UTME 2016 Government Past Questions and Answers

A major opposition party at the national level in Nigeria’s Second Republic was

A.      NPP

B.      UPN

C.      PRP

D.      GNPP

The exclusion of Africans from colonial administration is associated with

A.      Policy of assimilation

B.      Indirect rule system

C.      Policy of association

D.      Indignant policy

During the 1964 Federal Election in Nigeria, the United Progressive Grand Alliance comprised the

A.      NNDP, NPC and NDC

B.      NPC, UMBC and BYM

C.      UMBC, AG, NEPU and NCNC

D.      UMBC, BYM, NEPU and NPC

Which of the following binds Commonwealth Nations together?

A.      Uniform Political System

B.      Common Currency

C.      Common Language

D.      Common Colonial History

A structure of government in which power is shared between the centre and the units is

A.      Confederal

B.      Oligarchic

C.      Unitary

D.      Federalism

Which of the following performs oversight functions?

A.      Judiciary

B.      Civil service

C.      Executive

D.      Bureaucracy

Foreign Policy refers to

A.      a policy made by a country when it is at war

B.      the  general principles of a states international behavior

C.      a policy made by a foreign country.

D.      a policy made by a country for foreigners

“ From each according to his ability to each according to his needs” is the principles of

A.      Communism

B.      Socialism

C.      Capitalism

D.      Communalism

The maintenance of law and order is a function of the

A.      Legislature

B.      Military

C.      Judiciary

D.      Executive

The development of attitudes and beliefs about a political system is known as

A.      Political orientation

B.      Political apathy

C.      Political culture

D.      Political socialization

A nation could be identified through its

A.      Military strength

B.      Common language and culture

C.      Population

D.      Constitution

A network of groups of people in an institution expressing human association is

A.      Community

B.      Society

C.      Nation

D.      State

The Commission on Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration is an organ of

A.      The United Nations

B.      Common Wealth

C.      Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

D.      African Union

The policy of assimilation was the colonial policy of the

A.      French

B.      British

C.      Portugese

D.      German

The appointment, promotion and discipline of civil servants is the responsibility of the

A.      Civil Service Commission

B.      Public Complaints Commission

C.      Judicial Service Commission

D.      Public Service Institute of Nigeria

A country is said to operate an unwritten constitution if the

A.      constitution is not contained in a single document

B.      consititution cannot be written down

C.      existing constitution can be suspended at will

D.      country is not having a printed constitution

The form of government headed by a king is

A.      Monarchy

B.      Presidentialism

C.      Fascism

D.      Republicanism

Citizens exercise their sovereignty by

A.      Attending political rallies

B.      Voting at elections

C.      Registration to vote

D.      Their right to sue the state

Which of these is an attribute of government?

A.      Political power

B.      Sovereignty

C.      Constitution

D.      Definite territory

Nigeria Judiciary is headed by

A.      Attorney-General and Minister of Justice

B.      Solicitor-General of the Federation

C.      Chief Justice of the Federation

D.      President, Court of Appeal

The modern theory of sovereignty was popularized by

A.      John Locke

B.      Thomas Hobbes

C.      Jean Bodin

D.      Baron De Montesquieu

Public opinion is commonly referred to as the composite reaction of the citizenry on

A.      Matters relating to association

B.      Legal rights of foreigners

C.      Matters affecting government

D.      Key issues that affect them

In order to assist fellow developing countries, Nigeria initiated the

A.      New Partnership for African Development

B.      Economic Community of West African States

C.      Concept of Medium Powers

D.      Technical Aid Corps Scheme

In the Igbo traditional system, the highest democratic  institution is the

A.      Umunna

B.      Oha-na-eze

C.      Umuada

D.      Ofo Title Holders

Separation of powers as an ingredient of the presidential system implies the

A.      Distinction of governmental powers

B.      Demarcation of levels of government

C.      Distinction between head of state and head of government

D.      Sharing of government powers




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