Jamb 1978 Government Past Questions and Answers UTME (1-10)

1.       Democracy means a system of government in which

A.      The majority rules

B.      The minority rules

C.      There is no party system

D.      The people rule

E.       None of the above

2.       A constitution is federal if

A.      It provides for a presidential system

B.      It is unwritten

C.      It is not unitary

D.      The central and component units of authorities are co-ordinate and equal

E.       There is a division of powers between a central and a number of other component authorities

3.       The Executive is

A.      A committee of the legislature

B.      The body that makes the laws

C.      The body that executes the policies of government

D.      The highest organ of government

E.       None of the above

4.       The judiciary is

A.      An arm of the Executive

B.      The body which makes the law

C.      A body of lawyers

D.      The body which interprets the law

E.       The body which enforces the law

5.       The separation of powers means the same as

A.      A presidential system of government

B.      Checks and balances

C.      The rule of law

D.      Supremacy of the judiciary

E.       None of the above

6.       Rights are

A.      Claims which the law allows

B.      Claims against the state

C.      Claims against other individuals

D.      Claims which are natural to men

E.       What are written in the constitution

7.       Pressure groups are

A.      Organisations which want to overthrow the government

B.      Organizations which seek to influence the policies of the government

C.      Associations of people who share the same ideology

D.      Political parties

E.       Religious orders

8.       A cabinet system of government is practiced in

A.      The USSR

B.      The USA

C.      The People’s Republic of China

D.      The United Kingdom

E.       North Korea

9.       The citizen’s obligations are

A.      What the government orders

B.      Duties the individual imposes on himself

C.      What the law requires of the individual

D.      What the military decrees

E.       What political parties demand of their members

10.   An electoral system is the system which governs

A.      The appointment of the Pope

B.      How people vote

C.      The conduct of elections

D.      The appointment  of cabinet ministers

E.       The appointment of judges


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