Demographic segmentation classifies customers according to the following except one.
Consumer market market goods  for mass consumption.
Financial industry is not oligopolistic in nature
The four Ps of marketing include the following, except one.
Service has an intangibility character.
Sustainability is not a considerable factor for segmentation.
Service industry includes  which of these options?
Marketing research establishes the needs and wants and the target market.
Production ends in the factory.
The history of entrepreneurship in Nigeria can be classified under the following stages
Going rate involves fixing prices which match others in the market place.
Good marketing plan must not be comprehensive.
An entrepreneur possess one of the following characteristic.
Banking sector reforms have changed the traditional way of doing banking business.
Untrained staff has nothing to do with the image of a bank.
what can improve the image of a bank.
Banking transactions demand possession of a certain tolerable level of literacy by the customer.
A relationship marketer need not be Cheerful or  having an inexhaustible sense of humour
Marketing is done in the following place
Which of the following statement is not correct of cash management
Business need to hold cash to achieve the following motives except
Compare with cash management, the management of receivables is not very vital to the business as a going concern.
Working capital management refers to the management of
In a producing enterprise, imventories comprise
Which of the following represents a true components of short-term assets
Which of this statement is not correct of inventories
The practice of holding cash for investing in profit -making opportunities as and when the need arises is known as
Inventory management is a tool to aid excessive and inadequate levels of inventories and maintain sufficient inventory for the smooth operations of the enterprise in terms of production and sales output.
Which of these statements is not correct of an effective inventory management
Which statement is not correct?
Which of the following is not an essential features of a partnership
Which is a feature of a partnership  business in Lagos state
There are four main forms of business organizations – the Sole proprietorship, Cooperative, Partnership, and Limited Liability Company.
A company is legally formed by meeting the conditions stipulated in the
The promoters of a limited liability company must apply for registration at the Corporate Affairs Commission together with both a
The Memorandum of Association contains the following except
Which is not a feature of the Articles of Association
In company formation, the power to issues a Certificate of Incorporation is vested on the
Which is not a features of a company
Which is not a reaseon for planning
According to Christy and Roden (1973) financial management itself requires the simultaneous consideration of following financial decisions except
Which is not an example of current liabilities
Which is an example of current liabilities
Lease financing is an important source of short-term funds. It may be used as a source of financing company expansion or for modernization of the productive apparatus of the firm.
Which is not a type of lease finance
Which of the following is not a step that could be used in the forecasting process.
Christy and Roden (1973) defines finance as
Which of the following involves graphing the variables to identify the pattern for a given number of years
Planning helps to identify the output desire and the inputs required to achieve an objective.
Which is the best way of  appraising employee performance?
Which of the following is not an objective of appraisal interview?
Communication model has certain processes. In the ______________ process, the receiver interprets the message and translates it into meaningful information
Which of the following is the crux of the communiation process?
Communication between two employees on the same level is called?
A strike that is quick, sudden and unauthorized is called:
A strike that  involves many organizations in the same line of business forcing the concerned organization to yield to the demands of its Union is:
Norms and values belong to which layer of the organization culture?
One of these is not a characteristic  of organizational culture:
On the job experiences include all but one of the following:
Events are occurrence to communicate particular message to target audiece
Competition events involve learning between two people
The client has preset idea in mind
Technology adoption hinders competitive advantage
The principle of commitment demand full involvement of all individual
All events are the same project for the company
Good record keeping help in protecting your business
How a company treats customer does not determine its success
Security manager maintain law and order
Venue manager is entrusted with the task of successful conduct of event
Assigning responsibility can help to boost efficiency
VAT mean
Music is an important facet of human life
The event manager need not be transparent
People with disabilities need to be treated equally
The company need not keep record in a systematic way
Organisation and cordination determines the success of an event
PPL means
Logistic facilities is necessary for outside event
An unsatisfiedemployee can still deliver excellently to customer
who oversee the activities and the use of facilities in an event?
Employee training  is not very paramount in an organization
Is it necessary to evaluate activities of an event objectively?
Excise duty is the tax levied for the sale and supply of cars
What task retates to processing your media?
What is the process of generating creative ideas through group effort
What type of gathering is sponsured by business for its employee e.t.c.
Who engage your audience with supernatural mind readind and memory stunts
Seminar last for a short while or one to two days
Which gathering symbolises a sense of togetherness and binding
In the public sector management is ultimately answerable to the people through the………………….
Horizontal interaction is with people at the same level of the ………………….
Organization can be categorized as either private or …………..
Public sector organizations are establishments and institutions that essentially public………………………
When carrying out comparative study of public administration one needs to know what constitute the units of ………….
A comparative study of administrative system may be based on……………
There can be a comparative study of the theories of public………………….
