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ID is out to satisfy…
The functions of the superego is…
The baby’s first contact with the world is through…
The anal zone is of great significance for the child at… years
The Phallic Stage in a child are between … and…
In the male phallic stage, the boy craves the attention of …
 What is Oedipus Complex?
The major characteristc of latency stage is …
Negative feeling towards mother when a girl discover the absence of penis is called
Greenson (1967) says that transference reaction does not include…
The Adlerian therapy rests on…
Adler believes that what an individual becomes in adult life is largely influenced by …
Adlerian’s uses the term “fictional finalism” to refer to…
Fromm sees human nature as being….
Maslow’s personality theory is centred on…
… is not among Maslow’s needs
Physiological needs include the following except…
Aesthetic needs include the following except…
Maslow observed that self-actualizing individuals filled with…
Carl Jung’s view of human nature is that
Secondary education in Japan is divided into —– level,
This level of education in Japan is free and compulsary.
This education In Japan is viewed as social education..
One is not a stakeholder in Japaness education.
One is not a type of tertiary education in Japan.
Brazil education is different from Tanzania education on — level.
This level of education in Brazil is not free and compulsary.
Hadow’s educational report in Britain was in —–.
The Spens’ educational report in Britain was in —–.
In Britain, secondary, preparatory and elementary was categorized in –.
A long-term plan of work for the school and students is the ______.
A breakdown of the contents of what studenys are to learn is the ______.
Bsc Certificate is a ______.
A lesson note is guide to______
______ is not a component of the 3R .
______ domain was mainly emphasised in pre-colonial curriculum.
That curriculum is an on-going process means that is not______.
__ was earlier assigned with the development of the Nigerian curriculum.
The National curriculum concept was held in ______.
Cambridge University was established from old — school.
The most expensive school in Britain is the —–.
The Fisher’s Education Act was in ——-.
Inspectors visit  —– schools in Britain on invitation.
This act raised compulsary to 15 years in Britain.
This number of secondary school are identified in Britain.
… is not quality of a good Educational Comparativist
Elementary education in Japan normally takes place
factors that influence the study of comparative education
In Japan, there are …. categories of tertiary institution
This country uses continuous assessment for promotion.
Secondary education in America is run under —- system.
Secularization Law was perculiar to
The first technical school in USA is _____.
Adult education committee was set up in England in —-.
The head of academics in France is called —-.
Each state has the power to establish schools in ——.
The Brazilian government funds…
Education in English at the initial stage, was provided by….
… is the first university in Britain
The National curriculum concept was held in ______.
The objectives of comparative early childhood education
The genesis of early childhood education could be traceable to this country
The actual period in which early childhood education originated
The early training of the Spartan Children was done by
 The implication of Spartan’s government educating the citizens  was to ensure that —
     Which people adopted Greek system of education
Among the members of the family, who actually determined his survival of the newborn child?
In Roman child’s training, the mother was responsible for ———
The newly introduced Graeco-Roman educational system was called———-
The National Policy on Education was established in _______
In Tyler,s Model, evaluation represents the ______
______ must be stated in a measurable way
______ curricular model has five steps
______ is not a principle in curriculum planning
Learning from out door activites are forms of  ______ curriculum.
teacher,s evaluation is done in ______ curriculum.
Students learn unconsciously in ____ curriculum.
Tyler presented a _________ model.
The general outcome of learning is referred to as ________.
Plato emphasised —– as the method of teaching in Nursery school.
Aristotle’s philosophy in early childhood education was on ——
Whose ideal for childhood education also lays emphasis on the role of the home in the education of the child
Whose philosophy focus on special care in the development of the child’s senses and muscles?
What is experimentalist approach in Early Childhood Learning.
Notable experimentalist is ——–
Experimentalists recommended classroom which is —–
Dewey believes that early childhood learning can be —-
In experimentalist approach, teacher should serve as —
The importance of  guidance?
______ is not a taxonomy of cognitive domain.
______ is the least ievel of learning.
To have a good understanding of a concept means to ____.
The highest level of cognition is the ______.
Affective domain deals with the following except _______.
______ is not a level in curriculum
The committee on National Policy on education is an example of __ level.
Piaget worked on _____ development.
The period of reflex in Piaget,s theory is ________.
The principle of conservation is learnt at _____ stage.
What method of learning is favoured by the humanist
When did early childhood education’ actually originated from Europe?
Who coined the word kindergarten?
In Nigeria, formal education begin in—-
How does the Nigerian National Policy on Education (2004) describe early childhood education?
Which year did United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the child?
Which year did UN Convention on the Rights of the child was adopted?
In Ghana, two legal instruments which set minimum standards for day nurseries are?
