. Our customary law was subject to the whiteman’s standards.  Then came the point when the marriage broke down irretrievably. That was in
The catalogue is a record of materials held by the library ranging from books, magazines, documents, theses, etc. One of the following is not a function of the catalogue.
A person to whom goods are consigned for sale by a merchant residing abroad or at a distance away from the place of sale and who normally sells in his own name without disclosing that of his principal is called
The judicial authority for the proposition that the burden of proof lies on the seller to show that the price he asks or insists that the buyer must pay is reasonable in the in relevant circumstances can be found in the
Under the Sale of Goods Act, “existing goods” have been defined as goods owned or possessed by the seller. Following this defintion, can it be said that the word “existing” has the same meaning with “in existence” in an everyday sense?
The general law governing capacity to enter into contractual relations is contemporaneous with the capacity to create a valid sales of goods contract. This means that relevant is the case of
Generally, once an offer is made it takes a life of its own. It continues to live and keeps on living, always open for the offeree to accept until a legally recognizable event ensues to bring it to an end. The includes
Consideration is executed if the act is or has been performed in return for a promise. It is executory if the offer as well as acceptance remains within the domain of promises and as to liability
A group of four Nigerians approached you to register “Chat-up Airlines Ltd”. The company does not wish to issue all the shares. What is the minimum amount it must issue if the  authorised share capital is N100 million at par value of N1.00 per share?
Any situation in which a seller who is a non-owner, or a person with a defective title, confers a goood title on his buyer and in doing so defeats the claims of the true owner or of a person with a superior title is called
The conditions precedent to the invocation of the provision of section 9(5) as to right of action by the owner. The conditions include the following, excluding
Where the hirer under the relevant hire purchase agreement is in default, in consequence of which a notice has been served on him, a refusal to deliver up the goods activate the owner’s right of action. What section of Hire Purchase Act is in issue here
There are different types of companies recognised under the Nigerian law. This is not surprising Companies are the vehicle by which economic activities ventilated globally. A company established an enactment is called
One of the following is not one of the basic rules for determing when the property in the goods under a sale of goods contract passes
It is trite law that an agent cannot ordinarily confer ostensible authority on himself. He cannot pull himself up by his own shoe laces, per Lord Donaldson in United Bank of Kuwait v Hammond (1988) 1 WLR 1051 at 1066. This means
Under the Nigerian Hire Purchase Act, it is impossible for a body corporate to be on the wrong side of the law. Since its actions are facilitated by human agents, it can be liable to that extent. A body corporate can commit an offence under the Act through the act or omission of the following, except
Giant engaged an agent to find someone who could provide IT services. Unknown to Giant, FSL agreed to pay the agent 10% of the fees to be considered. What aspect of the agent’s fiduciary duties is in issue here
At times the agent acts without authority or exceeds his authority. In  such a case his actions cannot bind the principal.The principal may ratify the acts in question, and by so doing clothes the acts with authority. Ratification is not effective where
________  is the execution of an assignment to achieve result which can be quantitative or qualitative.
Concepts related to educational management include planning, organizing, staffing, communication, controlling, and _______  making.
________  is the mapping out in broad outline  what you  need to do in an  organization and the methods to do those things.
Organization brings together the activities necessary to achieve the objectives  of an __________
Organization takes the form of  grouping  activities  harmoniously and assigning them to appropriate ______  or departments.
_______  involves proper and effective selection of personnel to fill the roles  designed into the structure.
In an organization structure, staffing is divided into ___  and staff.
 Line position occurs where a _______  post carries greater responsibility  and  authority than the post immediately below it.
Ukeje (1992) identified _____  main logical steps in staffing.
Communication is the ________ of information and understanding from one  person to another person.
The first generation computers used _______ for their circuits
The following is the full meaning of ACE
Which generation of Computers used Vacuum tubes
Which generation of Computers used Transistors
Which generation of Computers was built on Artificial Intelligence
The following are examples of fourth generation computers except ___
The first generation computers is based on
The binary system has _____ digits
The following is the first device for counting and computation
________ invented “The Stepped Reckoner” which utilised the principle of multiplication through repeated addition
The following operating system (OS) is used in a network environment
What is the full meaning of RAM
What is the full meaning of ROM
The following are parts of system unit except ______
The following are types of LOGIC GATES except _______
Who developed the Boolean Algebra
Who writes the system software?
Which of the following is referred to as the computer brain
The following is a function of the CPU
The following are functions of the CPU except ___
Marking recapture sampling is a technique used to estimate population sizes of the following except ________
Which of these does not belong to the aquatic habitat? ______
Pollutants which are _____are  those that can be broken down by bacterial activities making them harmless substances
Some of the pollutants of __________ are refuse, and sewage agricultural wastes, crude refined oil and industrial wastes.
The part of wastewater contaminated with human faeces or urine is _____
Which of the following is non-biodegradable? ______
One of the best solutions to getting rid of non-biodegradable wastes is ______
The most serious environmental effect posed by hazardous wastes is ______
The following are examples of pollutants except ______
The study of tissues is called________________
……………………is the broad reading of this unit
These index characterised the rural communities excet.
All these models one used to know rural areas except
When communal work do not involves fixed wages for labor, services, it connotes
Anosmatic model is another name for …………
A model can be radical, mass-oriented can be called……….
Change is inevitable occurrence. It is triggered by some…………..
Some forces resist changes because of the following reasons except
All the factors may bring resistance to change except………..