In evey political system the public administrative system is a subsystem of the ……………
A claim of isolating the administrative system for study would amount to unrealistic over ………….
A third problem of the comparative study of public administration is that of the value of the …………….
One of the following is concerned with sourcing  a pool of candidates to apply to an organization for a job:
Which of the following is the most important in an organization?
Human Resources Management cannot be described as:
Who described industrial relations as the making and administering of rules which regulate employment relationships and the study of the institution that regulate jobs?
Human resources managers derive their strategic values from being one of the following:
_________ identified  27 differences between Human Resources Management and Personnel management
Which  of the following is not a similarity beween HRM and Personnel management?
The actual acheivements compared with the objectives of the job is refered to as
The three important components aligning the organizational strategy with HR practices are:
Which of the theoretical approaches to organizational entry believes that people’s self-perception  is  important
Determining the duties and characteristics of positions to be staffed is called:
When a message passes through many people it leads to a communication problem called:
The process involved in recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating, compensating and laying off people is called:
To get the best out of new employees they must be tested for their suitability for the organizational _____________
One of the following should not be used by a leader to influence  subordinates
Which  is the best way to check and clarify understanding of a message?
Which  recruitment method  is useful when there is need to inject new blood into an organization
The 4th step in  the selection process is __________________
What should produce a list of candidates who are worth selecting?
Tests that  determine the vebal and reasoning abilities of candidates  are called:.
Which of the following describes a systematic approach to the management of people through setting of goals measurement, feedback, recognition and motivation?
Which selection technique is useful for staff development?
Which of the following is a systematic method of obtaining, analysing and recording information about an employee’s performance?
……………………….. is a development purpose of performance appraisal
Which of the following performance appraisal methods is a technique to observe surbodinates more closely?
………………………… is used for assessing achievement of set objectives
What is a useful way to increase validity and reliability of a performance appraisal system?
One of the following is a non – training  method
One of the following is an approach to solving real life  problems  that involves taking action and reflecting upon the results.
What is the way of transfering knowledge and skills from a more experienced person to a less experienced  person?
Which one does not describe the nature of marketing
Marketing begins before production
The core mandate of marketing is customer satisfaction and organizational profitability
Which of the following is not an element of traditional marketing mix
Services are made up of primary and secondary services
Which of the following is not a feature of service
Marketing product is divided into goods and services
Services are tangible products
Marketing begins before production by anticipating demand
The heart of marketing is exchange and this is facilitated through its various functions
Cognitive dissonance is that feeling of anxiety that sets in on a buyer as to whether he has made the right choice or not
Which of the following is not an example of banking products
Which of the following is not a type of lease
Which of the following is not a building block for customer centricity
Customer centered company promotes a fighter orientation
Competitor centered company advances customer development
Macro marketing covers all marketing activities that are carried out outside the confines of the firm
The total benefits a producer delivers to its customers in return for customer loyalty is called
Churn rate is
The profits generated during retention phase are called
Marketing research helps in reducing work force
Which of the following is not an example of wholesale banking
Which of the following is not a consumer making decision process
All of these are types of positioning
Which of these is not a service development process
All are benefits of financial service department except
The investigations into the problems and prospects of a given product is called
Determining the expected level of sales given the level of demand is
Test marketing is a small scale product launch used to determine the likely acceptance of the product
Marketing environment is also called the world of marketing
The motivation for buying is the ______ that will accrue from the exercise.
People buy for fear of _______ and for opportunity of gain.
As representatives of their companies,salesmen need to _______ in the companies they represent.
A professional salesman sees his fate as being intricately linked to those of his organization and ______.
The basic functions of management of any firm or its units are planning, organizing, coordinating, _________, and controlling, among all others.
 The absence of proper organization of sales tasks will lead to _______ results as tasks will be performed haphazardly.
In sales force organizational structure, ________are defined and persons are assigned their individual duties and positions that fit into the operation of the unit and entire enterprise.
In a typical large organization, the task of selection is handled by the personnel or human resource department, with assistance from the _______ department when new salesmen are to be selected.
The procedure for selecting the sales force can be divided into _________ major phases or steps.
It is to be noted that the effectiveness of the sales force largely depends on the quantity and quality of _____ it has received.
The orientation of organizations to training gives rise to two extremities both of which are erroneous. These are undertraining and ____________.
The over-riding task in all forms of sales training is to convert the sales person from being a mere order taker to an efficient ________.
 The schematic steps of the training cycle has _____ stages.
Changes in the performance level of salesmen can be __ and measured.
___________  is the starting point in the selling process.
The narrowing of potential customers reduces calling __________ and increases the chances of successful sales calls.
Effective communication will require that the salesman uses a language that the prospect is ______ in, and that he, the salesman, understands very well.
The salesman, considering the two factors of availability and __________ of the prospects with the sales aids will have to decide on the one or combination of some or all to use for a given sales call.
