TMA Practice questions

EBIT is usually the same thing as ……
The cost of monitoring management is considered to be a(n) ……………
Financial intermediaries……….
Chose the odd one out
Which of these is an example of financial intermediaries in the provision of long term fund?
Which of these is an  example of a specialized bank in Nigeria
All of the following influence capital budgeting cash flows except
When a firm takes over or merges with a company in the same industry & at same level, it is known as
An investor has identified a three year investment paying 11% per annum.If he invests N850, how much will his investment be worth at the end of the 3years?
A project has a cost of =N= 35,000 and its expected net cash inflows are =N= 9,000 per annum for six years. If the cost of capital is 12% calculate the project’s payback period to the nearest year
Wealth maximization being the objective of firms can be achieved through a combination of goals except
An operating lease is similar to a finance lease in all respect except that
The finance department tends to reflect the management style of the financial manager. This style is determined by…….
A sum was lent out at the rate of 20% per annum for 4 years and yield simple interest of =N= 80,000.How much was lent out
Dividends are decided by
A loan of =N= 10,000 borrowed from your employer for 3 years at the rate of 9% to buy a bike. If your employer required 3 equal end of year repayments from you. The outstanding payments for the second year will be
All of the followings are application of funds except
The largest provider of short term credit for a business is …..
……. Occurs if a business is trying to support large volume of trading with little long term capital at its disposal
A(n)….. Would be an example of a principal, While a(n)…. Would be an example of an agent
The function of the financial manager that involves frim’s overall growth either by merger or integration can be called
Which of the following types of bank loans generally have the highest effective rate of interest
How much will =N= 7,000 amount to at 11% per annum if compounded quarterly for 5 years
One advantage of a financial lease is that
In a typical loan amortization schedule, the amount of interest paid each period
In deciding the appropriate level of current assets for the firm, management is confronted with
If the opening balance of a firm trade credit is =N= 20,000,The expected trade credit is =N= 30,000 for 180days. What is the Average age of the trade credit
The cancellation of the existing shares and their replacement with the larger number of new shares with a smaller nominal value is known as
The difference between the cash balance on the firm’s books and the balance shown on the bank’s books is called….
What is the simple interest of 10,000 lent out at the rate of 20% per 2 months for 5 months
The function of financial manager that involves management of effective capital structure of the frim is called
A loan of =N= 10,000 borrowed from your employer for 3 years at the rate of 9% to buy a bike. If your employer required 3 equal end of year repayments from you. The annual instalment payments will be
All of the followings are sources of funds except
In a typical loan amortization schedule, the amount of money paid each period
Spontaneous financing includes
The minimum investment requirement in current assets is referred to as
=N= 100,000 was lent out for three(3) years and yielded simple interest of =N= 30,000.What is the rate per annum
The type of lease that includes a third party, a lender is called a(n)
The difference between cash balance on the firm’s books and the balance shown on the banks’ books is called
Issuing houses are mostly
In  formulating working capital policies, the following factors needs to be considered except………
The funds available for the day to day running of an organization or business is called……………..
A process in which a firm periodically compares its actual revenues, cost and expenses with its budget is known as………….
The project Evaluation decision method that is commonly used by accountants as a performance and evaluation technique is called…………
Cash management is primarily not concerned with…………
Two mutually exclusive investment proposals have “Scale differences”(I.e, the cost of the projects differ).Ranking these projects on the basis of IRR,NPV, and PI methods ……..give contradictory results.
The time interval when the initial outlay(Lum Sum) will be recouped is know as…………………
Adebisi intends to purchase a new machine that will generate an additional N100,000 in revenue and cost savings of N20,000 per annum.The first year depreciation on the machine is N30,000.The after -tax operating cash flows for the first year is……… if Adebisi has a tax rate of 40%
Re-order level minus (Normal Consumption x Average re-order period is called…….