………………is not recognised as the condition for change
Advancement in science forces people out of …………….way of live to scientific advancement
……… a collective endeavor to promote or resist change in a society
Political action by group or collective one is called
When the reaction by people are strained on social system is called…………..
………….is not a theory of social movement in Nigeria
……………is a theory that emphasise that social movement law and their foundation among people who are deprived of some good resources
……………..refers to age long, old, customary and established historical ways of doing things in a society.
…………..refers to custom or belief which is long establish action or pattern of behaviour in a community
…………those not included in traditional rulers before 1960 independence
………………….set people apart from others
In which country did the idea of Internet originate from?
WWW means
The following are areas of benefits of the Internet except _____
ARPA means
The following is an advantage of computer based learning
In selecting a software, the focus should be on
In computer lesson preparation, computer is any of the following except ______
The following are computer tutor applications except ______
Spreadsheet should be considered for the following except _____
Google was developed at
The one areas of active cell division in plants is the ______
Which of the following is found at the dome shaped bud of a plant?
Which portion of the flowering plant anchors the plant in the soil?
The xylem in a plant _____________
The parenchyma cells are characterized by the following except _____________
Each vascular bundle in a stem contains meristematic cells located ______
A plant’s roots _____
Plants grow throughout their lives because  ____ continues to divide
The natural world that surrounds an organism is called the organism’s __________________
Which of the following is not an outcome of high population density?
There are ______ species of seed-bearing vascular plants known today
elms, peas, cacti, lettuce, orchids, cotton. Which of these is not a conifer?
Which of these combination is not correct? i.maize alfalfa, marigold gmelina ii.cocoyam,dioscorea, carrot, cabbage iii.delonix,neem, eucalyptus, hibiscus iv. Marigold,carrot, maize, citrus.
The maximum number of individuals that can be sustained indefinitely by the resources of a given environment is called _____
The tissues that cover and protects plants surfaces are called ______
Non-vacuolated cells found in growth region in plants are ______
Which of the following is not correct?
which of the following is not a tissue that arise from meristems?
A mass of similar cells specialized for a particular function is a ______
Water and dissolved minerals in plants are conducted in _____
………….wielded power, authority and influence in Nigerian society
Failure of Nigerian since independence is the failure  to harness the traditional and ……….mobilization together
Richard constritution and …………….. Constitution accommodated traditional rulers in their constitution
1975 – 80 this was first time to bring…………development nearer to the people
Which of this, was not federal government assisted programme for economic development
………………is accepted as the capacity of a society to transform economic and political structure to fulfill its structure
………..are not regarded as agent of change
………………..can be regarded as spartial or political unit that gives a society a sense of belonging
…………….determine whether a community will grow or dies
A ………………social organisation is an ensential precondition of urban existence
………….has a wide range of effects on people’s live as well as on the structure of communities
…………… a relateively large and permanent settlement and patterns of behaviour
Communities may vary in degree but shares a …………..identity
……………are not type of people that live in urban settlement
Molton and ………………(1995) maintained that people’s involvement in direct change creates access to decision making process
These represent types of social changes activities except ……………
……………..are not included as those who are not able to protect themselves in a community
In community management, liberation is a name for ………..
In community policing, democratisation is another name for …………….
…………is an approach aimed at improving the personal qualities of individual in the community
All the following are formed from the eruption of molten magma except ____
which of the following is NOT true of sedimentary rock?
One of the following describes a conglomerate?
A rock formed by chemical precipitation is _____
Which of the following is a bioclastic rock?
Which of the following is NOT correct?
Feldspars, quartz, calcite and mica are _____
A mineral that can be scratched by a finger nail has a hardness of _____
A very hard mineral can _____
The tendency for minerals to break along flat planner surfaces is _____
Cambrian, ordovician, silurian, devonian, carboniferons, permian. All these are geologic periods of the _____ era
The earth is made of _____ major layers?
which of the following is the correct sequencial arrangement of the internal structure of the earth?
The earth’s mesophere is rich in ____
Which of the following is believed to have formed the continents separated by oceans
The study of earth quakes is referred to as ___
Which of the following is NOT part of the outer structure of the earth?
The process of solidification of molten rock is referred to as _____
An erupted, hot, liquid rock flowing on the surface of the earth is known as _____
What determines if a rock is chemically acidic or alkalinic?
A system of chronological measurement based on the study of the rock layers of the earth is called _____
The last glacial period of the current ice age is said to have ended about ____ years ago
The period that extends from 46 Billion years to the beginning of the Cambrian era is _____
When did the solar system began forming?
The period during which continents drifted about and eventually collected into a single landmass is referred to ____
The collision between Laurencia and Baltica resulted in the creation of ______
Geologists have been able to outline ____ historica events ?
Which of the following is the correct Chronological sequence of events?
Evidence from radiometric dating shows that the earth is _____
The largest defined unit of time is ____
…….is a relatively large, permanent settlement that leads a pattern of behaviour as urban settlement
Urban ………….is not worthy for its deversity, it would be a mistake to see every city residence as the same
All these are included except one of the major objectives
……………is a unit of social change
……………….approach with global (transitional) objectives and goals
……………… not recognise as a means of social change
……………is not included in educating people about injustice in a society
………… regarded as action to overcome  on-going traditional full measure of everyday rights and opportunities
………….is an approach where mobilising the youths to participate for action meant to sensitise them, for collective efforts
……………….may refer to nation of social progress or social cultural revolution

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