Salesmen are ordinarily rewarded using any of the available compensation plans: These are straight salary, straight commission and __________.
_________ means recognizing the things your followers need and striving hard to provide them satisfactorily to those that need them.
The two traditional and generally accepted functions of salesmen are the selling function and the _________  function.
selling function is very important and provides immediate_______ .
Put simply, the bottom-line of selling function (that is, personal selling in its most creative form) is identifying prospects and converting them to _________.
Defining and locating prospects. The task here is ________.
Converting prospects into buyers (customers). This is achieved through the effective performance of the tasks of presentation, trial closing, uncovering objections, handling objections and ________.
It is not sufficient to convert prospects into customers; the customers must be maintained by adequate assurance of the continued ________ of their needs.
Personal Selling is a form of _________ that effectively links the company and its customers.
The information gap that exists between producers and consumers  has ______dimensions to it.
Control in sales management involves setting standards of performance, monitoring or supervising the performance of workers, measurement of actual performance against _______ performance and taking corrective measures where and necessary.
Internal accounting system is the earliest and most ______ information system used by marketing executives.
Which of these distinguishes banks from other types of financial institutions
Which of these is not a function of banks in economic development
All of these are the secondary functions of bank except
Which of these is not a feature of cheque as a means of payment
Which of these approximately describes a bankers’ draft
All of these are thecore function of banks except
All of these are benefits of bankers draft except;
A branch ofcheque clearing procedure where other banks’ cheques are separated from other bank cheque is
A theory which holds that the liquidity of a bank depends on its ability to shift its aseets to someone else without loss is
Which of these account for the need of control of nigerian financial institution
A system of banking whereby a big bank has a number of branches in different parts of the country and even outside the country is
Which of the following is not a major objective of banks portfolio management
When bank invest in government securities, shares and debentures of blue chip companies, the fulfill the
Overall, the principle of bank lending is anchored on;
A banking model where a syndicate or other small group of individuals with common interest own more than two bank is referred to as;
All of these are disadvantages of branch banking except
Which of these does not constitute banking fraud
A system of banking whereby a local bank establishes a relationship with another bank in another country is referred to as
Which of these is not a member of bankers committee
Which of these is not a feature of cheque as a means of payment
Which of these distinguishes banks from the other types of financial institutions
Which of these is not a phase in the historical evolution of bank in Nigeria
Which of these is not a function of banks in economic development
All of these are basis of distinguishing banks from money lenders except:
All of these are the secondary functions of banks except:
All of these are the core functions of banks except
The following are the main functions of Bank of Industry except:
Which of these provides common forum for professional interaction of Nigerian bankers
Which of the following is not a feature of cheque as a means of payment
Which of these is not a critical aspect of efficient working capital management
All of these are signsof great prospects of microfinance in Nigeria except
All of these are characteristics of operating lease except
Which of the following is not  distinguishing feature between debt and equity
All of these are short term sources of finance except
Which of the models of integration of microfinance services requires that financial and non-financial services are offered by the same organisation under different programs
All of these are measures of solvency ratios except
Which of these is not likely to be exhibited by unmotivated employee
All of these are objectives of CBN-BOI N500bn intervention fund for SME financing
The followings are problems and challenges small scale firms in Nigeria except
Which of he following is not among the fallout of microfinance subsector reform in Nigeria
Which of the following adequately define microfinance
Which of these is not among the factors hindering the development of SME in Nigeria according to FSS 2020 SME Report, 2007
Which of the following is not among the characteristics of finance lesse
Which of the probability ratios measures the level of income attributed to the owners in relation shareholders funds
Which of these is not among the objectives of the CBN microfinance policy
Which of these is not long term service of finance
Which of these cannot be classified as external risk in business operations
Which of following is not among the three main models of integration of non-finacial services with micro finance
As a young entrerpreneur, going into a new promising business venture, which of these souces of finance would be most preferred
The minimum shareholder’s funds un-impaired by losses for a state microfinance bank as stated in the microfinance policy, regulatory and supervisory framework of 2012 is
All of these are signs of great prospects of microfinance in Nigeria except
Which of these is not among the reasons for the formulation of the National microfinance policy
All of these are characteristics of operating lease except
Which of these is not among the financial services offered by microfinance banks
Which of these models of integration of microfinance services requires that financial and non-financial services are offered by the same organisation under different program
All these are short term sources of finance except
Which of the following is not a component of equity
Which of these is not among the factors hindering the development of SME in Nigeria according to FSS 2020 SME Report, 2007
All of these are objectives of CBN-BOI N500bn intervention for SME financing
Which of the following indicate management’s ability to convert sales into profits and cash flows
A form of government where people govern themselves either directly or through their representatives is called ………..

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