Jamb 1978 Government Past Questions and Answers UTME (11-20)

11.       An unwritten constitution is one which

A.      Is not subject to judicial review

B.      Is only partially written

C.      Is not written at all

D.      Is made up solely of a seat of conventions

E.       None of the above

12.       Delegated legislation is legislation

A.      Which is not submitted to parliament

B.      Made by judicial tribunals

C.      Made by a minister acting under an Act of Parliament

D.      Made by local government

E.       Made by parastatals

13.       Before colonial rule, Yoruba traditional rulers were appointed by

A.      The people acting through their representatives

B.      The Ogboni

C.      Ifa (oracle) priest

D.      Oduduwa

E.       Kingmakers

14.       The first political party, properly so-called, was formed in Nigeria in

A.      1916

B.      1923

C.      1944

D.      1948

E.       1951

15.       The Lol Cadres, a major factor in the constitutional development of the French colonial territories, was introduced in

A.      1940

B.      1946

C.      1950

D.      1956

E.       1960

16.       The Coussey Commission Report laid the ground-work for the eventual independence of

A.      Nigeria

B.      Gambia

C.      Gold Coast (Ghana)

D.      Sierra Leone

E.       Liberia

17.       The (former) Western Region of Nigeria became internally self-governing in

A.      1955

B.      1956

C.      1957

D.      1958

E.       1959

18.       The first Pan African conference was held in

A.      Paris

B.      Brussels

C.      London

D.      New York

E.       Manchester

19.       The Public Service Commission (Nigeria) is responsible for the appointment of all

A.      Judges of High Court

B.      Officials of public corporations

C.      Civil servants

D.      Military personnel

E.       University teachers

20.   Constitutional cases in Nigeria can only be raised in the first instance in

A.      The Supreme Court

B.      The High Courts

C.      The Courts of Appeal

D.      The Sharia Court of Appeal

E.       None of the above


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