How many different school of Thoughts do you know in early childhood education
Plato’s philosophy of childhood education emphasised——–
One of the specific aims of the Nigeria education as stated in the National Policy on Education is
Which of the following is not an aim of education?
Education has an ______________ value, that is, it does not have to be seen as something that must always bring material reward.
To John Dewey, education is the ____________________, not a preparation for further life.
One group of philosophers believe that the Latin word ‘educere’ means
The Universal Basic Education was launched in
The teacher is one who _____________ knowledge.
The phrase ‘tabula rasa’ means
Which of the following is not a philosophical school of thought?
 Which of the following is not an approach to the philosophy of education?
The philosopher that sees philosphy as a subject that enables one to simplifies issues on merit is known as
Ethics philosophy has to do with
The word philosophy is a word from the
The development of the mind in relation to comprehension of societal values is
The meaning of value system is
A teacher that has gentle voice is said to have
Who is a professional teacher?
Who is the philosopher who cautioned that parents should not except that wards find valuable in their lives should agree with what the parent values?
How many years is considered adequate before a child is registered in a primary school in the United Kingdom
The following are the fundamental responsibilities of parents to a child except
Primary school pupils are in their _____________ years and so are most open to influence.
A study of primary education is important because it is at this level that we have the _____________ number of pupils.
Because of their literal interpretation of rules, Primary grade children tend to be
Emotions contribute to the personal and _________ adjustment made by an individual.
At age ten to twelve, the _________ groups become powerful and begin to replace adults as the major source of behaviour standers.
When was the slave trade abolished?
Since the Portuguese earlier efforts, where was the first school in Nigeria established?
As early as __________, the Portuguese, in search of commerce, had visited parts of what is now known as Nigeria.
In which years were the Universal Primary and Basic Education respectively launched?
Which education type lays foundation for further education and also equips beneficiaries with survival skills?
Sandwich programme is organised by …………..
Post literacy programme is organised by the ……..
Basic literacy is a ……….. Programme
Adults have low ………… for sitting and listening
Facilitators need to keep learners actively ………
 Community is defined in terms of ………….
Rural is referred to as ………….
Urban is what is referred to as ……………
One major factor militating against adult education in Nigeria
Nomads are mostly ……….
Adult learner is interested in ……….. Result of his efforts
The adult stays in class only when he feels ………… by the programme
Adults learn those things that would have same ………. effects on them
Andragogy is ………..
Pedagogy means ……….
………… add to or hinder the learning experience of the learner
Most adult education is ………….
Courses offered to returning learners in Europe is often referred to as …….
………… retard the progress of adult education programme
One major characteristics of the adult learner is ……….
Charts are useful forms of teaching aid particularly in primary schools. One factor could however render it useless. This factor is ……..
Which of the following is not a role of a teacher in the classroom?
Which of these is not a quality of a learning material?
Questioning is very important in teaching. Which of these is not a characteristic of a good question?
The two major types of questions a teacher asks in the class are ……..
Which of these is not a disadvan-tage of discussion method?
The method that is predominantly an interactive process involving a multiple-flow of communication between the teacher and pupils and from one pupil to another is known as ……..
Which of these is not a demerit of lecture method?
Lecture method could also be referred to as ……..
Which of these is not a type of discussion method?
Meaningful classroom communication cannot be carried out through
A description of imaginary people and events written or told in order to entertain is
Discovery method is controversial because it does not teach pupils to
Assignments are not given mainly to
For first hand experiences, pupils must embark on
Performing an act or illustrating a principle in pupils’ presence is
For teaching/learning to be productive, we should
Role play method is not
Using the method of games to teach entails pupils learning
Children learn through all but one of these ways
Which of these is not a merit of role-play method of teaching?
A disharmonious social setting in the classroom would …….
Which of the following is not a feature of a good classroom structure?
Which of the following should a teacher do to maintain good rapport and climate with his pupils?
Which of these is not an advantage of play-way method of teaching?
Which of these is not a demerit of discovery method of teaching?
Which of the following is not a quality of a good story?
Which of the following is not a value of teaching stories to the pupils in school?
Which of these is not a disadvantage of discovery method?
Unguided discovery or pure discovery could also be referred to as ……….
Johann Pestolozzi (1746-1827) created schools based on
Friedrich Froebel opened a school for children younger than six called
…. leaders emphasized the significance of the early years in child development
The origin of early childhood education in Nigeria began in…
…the father of child-centered education
…is not objectives of early childhood education
Dewey discovered that learning in early childhood should be…
… is the aim of childhood education
The history of early childhood education can be traced to
In Nigeria, childhood stage starts from… and…

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