….. Are assets owned to the firm by various categories of customers
The working Capital required for business recurring peak periods is called
A type of capital structure at which the weighted average cost of capital is minimum and the value of the firm is maximum is called
If capital is to be rationed for only the current period,a firm should probably first consider selecting projects by descending order of …………..
An added annual depreciation amount of N60,000 associated with a project under evaluation will increase operating cash flows by ….. For a company with a 40% tax rate
Net working capital refers to
In determining the present value of cash flows that  covers a series of years,…………………………….. Is the reverse of a compounding method
In optimum level of stock, Cost incurred to hold the stock includes
A(n)….. Would be an example of a principal, While a(n)…. Would be an example of an agent
….. Is used as a discount rate in determine the present value of future cash flows associated with capital projects
The length of time between the payment for purchase of raw materials and collection of account receivable generated by sales and management of creditors is referred to as…………….
A decision that is concerned with the management of stocks and creditors is
……. Occurs if a business is trying to support large volume of trading with little long term capital at its disposal
The mixture of different sources of funds is referred to as……….
A project’s Profitability Index (P.I) is equal to the ratio of the ………. Of a project’s future cash flows to the project’s ………………………………..
The estimation of relevant cash flows for capital budgeting is done on an after tax basis because……
Capital structure theories excludes
The payback for a project with a N7,500 outlay that has annual cash flows of N2,500/year for four(4) years is ……..
The most important factor of an operating Cycle is
The ………. Method provides correct rankings of mutually exclusive projects, when the firm is not subject to capital rationing
One of the following is a way in which budget can be used as an economic policy instrument
who defined counselling as an interactive process cojoining the counsellee who is vulnerable and who needs assistance, and the counsellor who is trained and educated to give this assistance, the goal of which is to help the counsellee learn to deal more effectively with himself and the reality of his environment.
How many types of  counselling do we have?
Name the type of counselling we have
Characteristically, membership of a group counselling session ranges from
Counselling as a guidance service is classified into these areas of specialization except
Basically, counsellors are trained individuals whose characteristics are such that increase their effectiveness while discharging their professional duties.These characteristics does not include:
Every counselling relationship is rooted in the following except:
Counselling approaches fall under ……… main categories
……….falls within the various counseling therapies
……… is a process whereby a counselor helps one to understand himself/herself and the causes of his/her problems
The ….. type of method of counseling involves situations that give counsellees the opportunity to decide the skills or knowlegde needed to solve their problem
In a typical counseling encounter, a counselor can use the following except one as his counseling technique to progressively solve his clients’ problem.
The first skill to be acquired by any practicing counselor is
There are…….types of questioning
In counseling, open ended questioning seeks to elicit information from clients using
Summarization skill is the ability to pick major points of a conversation to bring about…………….
How many types of counseling skill do we have?
Essentials of counseling and counselors’ qualities include the following except:
The qualities of a professional counselor include the following except:
We have……stages of counseling procedures and processes
Modeling is a ……. Learning technique of counseling
…….. Sees self-control as a method of assisting individuals to assume control of their behaviour instead of being controlled from outside
…….. Is the ability to display a mental process of understanding in a pattern that elicits sound reasoning
Behaviour change that involves imitation of desirable behaviour is said to be an aspect social learning. This is also called…….technique of counseling
Which of the options below is not a counseling technique
……is a technique that invloves a pre-arranged contractual and delibrate use of reinforcement to elicit a desirable behaviour
……involves an arrangement between two or more persons specifying what each person will do for  a stated period of time
… a plausible counseling technique in which a counselor and his  client can go into in order to elicit right or desirable action from clients
……… is a process whereby behaviours increases as a function of antecedent event.
……. Is described as anything an individual does or any activity that can be observed, recorded and measured
All the following items are needed for pattern drafting except
The following are sewing machine accessories execept
These factors influence the choice of clothes
Which of the following is pattern  and design on fabric?
 Which of the following is not a type of iron for cloth?
