Years ago when I met you
I was thinking all about me
Months apart you showed me
Why it has to be about us
I still did not comprehend
you were willing to apprehend
My human self felt limited
Your spirit made me rooted


Years ago as I moved on
I was thinking how I got here
Moments apart you told me
I was here because I chose you
People might not understand
How he took me from quicksand
My inner self thus appreciate
How your embrace made me great



Years ago I read about me
I was thinking all these is you
Seconds apart you said to me
If I abide in you then I will see more
I continued in your glory
And dwelled in you daily
My life spawned up mysteries
That made the world’s history


Years ago was halfway through time
I’m here still thinking it through
Blinks apart you made me know
With you I’ll thresh more mountains
I am living this life of joy
And soaking with peace I enjoy
My soul’s fulfillment is been foretold
And years to come it will be unfold

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