Jamb 1978 Government Past Questions and Answers UTME (21-30)

21.       Which of the following would act for the Head of State when he is out of the country?

A.      The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

B.      The Chief of Staff Army

C.      The Chief of Staff, Supreme Military Headquarters

D.      The Chief of Staff, Air Force

E.       The General Officer Commanding, First Division

22.       To raise funds, local governments can levy

A.      Import duties

B.      Income taxes

C.      Excise duties

D.      Rates

E.       Profit tax

23.       The Economic Commission for Africa is an agency of

A.      The OAU

B.      The Commonwealth

C.      The United Nations

D.      The OCAM

E.       The African Development Bank

24.       Nigeria is not a member of

A.      The OAU

B.      The Security Council of the UN

C.      The African Development Bank

D.      The Commonwealth

E.       The OCAM

25.       The primary function of political parties is to

A.      Oppose the government

B.      Aggregate interests

C.      Mobilize public opinion

D.      Provide welfare for their members

E.       Provide support for the military

26.       The OAU was formed in

A.      1946

B.      1956

C.      1960

D.      1963

E.       1965

27.       All members of the newly constituted local government councils in Nigeria were

A.      Directly elected

B.      Indirectly elected

C.      Appointed by the State Governors

D.      Appointed by the Head of State

E.       None of the above

28.       Which of the following is true as a major function of elections?

A.      Elections serve the purpose of  the leaders to office in a modern state

B.      The elections give the people a chance to eliminate opponents who are in office

C.      They are means of testing the popularity of politicians

D.      Politicians use elections as tools to deceive the populace

E.       Elections are a means by which politicians keep themselves in power

29.       The first Governor-General of Nigeria was

A.      Lord Lugard

B.      Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

C.      Sir James Robertson

D.      Major General Aguiyi Ironsi

E.       The Oni of ife

30.   The supreme policy-making organ in the Organisation of African Unity is

A.      The Council of Ministers

B.      The Assembly of Heads of State and Government

C.      The General Secretariat

D.      The specialized commissions

E.       None of the above


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