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The term ‘peace building’ came into widespread use after _____ Agenda for Peace?



Disagreement, crises, war, violence, opposition and revolt are words synonymous with _____?


Much as conflict might appear devastating, it may bring a _____ result that will further enhance growth and development.


A conflict that occurs when people of diiferent religions fail to co-exist with others as a result of religious differences is _____ conflict?


Gender based violence is usually borne out of oppression and _____?


The Are-Onakakanfo was an office comprising Army Generals in ____ traditional system?


Conflict can also engender _____ if constructively managed


Before the nineteenth century, the system of government in Yourabaland was largely _____?


Much as conflict might appear devastating, it may bring a _____ result that will further enhance growth and development.


Conflict that is induced by the competition for natural resources is _____ resource conflict?


The political structure of Tiv was centred around a secret society called the _____?

Mba tsa



The concept of political system was popularised by ______

David Easton

  1. public or national interest

Choices made by public officers between several alternatives is regarded as _____


The group theory was developed in______


According to Rapaport, games used to stimulate real – life situations typpically include ______ elements


According to elite theories, power, is therefore not only distributed unevenly but very unevenly_____


The major functions performed by political structures are______

All of the above

When a person balances cost against benefits before taking any action, it’s known as____

Rational choice theory

An abstract construct to represent what goes on in the real world for purposes of analysis is known as______

A system

The following Scholars are regarded as structural functionalist except ______

Aaron wilderskey


The main functions of the local government councils are as enshrined in the fourth schedule to the ____constitution


The Public Complaints Commission as it is known in Nigeria is better known as____


The supremacy of the Nigerian constitution is clearly stated in section____


____simply means ‘rights standing’ in law.

Locus standi

Immunity is the exemption of ____ from legal proceedings



These are powers of administrative authorities except

Killing people


Regulating Administration is one of the features of _____

Administrative law

___is an order of court commanding the performance of a public duty whicg a person or body is bound to perform


The police under the civilian regime are accused of being used by the ____


All are types of prerogative remedies in the Nigerian Legal System except



One of the major differences between public administration and Private administration is

Private administration is profit based while public administration is based on collective good

According to Olowu (2000) one of the ________of a local government is to have own a treasury, a separate budget and accounts, and its own taxes to produce substantial part of its revenue.


Local government was known under colonial rule as

The Colonial Administration System, native authority sstem…wrong

Famous acronym


The two divergent views regarding the nature of public administration are

Managerial and integral views

Some of the major advantages of public private partnership include all under listed but______

Corruption free

________Administration is the organization and direction of human and material resources to achieve desired ends

Pfiffner 1960

One of the following is not a dimension of Local Government



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