Cotton is able to absorb moisture up to ——% of its own weight
The following are  artificial or man-mde fibres execept
All the following  are natural  fibres except
Fibres can be classified into the following groups
Vegetable fibres are —–
Cotton is able to absorb moisture up to –% of its weight
Which of the following is not a type of iron for cloth
All the following are natural fibres EXCEPT
Cotton is obtained from the fibres of the cotton balls surrounding the
Which of the following is pattren and design on fabic
The following items are not needed for pattern drafting
These factors influence the choice of cloth  figure,colourand occasion
The following are sewing machine accessories
Sharp and very slender metalused for holding materials in position for sewing is called
Vegetable fibres are
Running stitch back stitch,over  sewing stitch are examples  of
Embroidary stitch are best used with
A considerable loss of strength in a yarn intesting shows that the fabric is
If fabric burns in and out of flame and smells like vinegar,it is
One of these fabrics will melt and shrink when held in flame
One of these is not a finishing process
Smple hemming is suitable for garments like
Horizontal lines is best for
Vertical stripes  on fabrics is best for
Sex is the coming together of a matured man and a matured _____
Sex is an ____________ part of one`s life.
Sexuality impacts and is impacted by cultural,political, philosophical and __
Socio-cultural aspect of sexuality include historical development and_____
According to EGC 815 human sexuality has ____ aspects.
On of the following is not a purpose for sextuality ____
The propounder of sexual response cycle  model are Williams Masters and__
Human sexual response cycle consists of _____phases
The phase in which one attains the intrinsic motivation to pursue sex is____
Diabetes can cause nerve and artery damage in the genital area hindering __
Two people are involved in counselling the counsellor and _____
____number of counselling types were identified in the course material
The type of counselling applied in educational setting is called ___counselling
One who has received professional training to counsel clients is called___
EGC 815 was developed by ____________
__is not an element required in effective  persnonal relationship in counselling
The tpye of counselling relevant to couples in their marriage is called____
couples in a happy family will enjoy peace and harmony if ____belief is same
Two unmarried adult living together and having sexual relationship is_____
_____is very important in every family for their presence is very important
___ is the foundation  and basis of every community and society.
Religious beliefs  is of the opinion that there is a supreme _____
An example of electronic media is______
The place where formal education is given to adolescents is called____
Counselling issues relating to choice of career, and development is____
The type of counselling that deals with psychological and emotional well being is____
Norms and beliefs even food eaten and language spoken differs across____
One of these is not is a factor that influence marital stability
Biological function of human sexuality includes physiological processes except____
EGE 815  was developed by a seasoned lecturer  by name__________
The staves in music are—–
Human activity determined by culture which expresses emotion is
There are five lines and —-spaces in a stave
Example of human voice is—-
A common instrument world wide is called
German meaning for self sound is ____
Aerophone instrument produce sounds when—is blown in them
Example of male voice is
Music attracts — from all humans
Idiophones are—-sound instrument
The common male voice is tenor and ____
String instrument commonly played by female singers is called___
What type of music do mothers use for sothingeffect on children?
Example of accidental signs is
Hypen is apunctuation mark used toprolong a pitch by —beat
We use musical instrument to produce —-
When every body singthe same melody or tune,it is referred to as—-
The length of time it takes sound or tone to vibrate and be heard  is called
In vocal music how many people can sing alone
The most universal of all musical instrument is
Olua festival is practiced in Osi otun in ——
Afan is an instrument used among the Etasako of—state
The unique instrument uowned by every one is called
Example of accidental signs is
String instrument commonly played by female singers is called____
The two kinds ofmusical instrument are man made and—–
When every body singthe same melody or tune,it is referred to as—-
The length of time it takes sound or tone to vibrate and be heard  is called
We use musical instrument to produce —-
The most universal of all musical instrument is
Negative reinforcement involves…
Positive reinforcement refers…
Punishment refers to…
In social psychology, time-out is also known as…
Yates (1970) defined the terms counter conditioning as …
… is father of psychoanalytic theory of personality
All the scholars worked on personality theory except…
Freud believes that humans are shaped or determined by…
Instincts in man are grouped into…and…
… is a biological component

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