UNIMAID Student Made An Autonomous Robot (video)

Nigerians got talent. Despite the insurgencies in Borno and its environs, these did not deter the students from been creative and excelling in their fields. The idea was mooted quite some time ago. A need for a get together of techies and tech enthusiasts in Borno, where they can rub minds, collaborate on projects, start ventures, organize events and do things we couldn’t even think of now.

So recently we started bringing the idea to life in the form of Borno Tech Forum. The main activity is the semi-formal fortnightly meeting which we have carried out two so far.

In the first one Abubakar Dala presented Blender, the open source 3D design software. He also introduced ArcGIS another open source software for Geographical Information System.

The second one is even more interesting. Harun Abubakar , an Engineering student from Unimaid presented his autonomous robot and a prototype of an alcohol detection system that can be incorporated in automobiles.

We made a small video of Harun’s presentation because we think it will be nice to share it with the world.

Watch the video below..

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