Why students fail or score low marks in exams

Students fail their examinations or score lower than expected either for some few reasons: they did not know what to do, or never paid attention to instructions or did not heed to the factors that guarantee success most times also is lack of preparedness.
Student’s mental approach towards study, how much a student is particular about his study, attendance in lectures, method of preparing for exam, exam taking tactics and strategies, making good and helpful notes, direction of study, method of learning, memorizing, concentration, confidence and study related extra-curricular activities are the factors which make him succeed in exam. A brilliant student pays attention to all the factors which make him succeed in exam.
If a student fails or gets less marks in exam, he is weak in one or more of the above factors. Sometimes a student studies a lot but he gets less marks in exam because he may not be aware of test taking strategies which tells him how to express his learning in best way in exam or reproduce his learning in a good way in exam to convince the checker to give you more marks. Exam taking tactics and strategies plays a vital role. He should know how to give a good presentation on answer sheet with the help of headings, sub-headings, diagram, charts and tables. A good presentation on answer-sheet makes answer easily interpretable and appealing to checker.
It is usually heard that a student is intelligent or dull. I say, “Every student is brilliant or no student is dull if he knows all the factor for success in exam and improve all the factors.
The main factors for the success of student in exam are as follows which are briefly explained here to give you just the idea.
  1. Effective and directed study. Study is not just reading, it is reading for learning. A student should know how to study effectively, how to study more in little time. Study should be directed. Directed study means that you study according to the nature of exam and according to the way it should be learnt.
  2. How to make preparation for exam. A student should know how to make preparation for exam. Preparation for exam is not a task of day or two, it needs daily study and you should know all the tactics for preparation for exam.
  3. Making good notes. Making useful notes plays a vital role for success in exam. It helps you to learn easily and with perfection. Notes are used for revision in futures for exam.
  4. Test taking strategies. Test taking strategies show you how to present your answer on answer sheet in befitting way so that the checker give you more marks for your answers. Test taking strategies tells you all the tactics for exam like time management for each question and how to tackle different question.
  5. Time management. Time management enables you to utilize your time more productively. Time management includes time tables and syllabus etc

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