UTME 2016 Government Past Questions and Answers.

The major objective of pressure group is to

A.      Change government

B.      Form government

C.      Influence government

D.      Fund election

The foreign policy principle that informed Nigeria’s position in the liberation of African states is

A.      Economic diplomacy

B.      Afrocentrism

C.      Non-alignment

D.      Non-interference

A type of political association that brings the rich and the poor together is

A.      Broker party

B.      Charismatic party

C.      Elite party

D.      Mass party

In Nigeria, the foundations of federalism was laid by the

A.      Macpherson Constitution

B.      Lyttleton Constitution

C.      Clifford Constitution

D.      Richards Constitution

Which of the following is a form of delegated legislation?

A.      Case law

B.      Convention

C.      Edict

D.      Acts

Franchise can be described as the right to

A.      Vote at elections

B.      Form political parties

C.      Vote and be voted for

D.      Contest in elections

A major factor that necessitated the adoption of federalism in Nigeria was the

A.      Intention of creating states

B.      Diversity of culture and language

C.      Abundance of natural resources

D.      Low level of literacy

The office of the Prime Minister in Nigeria was created in

A.      1951

B.      1954

C.      1959

D.      1957

The Nigeria Police is an agency of the

A.      Judicial arm of government

B.      Ministry of Defence

C.      Executive arm of government

D.      Ministry of Interior

The legislature checks the excesses of the executive through

A.      Appointment of civil servants

B.      Screening of governors

C.      Scrutiny of the budget

D.      Nomination of judges

Government by the best citizens is referred to as

A.      Aristocracy

B.      Democracy

C.      Oligarchy

D.      Plutocracy

The charter establishing the AU was signed in

A.      Togo

B.      Libya

C.      South Africa

D.      Ethiopia

In Nigeria, items in the exclusive list are under the jurisdiction of

A.      Regional government

B.      Central government

C.      Local government

D.      State government

Which of these factors motivated colonialism in Africa?

A.      Culltural superiority

B.      Scientific superiority

C.      Humanitarialism

D.      Economic interest

The responsibility of giving policy guidelines to the board of corporation rests with the

A.      Board of Directors

B.      Minister

C.      Chairman

D.      Permanent Secretary

Which of these institutions make bye-laws?

A.      Council of State

B.      National Assembly

C.      Local Government Council

D.      State House of Assembly

Which of the following commissions was established by the 1979 Constitution?

A.      Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

B.      Federal Character Commission

C.      Federal Road Safety Commission

D.      Federal Electoral Commission

Federal and state governments legislate on items in the

A.      Residual list

B.      Legislative list

C.      Exclusive list

D.      Concurrent list

In Nigeria, Public corporations are established by

A.      Executive order

B.      A bye law

C.      An act of parliament

D.      Military decree

In the Hausa pre-colonial political system, the spiritual and powers were vested in the

A.      Emir

B.      Madawaki

C.      Galadima

D.      Waziri

Which of the following approves the annual budget of the UN?

A.      The General Assembly

B.      The Secretariat

C.      The Security Council

D.      Trusteeship Council

Lagos was annexed in

A.      1861

B.      1871

C.      1814

D.      1853

A disadavantage of the one-party system is that it

A.      Is costly to operate

B.      Does not tolerate opposition

C.      Does not care about the feelings of the masses

D.      Discourage periodic elections

49.   At the formation of the OAU, Nigeria belonged to the

A.      Monrovia Group

B.      Casaldanca Group

C.      Lagos Group

D.      Brazzaville Group

The ECOWAS Monitoring Group began it’s operation in

A.      Sierra-Leone

B.      Guinea

C.      Gambia

D.      Liberia


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